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Is This How the Super-rich Plan to Exterminate Most of Humanity? Is This is As Bad As it Can Get?

I have posted this article because it is the Worst Case Scenario which could come from the Covid19 coups in most countries. There are many different plans circulating with many names: Agenda 21, Agenda 30, the Great Reset, and the World Debt Reset, explained in my "Summary of Leaked Canadian Plans for World Debt Reset to be Followed by ALL GOVERNMENTS". (https://australianvoice.livejournal.com/45690.html) This account is the most dramatic and ruthless I have found. Horrible as it is, if we want to stop the unknown plans by the unknown super-rich, we need to know what kinds of plans they could roll out after the masks and lockdowns.

How billions of humans will line up and beg to be “suicided” with vaccines

by Mike Adams

About a year ago, I gave a live presentation in Branson, Missouri, that is only now being made fully public. The presentation, shown below via Brighteon.com, reveals that the real master plan which led to COVID is actually an extermination plan for humanity.

Population reduction has been the goal all along. But where the globalists have shown their true evil genius is in their choice of creating a biological weapon with high transmission rather than high fatality rates. The virus was never very deadly to people under the age of 50, but it was always highly contagious to people of all ages. And that contagiousness, it turns out, was enough to advance their nefarious plan against humanity.

The rapid spread of the virus allowed the globalist-controlled media to claim “cases” were skyrocketing, thereby justifying weaponized lockdowns and a global rolling out of medical fascism disguised as “public health” policies. Based entirely on the speed of the spread of the virus, cities, states and nations of the world were able to achieve three key goals that represent the necessary precursors to global human extermination:

1. Crushing the existing human economies of the world, including food production, ultimately leading to mass famine, homelessness and total dependence on government.
2. Rolling out new, Orwellian medical fascism laws and edicts that set the precedent for mass arrests and forced relocation into “quarantine camps” for those who resist. These camps, of course, are actually death camps and processing facilities for eliminating human beings.
3. Forcing compliance with global vaccine mandates which will of course be used to achieve global infertility and accelerated deaths from diseases and subsequent infections. Whereas a pathogen could not achieve a 90% death rate on its own, the engineered pathogen (the Wuhan coronavirus) was able to be used to drive people into mass vaccine compliance, during which they can be directly injected with toxic substances, vaccine compliance tracking nanotech (quantum dots) and biology-altering mRNA sequences that literally hijack the body’s cells and reprogram them to produce whatever protein sequences are engineered into the mRNA vaccines.

Thus, globalists have simultaneously built a global pandemic prison camp combined with a mandatory vaccine obedience system through which they can repeatedly spread more infectious disease and promote accelerated deaths or infertility.

The end goal, as globalists like Bill Gates openly support, is the elimination of billions of human beings living today. Ideally, globalists seek to reduce the world population to about 500 million people, which is roughly a 94% reduction in the current human population.

The world you once knew is never coming back, because the globalists who run the world have other plans.

Each day, more and more people are coming to realize that there will be no restoration of the world we all once knew. Globalists have no intention of restoring human freedom, economic prosperity and global mobility. Now, human societies are being deliberately crushed — even in the face of contradictory scientific evidence that shows lockdowns don’t work — in order to cause mass destitution and collapse.

Only through this planned collapse can the billions of people in the world be forced into subservience to the globalist depopulation agenda.

A key element of this is the Universal Basic Income (UBI), which has already been rolled out across America for the last several months, under the approval of Republicans, Democrats and President Trump. The UBI provides basic sustenance income to allow people to purchase food and stay alive, while CDC mandates prohibit the eviction of renters who can no longer pay rent. Through the UBI, the eviction ban and the pumping up of the stock market with Fed money printing policies, America remains under the false appearance that the economy is rebounding. In truth, these are all temporary, makeshift tactics to prevent millions of homeless from spilling out into the streets right before an election.

The real plan — about to be rolled out — is to tie UBI benefits to vaccine compliance and speech compliance. Only the obedient will be granted government credits for food, and anyone who refuses to take the new vaccine will be cut off from government benefits. This is a deliberate “squeeze” to force the sheeple into mass vaccine suicide by making sure they cannot function in society (or receive government benefits) unless they go along with the vaccine mandates, which are of course a global extermination program disguised as a public health program.

How vaccines will be used to exterminate billions of humans while amplifying infectious disease on a global scale

The mass extermination via vaccines consists of two strategies:

1. Lacing the vaccines with new bioweapons viral strains to ensure the continuation of the “outbreak” narrative. Notably, this only requires less than one percent of administered vaccines to be laced.
2. Engineering the vaccines to cause a very high fatality rate upon exposure to a secondary future infection, in a fatal reaction called a “cytokine storm,” which is a hyper-inflammation event that leads to rapid death.

Thus, people won’t be dropping dead right away after taking the vaccines. Instead, they will seem fine until the next major bioweapon pandemic hits them, at which point the fatality rate will be extremely high (perhaps as high as 75% averaged across all age groups).

The next strain to be released via the vaccines will be COVID-21, and the COVID-21 strain could be rightly considered the second half of a binary weapon system that will achieve extremely high kill rates for human beings across the globe.

Importantly, the mass die-offs will further justify government lockdowns, quarantines and medical authoritarianism that grants governments the power to forcefully inject people, kidnap people, imprison people and even exterminate people at will. The mass hysteria from the sudden wave of deaths will also feed directly into the justification of increased censorship by the tech giants, which will de-platform anyone who discusses the truth about how this entire scheme was planned from the start.

What ends up being created is a feedback loop of death, hysteria and tyranny. The more people die, the more hysteria the media spreads and the more tyranny is justified by the state. This, in turn, results in higher numbers of vaccine injections, which spread more weaponized viral strains, resulting in another wave of hysteria and so on. It’s the perfect scam of tyranny and depopulation: The very governments who are building the bioweapons are using them to exterminate the masses while using the infections to justify their own power to administer the extermination weapons (i.e. vaccines).

Government tyrants are giggling with joy with their newfound powers over life and death

YouTube has just recently confirmed it will ban all vaccine videos that don’t toe the line of Big Pharma and the China-run WHO. We’ve all witnessed the accelerating purges of so-called “anti-vax” channels and speakers across all the major tech platforms. It’s all part of the narrative control that will maintain information monopolies to keep pushing the vaccines, lockdowns and tyranny that’s killing human beings by the billions.

This is how they pull it off! It’s not the pandemic that’s really killing people; it’s the governments. And any who don’t surrender to the tyranny will be singled out as “threats” to public health, then silenced or forcibly removed.

Victoria, Australia has already beta tested these programs and has found a shocking degree of compliance among the population that’s targeted for extermination. New Zealand has also discovered shockingly high levels of compliance, and Canada is finding much the same thing. As it turns out, “progressive” societies are filled with eager-to-obey sheeple who maintain irrational faith and trust in government — the very same government that’s preparing them all to be terminated.

Resistance groups are growing all around the world, including in America where local economies (in conservative states) have fared relatively well by avoiding the punitive lockdowns that now characterize left-leaning cities and states.

This is the reason the globalists are working desperately to remove President Trump from power: Trump and his followers are the last remaining defenses for humanity, standing up against the anti-human forces of tyranny and destruction that built the coronavirus bioweapon in the first place (and released it on purpose, then lied about it). Thus, Trump must be removed from power at all costs, and his followers and supporters must be silenced, criminalized, smeared and eliminated at all costs as well. No pro-human voice that resists the COVID-21 tyranny scheme may be allowed to exist, or the entire plan could be placed in jeopardy because it requires broad voluntary compliance of the sheeple who are being culled. The minute the sheeple wake up and realize they are being led to the slaughter, they might not follow orders so easily.

This article comes from: https://cairnsnews.org/2020/10/22/covid-21-is-coming-the-second-half-of-a-binary-weapons-system/


Unlike cairnsnews.com I have deliberately not reprinted the last two paragraphs of this article with the rest of the article. They can be found below this Appendix. The reason is that the author, Mike Adams - the Health Ranger - discusses in these two paragraphs his view that "globalists are following orders from non-human entities". Once MOST PEOPLE read this, they will come to the conclusion that the author is a complete nut case and completely dismiss the whole article. I want to comment on his view and explain why, when I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS THESIS FOR ONE MINUTE, I still decided to repost the article anyway.

It is easy for people to believe that aliens have done this or that, build the Pyramids for example, IF FOR THEY CANNOT UNDERSTAND HOW HUMANS ARE RESPONSIBLE. We now know how the Pyramids were built, but it took years of research. One account was written by a man who spent his working live managing the construction of huge damns in the US. He approached the construction of the Pyramids as a professional manager of large construction projects and was able to explain the whole process. It took hundreds of years for teams build ever bigger and more elaborate pyramids. Also the priests who oversaw the construction passed on their knowledge to their successors. Without such an explanation the Pyramids might seem to an average person as nothing less than a miracle, but they were the result of years and years of labour and learning by more than a million people over time.

In the same way, once you understand the completely ruthless process outlined above for the EXTERMINATION OF MOST OF HUMANITY, most people cannot imagine how fellow human beings could have devised such a plan, so the aliens are used again to fill in the gap. I fully understand this, however most people do not understand the history of their own time, let alone the past. I will present SHORT LIST of the many crimes against humanity in the last 100 years:

SYRIA: Most people do not realize that some of the well known leaders of the West, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton orchestrated the head-chopping mercenaries whose crimes have been widely reported. They WANTED THESE BRUTAL KILLINGS TO TAKE PLACE because they wanted to destroy the Syrian state and its leader.

IRAQ: Both of the two Iraq wars involved wholesale killing of civilians and the use of weapons with depleted uranium which have created hundreds of thousands of birth defects.

VIETNAM: The US used herbicides which created hundreds of thousands of birth defects, and this is in addition to regular killing of villagers who might have had come contact with the Viet Cong.

WWII: The US killed hundreds of thousands of civilians by carpet bombing all major Japanese cities. The use of nuclear weapons was actually far less harmful than the bombing by conventional weapons. The same happened in Germany without nuclear weapons. It is quite possible that 26.6 million people died in the USSR - soldiers and civilians - because of the German invasion. Were the Germans following orders from aliens?

WWI: Between 15 to 22 million deaths occurred in WWI. The leaders of the British Empire and the German Empire sent millions of their citizens to certain death. They believed that the deaths of all these people was less important than whatever they wanted to achieve by victory.

These figures show that the "normal humans" who ran the British Empire, the German Empire, the 3rd Reich and the United States of America ALL believed that the millions of deaths they caused were all worth it. Now it is the world's super-rich who have decided that they would be much better off with far fewer ordinary human beings than currently exist. They are doing what world leaders have been doing for hundreds of years: killing off people who get in the way of their political objectives.

Now we come to the reason I have reposted most of the article by Mike Adams. It contains many important suggestions about what strategies could be used for a mass extermination via vaccines. However the following passage caught my eye:

The mass hysteria from the sudden wave of deaths will also feed directly into the justification of increased censorship by the tech giants, which will de-platform anyone who discusses the truth about how this entire scheme was planned from the start.
What ends up being created is a feedback loop of death, hysteria and tyranny. The more people die, the more hysteria the media spreads and the more tyranny is justified by the state. This, in turn, results in higher numbers of vaccine injections, which spread more weaponized viral strains, resulting in another wave of hysteria and so on. It’s the perfect scam of tyranny and depopulation: The very governments who are building the bioweapons are using them to exterminate the masses while using the infections to justify their own power to administer the extermination weapons (i.e. vaccines).

This does not just report facts like how to create the vaccines. It describes a dynamic process which comes from a deep psychological understanding of how people would react in this situation. The author of this passages displays the kind of understanding needed to create these plans and put them into action. If Adams has not himself been involved in the real planning for our extermination, and he did not obtain a copy of the real plans, then he has been able to recreate the mindset of the humans who are planning this extermination as if he was on the team himself. Even if he really believes aliens are behind the extermination plans, I have explained how an ordinary person of good will WITHOUT A REAL UNDERSTANDING OF HISTORY AND POLITICS might not be able to understand the mentality of our political leaders. However THE REST OF THE ARTICLE IS VERY COGENT AND RATIONAL.

It is a common human failing to judge other people by ourselves. I suspect Adams is a person of good will who could not imagine himself carrying out such a ruthless plan, so he naturally assumes that no other human could either. This is where ignorance of the crimes of our leaders - encouraged by all mass media and "official" histories - leads to the same conclusion reached by people who in their ignorance see the pyramids as miracles so wonderful that no humans could have accomplished these feats. Adams and others cannot imagine that humans like themselves could have planned such worldwide murder. But they have, just as Hitler and his generals planned the invasion of the USSR, etc. People don't realize that our leaders are killers and our media has the job of covering up the reality for the rest of us. Once you realize this, the horror is difficult to handle, but to defeat them we must KNOW THE ENEMY. They know us all to well and our ignorance of them makes us sheeple, people who are easily maniipulated.

Here are the last two paragraphs of Mike Adam's article.

Rational people can process most of what I’ve described above, if they do the research and aren’t brain damaged from fluoride, pesticides, heavy metals and 5G. But now we bring in a topic where many people just can’t fathom the reality: Earth’s globalists are following orders from non-human entities.

Different people describe these non-human, non-Earth entities in different ways. To some people, they are demons of supernatural origin. To others, they are aliens of extraterrestrial origin. Still others say they are AI systems from advanced civilizations across the cosmos, and another explanation describes these influencing entities as interdimensional beings from a parallel universe. (Interesting note: CERN scientists have announced they are preparing to power up CERN to literally “make contact with a parallel universe,” according to mainstream media headlines.)

Summary of Leaked Canadian Plans for WORLD DEBT RESET to be Followed by ALL GOVERNMENTS


The "Great Reset" promoted by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum has attracted a lot of interest. However it is not a "reset" because Schwab makes clear it does not mean going back to the same old thing. It is a plan for a REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE in every aspect of human society. Furthermore, I think it is a decoy, a diversion to take attention away from THE REAL RESET, A WORLD DEBT RESET. This reset is a genuine reset, in which your financial position goes back to its original state: no debt, no property and no assets.

Much has been made of the Global Warming EMERGENCY where EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE to save the world. The Covid19 EMERGENCY has also been used to insist that EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE. But many people who see Climate Change and Covid19 as propaganda exercises based on corrupt science wonder: WHY DO WE REALLY HAVE TO CHANGE EVERYTHING? The REAL ANSWER can be found in the report by a whistle-blower in Canada using information from Liberal Party of Canada's Strategic Planning Committee, under the control of Canada’s Office of the Prime Minister.

The words that caught my eye were "debt reset". Why? Because EVERYBODY KNOWS there is a REAL PROBLEM with the world financial system: THE DEBT BUBBLE. The whistle-blower explained that an international economic collapse was on the cards. When this happens, the Canadian federal government would offer to eliminate all personal debts, mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc., to be funded by the IMF under “the World Debt Reset program”. This would achieve several goals for the super-rich investors and their banks:

- The debt bubble would disappear, so they could start creating more debt for other things.
- Ordinary people would be VULNERABLE and broke, without cash, deposits or assets.
- Because people would be HELPLESS, they could be made to do whatever they were ordered to.
- In particular, they would be FORCED TO ACCEPT ANY AND ALL VACCINATIONS, even though they are probably intended to reduce the global population = eugenics, extermination or genocide.
- Those who do not accept being vaccinated will be locked up as biological hazards under the new system of medical martial law. Clearly they could expect no mercy from the people carrying out this plan.

Since the Climate Change and Covid19 planning is WORLD-WIDE, we can safely assume that this is planned for at least the 5 Eyes countries, USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. We can also assume that however evil and draconian the plan is, the political leaders and the political elite of these countries will work to carry out the plan.

This is the video from Canada about the Debt Reset plan.


You should listen to the video (18 min) and read the comments. This is the real endgame of the super-rich because it solves the problem with the finance system everyone knows about: the debt bubble.

What follows is not the original document, but a summary which I believe was made from the original.


World leaders are planning new lock downs to introduce “The World Debt Reset Program” which includes universal basic income and vaccination requirements

Canadian politician leaks new COVID lockdown plan and ‘Great Reset’ dictatorship – Australia is part of it

Has There Been a Coup in Australia? Here Are Our New Covid19 Rulers!

Who Is Actually Running Australia Today?

The Prime Minister announced the establishment of the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission on 25 March 2020, and it was renamed the National COVID-19 Commission Advisory Board on 27 July 2020. When we see how the Covid19 pandemic is the top political question of the day, this commission is almost certainly more important than Parliament. At the same time none of its members have been elected, and most have no previous position in any government.

This totally new board exhibits two important features of politics in the Covid19 Emergency. One is the emergence of a form of government quite separate from our traditional political systems: technocrats replacing politicians at the center of policy discussion. This is a feature of Klaus Schwab's "stakeholder capitalism":

"Business has now to fully embrace stakeholder capitalism, which means not only maximizing profits, but use their capabilities and resources in cooperation with governments and civil society to address the key issues of this decade. They have to actively contribute to a more cohesive and sustainable world." (1)
Notice that while you and I might be discussed by "governments" in working out a policy, we have no direct voice. The job of governments is to look after our interests in discussions with businesses.

The second important feature of this board is its close connection with the representatives of the super-rich and their New World Order international organizations. In Australia, this connection is provided by Jane Halton. This insures that policies here are in harmony with the One World Government policies that are being imposed on the whole world at the moment.

What follows is a short summary of the Advisory Board's membership together with some indication of their "stakeholder" status. After this I have reproduced an article from Cairns News which explains in more detail how this board is connected with Andrews' policies in Victoria.(2)

The National COVID-19 Coordination Commission Advisory Board:

Jane Halton, a key player in the Gates-Rockefeller so-called “global health” network.
She was executive co-ordinator of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet before she joined the boards of the ANZ and Clayton Utz lawyers.
She was one of the 15 participants in Event 201, organised by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
She chaired the World Health Organization board, was president of the World Health Assembly, and chaired the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) health committee.
She chaired the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI).
She said hydroxychloroquine treatment was “not safe”.

Neville Power (Perth Airport & Strike Energy Ltd)
David Thodey (CSIRO and EFTPOS banking business Tyro, and accounting software provider Xero, Ramsay Health Care & Vodafone Group Plc.
Paul Little AO (transport and logistics)
Catherine Tanna (energy retailing)
Samantha Hogg (transport, infrastructure, energy)
Mike Hirst (banking)
Paul Howes (KPMG).
Philip Gaetjens (Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet)
Mike Pezzullo (Secretary of the Department of Home Affairs)
Dr Steven Kennedy (Secretary of the Treasury)

Australia’s corporate-political elite are overseeing the destruction of Victoria

CAIRNS News believes Australian super bureaucrat Jane Halton, who is a key player in the Gates-Rockefeller so-called “global health” network, could help us better understand Victoria’s draconian and insane shutdown and police state imposition.

Halton tops the list of commissioners on the advisory board of the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission, set up to “better coordinate the efforts occurring within and between the public and private sectors following the novel coronavirus pandemic”.

Halton is also chairwoman of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), a key player in the Gates-Rockefeller funded global health network that has been heavily involved in planning the “pandemic response” under the watchful eyes of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board.

Naturally, she is all for mass vaccination for COVID-19 and in a Good Weekend interview on June 6 repeated the lie spread about the hydroxychloroquine treatment, saying it was “not safe”. In fact, as we have stated before, this generic medicine has been used for 65 years as a preventative and treatment for malaria and is widely prescribed for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. It has been shown in trials and by doctors using it on COVID-19 patients to be a very effective treatment.

People who know anything about COVID-19 and influenza death statistics will know the Victorian response is beyond stupid, given the actual threat involved and the misleading COVID statistics seen worldwide. But it is also a highly destructive attack on Australia itself, not only from the lockdown health issues, but the damaging effects of business closures and bankruptcies and the disruption of the national economy.

The COVID-19 commission’s advisory board consists of a corporate elite, headed by Neville Power, chairman of Perth Airport and deputy chairman of Strike Energy Ltd. His deputy David Thodey is chairman the CSIRO and EFTPOS banking business Tyro, and accounting software provider Xero. He is also a non-executive director of Ramsay Health Care and Vodafone Group Plc.

Other commissioners include Paul Little AO (transport and logistics), Catherine Tanna (energy retailing), Samantha Hogg (transport, infrastructure, energy), Mike Hirst (banking) and Paul Howes (KPMG). Then there’s the secretaries of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Philip Gaetjens, the Department of Home Affairs, Mike Pezzullo, and The Treasury, Dr Steven Kennedy.

So this corporate-government elite with vast financial interests and power in Australia, who are supposed to be co-ordinating the national COVID-19 response, are quite happy to sit back and watch Andrews drive Victoria and the nation into serious economic decline?

Halton is also linked to “global pandemic response planning” as one of the 15 participants in Event 201, organised by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. These “public health leaders” were “players” in the simulation exercise around a coronavirus pandemic. On the publicly-accessible Event201 video, Halton is seen pushing the media strategy to “flood the zone” with the “correct messaging”.

Halton is no newcomber to this global health complex. She also chaired the World Health Organization board, was president of the World Health Assembly, and chaired the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) health committee.

Are we truly expected to believe that she and her Australian corporate elite have no sway on Victorian Premier ‘Dictator Dan’ Andrews and PM Scott Morrison? After all, Halton the super bureaucrat was executive co-ordinator of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet before she joined the boards of the ANZ and Clayton Utz lawyers.

Is it a stretch to say she and her colleagues at the COVID-19 Coordination Commission have blood on their hands through the Victorian crisis? These corporate kingpins and bureaucrats should have the influence and power to bring about a sensible response to COVID-19.

We know that COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus that scientists worldwide believe was genetically engineered in a lab to perform that way, but it is nowhere near as lethal as seasonal flu epidemics. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) recorded 1255 deaths “due to influenza” in 2017. When combined with pneumonia, which often develops with flu, the number ballooned to 4269 deaths, the 9th leading cause of death for that year.

As of August 6th, 2020, the ABS had recorded a total of 336 deaths from COVID-19. Wait a minute! In 2017 more than 4260 people died in Australia from flu and pneumonia. But in 2020 when 336 people died from the COVID-19 virus the entire state of Victoria was put into the most draconian lockdown in Australian history and turned into a police state.

Victorian people have literally been imprisoned in their own homes and, like prisoners in any Victorian jail, are allowed out of their “cell” only for an hour of exercise a day with one trip by a maximum of two people to the supermarket. And you must go through checkpoints manned by police and soldiers, to travel around or out of the city – if you have reason to travel. It’s a totalitarian nightmare.

So why this massive overkill response to a “pandemic” whose numbers are about a third of flu-related deaths in 2017? Does this, as many have suggested, have something to do with the totalitarian government scenario in the Rockefeller Foundation’s Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development report published in 2010 with the Global Business Network?

The report floats scenarios on how to “bring technology and development to poorer nations”, which is all very charitable and noble. The totalitarian government scenario, called Lock Step, is supposedly the least desirable way to bring about this global objective. So we might indeed ask the question whether Victoria is a trial run in the hands of the social engineers like CEPI, who operate at the global level.
Will they next try the unthinkable in this push for technocratic globalization such as the mass vaccination and data tracking as proposed in ID2020 – another Gates Foundation front group.

The global technocratic state or new world order idea has been pushed by the super-rich Rockefellers the Gates families for at least the past 70 years. With Bill Gates and his Microsoft fortune being funneled into the same cause, there is now a mind-numbing gaggle of global non-government organisations and private-public partnerships around them pushing their globalist projects.

It’s no conspiracy as our stupid media continually tell us. It’s long been publicly available information as is the planning that went into the coronavirus pandemic. Go online and watch Event 201, where Jane Halton joins 14 other invitees, to see how it works.

As shown in the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation report, global elites had decided at least a decade ago, after the SARS, MERS and swine flu outbreaks, to “guide” the entire planet through a corona virus pandemic. In fact US deep state medical bureaucrat Anthony Fauci predicted it would happen within the first term of the Trump administration.


1. https://www.weforum.org/press/2020/01/stakeholder-capitalism-a-manifesto-for-a-cohesive-and-sustainable-world

2. https://cairnsnews.org/2020/08/08/australias-corporate-political-elite-are-overseeing-the-destruction-of-victoria/


The "Great Reset" promoted by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum has attracted a lot of interest. However it is not a "reset" because Schwab makes clear it does not mean going back to the same old thing. It is a plan for a REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE in every aspect of human society. Furthermore, I think it is a decoy, a diversion to take attention away from THE REAL RESET, A WORLD DEBT RESET. This reset is a genuine reset, in which your financial position goes back to its original state: no debt, no property and no assets.

Much has been made of the Global Warming EMERGENCY where EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE to save the world. The Covid19 EMERGENCY has also been used to insist that EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE. But many people who see Climate Change and Covid19 as propaganda exercises based on corrupt science wonder: WHY DO WE REALLY HAVE TO CHANGE EVERYTHING?

The REAL ANSWER can be found in the report by a whistle-blower in Canada using information from Liberal Party of Canada's Strategic Planning Committee, under the control of Canada’s Office of the Prime Minister. The words that caught my eye were "debt reset". Why? Because EVERYBODY KNOWS there is a REAL PROBLEM with the world financial system: THE DEBT BUBBLE.

The whistle-blower explained that an international economic collapse was on the cards. When this happens, the Canadian federal government would offer to eliminate all personal debts, mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc., to be funded by the IMF under “the World Debt Reset program”. This would achieve several goals for the super-rich investors and their banks:

- The debt bubble would disappear, so they could start creating more debt for other things.
- Ordinary people would be VULNERABLE and broke, without cash, deposits or assets.
- Because people would be HELPLESS, they could be made to do whatever they were ordered to.
- In particular, they would be FORCED TO ACCEPT ANY AND ALL VACCINATIONS, even though they are probably intended to reduce the global population = eugenics, extermination or genocide.
- Those who do not accept being vaccinated will be locked up as biological hazards under the new system of medical martial law. Clearly they could expect no mercy from the people carrying out this plan.

Since the Climate Change and Covid19 planning is WORLD-WIDE, we can safely assume that this is planned for at least the 5 Eyes countries, USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. We can also assume that however evil and draconian the plan is, the political leaders and the political elite of these countries will work to carry out the plan.

This is the video from Canada about the Debt Reset plan.


You should listen to the video (18 min) and read the comments. This is the real endgame of the super-rich because it solves the problem with the finance system everyone knows about: the debt bubble.

1) I think the report from Canada is about a real document, but my ego is not tied up with it. If it turns out to be mistaken - not part of their real plans - I will be happy to admit I was wrong.

2) To me the most revealing feature of the plan is the COMPLETE RUTHLESSNESS TOWARDS CITIZENS. The attitudes contained in the document are the attitudes of A CONQUEROR. This is not "normal" government business. For example Pinochet's coup went after the "left" and did not set out to kill off the rest of the population or rob them of their property. The same is true of the NAZIs in Germany. There are MANY events in history and the present where conquerors/invaders have acted like this. Here are just a few:

Spanish invasion of South America
English invasion of Ireland
Japanese invasion of China
German invasion of USSR
Nato invasion of Libya
Hybrid war against Syria
Saudi invasion of Yemen.

This behaviour has been exhibited in countless colonial invasions BUT IT HAS NEVER BEEN ROLLED OUT AGAINST THE CITIZENS OF MAJOR COUNTRIES IN THE WEST. It is totally beyond the experience of people in the West. They simply cannot imagine that "their" government would rob, restrict and kill them in such a ruthless way.

3) Needless to say the media has played a central role in making people think that what has been done so far is justified and nothing to worry about. And governments have made sure that nobody - UNTIL THIS LEAK - revealed the real NATURE of their plans and THE REASON. We have been given reasons for change like "climate change" and "covid19 pandemic", world wide problems which threaten all life on Earth. We have even been given Klaus Schwab's "Great Reset" - which IS NOT REALLY A RESET ANYWAY. He uses BOTH of these as reasons for IMMEDIATE ACTION. But Schwab's "Reset" reads MORE LIKE A SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL. Is THIS the real reason?

4) Clearly the banks and the super-rich WANT TO CHANGE THINGS, but I didn't really understand why until I saw the Canadian report. THEY WANT TO WIPE OUT THE GIANT DEBT BUBBLE THEY HAVE CREATED IN THE LAST 50 YEARS AND START OVER AGAIN WITH A CLEAN SLATE. This is a REAL RESET, back to the original state. By crashing the financial/economic system they can:

a) take control all property, assets they don't already own,
b) force people to live on what they call a basic income = subsistence,
c) use vaccines to monitor and control everyone with bio-security, medical martial law & damage their health,
d) remove dissenters from the public for incarceration and/or death.

Under these conditions - particularly with no cash & digital money - people will be totally under their control.

Because the owners/rulers in this system have no obligation to protect the lives of people - no right to life, etc.- people will be reduced to THE CONDITION OF SLAVES IN GREEK AND ROMAN SOCIETY. Slaves were considered property and had no more right to life than a cow or sheep does today. They could be killed by their owner any time they wished to.

5) The only thing which might stop people believing this story is that they cannot imagine being treated this way by "their own" government. We must remember that people like Tony Blair and Barak Obama engaged in RUTHLESS WARS ON OTHER COUNTRIES. They and the rest of the super-rich & ruling class are capable of killing foreigners who get in their way. What is going to stop them from doing the same to people in the West WHEN IT IS IN THEIR INTEREST TO DO SO?

In fact, I would argue that THEY MUST DO A RESET OF THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM, and they have known this for years. They know their system as it exists now IS FINISHED! Rather than allowing it to slowly slip into decay and be taken over by revolutionary forces as in Russia and China, they have decided to finish it of themselves in a way which they hope will give them even greater power and wealth than they enjoy today. IT REALLY IS US AGAINST THEM. We must be crushed for them to continue ruling the world in a way which increases their profits, OR WE MUST STOP THEM AND RESTART THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM/ECONOMY IN A WAY WHICH BENEFITS MOST OF THE PEOPLE RATHER THAN THE SUPER-RICH AND THEIR FRIENDS.

A Useful Discussion of the Canadian Leak:


A passage from this article which quotes the original document and explains the plan in more detail:

The road map and aim was set out by the Prime Ministers Office and is as follows (note similarities to Victoria):

– Phase in secondary lock down restrictions on a rolling basis, starting with major metropolitan areas first and expanding outward. Expected by November 2020.

Rush the acquisition of (or construction of) isolation facilities across every province and territory. Expected by December 2020.– Daily new cases of COVID-19 will surge beyond capacity of testing, including increases in COVID related deaths following the same growth curves. Expected by end of November 2020.– Complete and total secondary lock down (much stricter than the first and second rolling phase restrictions). Expected by end of December 2020 – early January 2021.– Reform and expansion of the unemployment program to be transitioned into the universal basic income program. Expected by Q1 2021.– Projected COVID-19 mutation and/or co-infection with secondary virus (referred to as COVID-21) leading to a third wave with much higher mortality rate and higher rate of infection. Expected by February 2021.– Daily new cases of COVID-21 hospitalizations and COVID-19 and COVID-21 related deaths will exceed medical care facilities capacity. Expected Q1–Q2 2021.– Enhanced lock down restrictions (referred to as Third Lock Down) will be implemented. Full travel restrictions will be imposed (including inter-province and inter-city). Expected Q2 2021.– Transitioning of individuals into the universal basic income program. Expected mid Q2 2021.– Projected supply chain break downs, inventory shortages, large economic instability. Expected late Q2 2021.

Deployment of military personnel into major metropolitan areas as well as all major roadways to establish travel checkpoints. Restrict travel and movement. Provide logistical support to the area. Expected by Q3 2021.

How the Super-Rich - the Oligarchical Rich - Have Used Covid19 To Gain Control of the World

Here we find a massive story which reveals the course that the UK is taking to total servitude, a destroyed economy and its assets sold off. The following is quoted from EuropeReloaded which is worth quoting at length.(1)

“Huge foreign loans are given to sovereign nations by the World Bank, IMF and the likes. But the conditions that come attached to these loans are seldom told by governments to their citizens. A recent case in Belarus has exposed the conditions laid by these agencies for loans being provided for COVID-19. The President of Belarus has exposed that the World Bank coronavirus aid comes with conditions for imposing extreme lockdown measures, to model their coronavirus response on that of Italy, and even changes in the economic policies, which he refused as being “unacceptable”. Additional conditions which do not apply to the financial part are unacceptable for Belarus, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said when speaking about external lending during a meeting to discuss support measures for the real economic sector on the part of the banking system, reported Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BelTA. Aleksandr Lukashenko asked the participants of the meeting how things were with the provision of foreign credit assistance to Belarus. “What are our partners’ requirements? It was announced that they can provide Belarus with $940 million in so-called rapid financing. The head of state stressed that additional conditions which do not apply to the financial part are unacceptable for the country. “We hear the demands, for example, to model our coronavirus response on that of Italy. I do not want to see the Italian situation to be repeated in Belarus. We have our own country and our own situation,” the president said. According to the president, the World Bank has shown interest in Belarus’ coronavirus response practices.“It is ready to fund us ten times more than it offered initially as a token of commendation for our efficient fight against this virus. The World Bank has even asked the Healthcare Ministry to share the experience. Meanwhile, the IMF continues to demand from us quarantine measures, isolation, a curfew. This is nonsense. We will not dance to anyone’s tune,” said the president.

The President of Belarus is not the first one to have exposed the pressure exerted by global agencies amidst the coronavirus crisis to further their agenda. Earlier, in a shocking development the President of Madagascar made a sensational claim that the WHO offered him $20m bribe to poison a COVID-19 cure called COVID-19 Organics made from Artemisia. The Tanzanian President kicked out WHO from the country after Goat and Papaya samples came COVID-19 positive. Days after the Tanzanian move, Burundi also kicked out WHO Coronavirus Team from the country for interference in internal matters. It was also revealed in an intercepted human intelligence report that Bill Gates offered $10 million bribe for a forced Coronavirus vaccination program in Nigeria. After which, an Italian politician demanded the arrest of Bill Gates in the Italian parliament. She also exposed Bill Gates’ agenda in India and Africa, along with the plans to chip the human race through the digital identification program ID2020.”(2)

This explanation of the World Bank role in Covid lockdown measures explains the direction of government policy in impoverishing our nation and loading it up with debt. Jaws dropped when Boris Johnson announced that he was going to spend £100 Billion on the new moonshot daily Covid tests – 2/3rds of the NHS budget. – this on top of help schemes for businesses brought to their knees by Covid lockdown and other stuff. This begs the question where is this money coming from? I could not make sense of this as he could never raise all of that on the bond markets and even the Bank of England will baulk at the level of QE it would require. Raising taxes on a shrinking economy is out of the question. With Lukashenko’s statement, the penny dropped. The government is going to put us in hock to the World Bank and the IMF. This will be justified by the fake Covid virus which they could not control. Only the World Bank and the IMF could provide the kind of sums that will be necessary and from Lukashenko we can see they are ready and willing. They are doing it all over the world. It was already easy to see the UK plan as far as the compulsory vaccine’s but this restructuring the country’s finance was hidden behind code words like “reset” or “repurpose”. We will be in massive debt that can never be repaid or even reasonably accounted for together with declining industry, jobs, services, etc. Remind you of any other country? Greece was dealt with in the same way by the EU together with the troika and the IMF, the ECB and City of London The next step is to profit from the declining value of all assets, industries, property, etc and move in for the kill buying it all up for a song. The UK then like Greece will be owned by the global institutions and those who have invested in them – the oligarchical rich. There is your “reset”. As with Greece the process will be irreversible and the British people will be condemned to permanent penury.

The politicians and their hangers who have forced this on us on will be taking a major, major cut in the carve up of Britain’s wealth and promoted to positions of power in the New World Order – for that is what this is. Covid was simply a means of crippling and impoverishing the country but it will still serve the purpose of continuing vaccines to control and destroy peoples’ lives under the NWO of Greece-like despair and hopelessness visited on our shores. But of course all countries that have entered into the Covid scam are on course for the same financial catastrophe with the global institutions that form the nexus of world government ruling them. With all countries under the yoke and financially broke the iron weight of the NWO will be impossible to lift. The small countries like Belarus, Tanzania and Madagascar that have not accepted the offer they could not refuse will be destroyed. The prize is so great that the clear fiction of the danger of the virus, if it exists, is of no concern to the NWO glove puppets who hold the levers of power to politically control us. This is going to get really ugly and I cannot see it proceeding without a major war over something. I have written before that the big players in the NWO (by which I mean countries) will inevitably fall out over dividing the spoils. War fever will be whipped up on false pretexts and a new world war could happen. The only way to stop this train of events is for every person to pick up their pitchfork and storm the centres of power and finance – now while we still have the chance. I don't see that happening I think my retirement from politics will be longer and deeper than I thought.


1. This is a guest post by Peter Kellow edited slightly by AV. https://www.facebook.com/peterkellow

2. This has been quoted by Peter Kellow from https://www.europereloaded.com/world-bank-imf-exposed-covid-aid-conditional-on-imposing-extreme-lockdowns-curfews/?fbclid=IwAR3EN5Hify_DYtHEooSoW5HR2k_Dtk958YlnPbDwVQyXt4XWXVwXIgSCam4

Lockdown is the Latest Dodgy Export from China, and its Free

"China released the coronavirus sometime in late 2019. By early March China was pushing countries around the globe to put in place economic shutdowns similar to what the CCP did in Wuhan. They clearly wanted the world to suffer economically from the virus. One individual on Twitter put together a lengthy Twitter thread outlining the efforts China took to ensure the rest of the world would participate in shutdowns like China put in place in Hubei Province."(1)

The person who put this twitter thread together was Michael P Senger.(2) This article consists of all of his comments from that thread together with some of the images he provides. The location of the original thread is given in the Footnotes. I will add a few of my own comment in italics to distinguish them from his statements. All emphasis added is mine.

1/5 This New York Times article by @paulmozur is a smoking gun on the genesis of the coronavirus lockdowns.(3) According to the article, the CCP launched a massive social media campaign in ITALY to advertise its coronavirus lockdown measures in early March.

Behind China’s Twitter Campaign, a Murky Supporting Chorus
Swarms of accounts are amplifying Beijing’s brash new messaging as the country tries to shape the global narrative about the coronavirus and much else. (nytimes.com)

This series of tweets proves that China has a central role in the New World Order. Almost as soon as Covid19 was detected in Wuhan what must have been a well-planned system we know as "lockdown" was put in place by the Chinese leadership. Not long afterwards they initiated a MASSIVE campaign on Twitter to most countries insisting that all other countries must follow their policy to defeat the supposedly deadly virus. They are clearly an integral part of the world-wide grab for power we see today. Virually all nation-states have followed the illegal, dangerous and totalitarian policies intended to bring in a one world government controlled by the super-rich through their banking monopoly, hedge funds, and their public institutions such as the central banks, the IMF, the World Bank, the UN and a multitute of NGOs, foundations, and think tanks. This take-over has been planned for at least 30 years. Its goal is to destroy the power of individual nation-states. Because of its ability to mobilize people, recources and finance independently of loans from banks, the modern nation-state is the only institution capable of defeating the power of monopoly finance capital.

2/5 The fact that CCP’s disinformation campaign focused on Italy is crucial. Italy was the first country outside China to lock down. The rest of the world followed Italy’s lead.

3/5 But CCP's campaign wasn't limited to Italy. The article states that this Tweet advertising China's lockdown policy to the world is fake. It has 142,000 likes. Tweets like this prove CCP was actively selling the world on Wuhan-style lockdowns in early March.

4/5 Next, if you search for the URL of that fake Tweet (https://twitter.com/manisha_kataki/status/1238007207700180992), you'll find it retweeted by many accounts around the world. Each account is suspicious—they Tweet incessantly about COVID until Floyd's death, then solely BLM.

This connection between the NWO lockdown policy and the Black Lives Matter movement needs to be discussed. What is the basis of the connection? We can see the connection in the next tweet.

5/5 The sheer scale of this operation and the number of accounts involved, and its influence around the world, is really remarkable. Thousands of accounts tweeting incessantly about COVID hysteria, then pivoting to incessant BLM and anti-police propaganda, in every country.

The ultimate goal of the BLM movement, other than totally disrupting the US just before the 2020 election, is to remove local and state control of police. The connection between this policy and the NWO has been clearly revealed in the Australian state of Victoria. As explained in another Australian Voice article, the police in Victoria have been "augmented" by what are in effect private security guards WHO TAKE ORDERS FROM LONDON, not the Victorian government.(4) Here we see the "world police force" of private security guards needed to protect the NWO. In the NWO EVERYTHING IS PRIVATE, owned and controlled by the institutions created by the super-rich for this purpose.

6/5 The day after @paulmozur's NYT article was published, @Twitter suspended over 170,000 fake Chinese accounts. But none of the fake accounts involved in the ring described above were suspended. This problem is much larger than Twitter acknowledges.

The globalist press in the US and UK constantly proclaim that Russia is improperly influencing the politics of these two countries. This seems to be a complete distraction. It is China that is influencing policies in the US, UK and around the world. These tweets prove its existence while the proof of Russian interference has no tangible existence outside of the media itself.

7/5 More than 50 NIH scientists fired due to China ties. Hundreds more under investigation. By co-opting scientists and academics while aggressively promoting lockdowns through social media propaganda, China made lockdown pseudoscience seem sound.

8/5 Though CCP's influence operations in media, politics, and academia were surreptitious, its stance in support of global adoption of COVID lockdowns was explicit. Here is China's foreign spokesperson promoting strict social distancing among children:

9/5 In speech this morning at @HudsonInstitute, @FBI director Chris Wray says CCP specifically approached local politicians to endorse its COVID lockdowns.

10/5 "in fact, we have heard from federal, state, and even local officials that Chinese diplomats are aggressively urging support for China’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis. Yes, this is happening at both the federal and state levels."

Here we see the direct influence by Chinese diplomats on all levels of US political life. No sign of the Russians, of course. So why is there no screaming from the media about Chinese influence? Could it be that they, like the Chinese government, are in on the NWO conspiracy as well?

11/5 This collage is a tiny sample of the fake accounts CCP used to popularize COVID lockdowns. In these Tweets, CCP sends its regards to the world by denigrating every other government in the world, using many dialects, and contrasting them with its authoritarian "success."

12/5 These Tweets were easily identified using leads in @paulmozur's NYT article. Here, hundreds of fake accounts whine about "washing their hands" while China locks down. Nearly identical Tweets are made in many languages. Fake Spanish Tweets—

13/5 Twitter responded the following day by saying they'd removed the 170,000 accounts in this campaign. But Twitter lied. These fake CCP accounts, and presumably hundreds of thousands of others, are still doing CCP's bidding.

14/5 In cooperation with FBI, National Science Foundation reports between 14-18 cases of undisclosed China financial ties. This is in addition to the 175 cases of undisclosed China financial ties earlier reported by the NIH, a much larger organization.

15/5 “Sweden—partly due to its own COVID-19 response—has been a prime target of a Chinese campaign portraying Western democracies as weak against the threat. Sweden is one of few countries that ordered no lockdown and put its faith in herd immunity.”

16/5 The fall that shut down the world. This video of a Wuhan man “falling dead” from COVID went viral in January. Farcical, in hindsight. (https://dailymail.co.uk/video/china/vi)

I don't wish to brag, but some of us could see this was fake at the time. Looking carefully I think you can see the man putting out his hands to break his fall. I assume we can say the same about the many other home-made videos that came out of China at the time. They were not showing up the government, but spreading the fake message of the danger of Covid19 to the world. I doubt that there has ever been such a sustained and wide-ranging campaign on Twitter!

17/ In CCP interview, Editor-in-Chief of Lancet praises CCP’s lockdowns: "not only the right thing to do, but it also showed other countries how they should respond in the face of such an acute threat. So, I think we have a great deal to thank China for"

Clearly the Lancet has sold out the people of the UK. This shows how extensive the planning and organization of this coup must have been in key counries like the UK. All the right people would have gone along with the plan or been replaced by people who would.

18/ @WHO was instrumental in pushing world leaders to adopt China's lockdowns and insisting lockdowns not be lifted until strict tracing criteria were met. Bruce Aylward is the same WHO leader who disconnected a live interview when asked about Taiwan.

The WHO and the IPCC have been some of the most active parts of the UN in pushing forward the NWO agenda. It is quite possible that when it was set up after WWII it was intended to be a vehicle for the West's imperial control of the world. Now countries like China and India are also present at the table, so it is the power of money rather than the power or this or that nation-state that we see in action. There still may be tensions, however. There is always the question: whose money? Don't let the massive coordination across the globe blind you to the fact that the people at the top are only unified by their greed. In "normal" nation-states, conflicts between different corporations over profits are often setteled by politics, although behing closed doors. There does not seem to be any recognized way that such conflicts can be resolved within the NWO. If politics does not work, then the only other solution is war.

19/ South Dakota Governor @govkristinoem famously refused to issue a state lockdown. Her decision didn't sit well with Beijing. CCP's army of fake accounts began filling her Twitter feed with abuse to punish her disobedience and pressure her to shut down her state.

20/ By contrast, the accounts heap praise on governors who tighten lockdowns, like Dan Andrews, gov of Victoria, Australia. Andrews' long-time staffer attended a high-level CCP academy. An MP leading Andrews' Belt & Road negotiations with Beijing lauded China's handling of COVID.

21/ @BorisJohnson initially opted for herd immunity. But on Mar 13, four days after Italy's lockdown, CCP began storming his feed, likening his plan to genocide. These words almost never appear in his feed before Mar 12. Tragically, the abuse worked, and UK locked down Mar 23.

22/ The bold-faced lie of lockdowns is "China controlled the virus." It's an obvious lie—China's data is manifestly forged. But CCP normalizes this Orwellian lie by demanding every elite publication and journal repeat it, transforming the snake oil of lockdowns into "science."

I am sure that China's twitter campaign was not the only pressure applied to Boris, but such a massive social media campaign can be seen as preparing the public for a complete change in policy. The same applies to the other twitter campaigns discussed below in South Africa and India.

23/ Physicist Yaneer Bar-Yam has spent months uncritically cheerleading China's lockdowns—including CCP's genocidal lockdown in Xinjiang—and promoting China's obviously-fraudulent data. In February, Bar-Yam launched a website recommending strict lockdowns in 18 languages.

24/ Hard to think of any place more ill-suited to a total lockdown than Africa, but that's exactly what CCP's fake accounts demanded of South African President @CyrilRamaphosa on March 22. The next day, they got what they wanted, and Ramaphosa announced a total lockdown.

25/ India is a key rival of China, so CCP disinformation there is especially nasty. On March 23, CCP's army of fake accounts implored PM @PMOIndia to lock down India and order the army to "shoot on sight" to enforce it. The next day, Modi announced a destructive lockdown.

26/ On Dec 30, Li Wenliang warned friends of a new SARS-like illness in a message that went viral, causing widespread anger at CCP in China. On Jan 7, Xi informed his innermost circle that the situation in Wuhan would require their personal supervision.

27/ Two weeks later, the CCP locked down Wuhan based on Xi's philosophy of 'fangkong,' the same hybrid of health and security policy that inspired the mass 'quarantine' of over one million Uyghurs 'infected with extremism' in reeducation camps.

28/ International COVID hysteria began two days later with a viral tweet by Eric Ding calling the coronavirus R0 'thermonuclear,' the first of many dubious tweets by the previously-unknown Ding, prompting a prominent colleague to call him a 'charlatan.'

Interesting how overseas Chinese can be used at the right moment to speak out for the policies of the Chinese government. For better or worse, my experience is that some overseas Chinese almost automatically take on the views of the government even though they are not citizens of China themselves.

29/ The Politburo co-opted Li Wenliang’s fame for their own ends, declaring him a national martyr and ensuring the haunting image of Li on a ventilator—which are now known to be counterproductive—was carried by every major news outlet and seared into the world's memory.

30/ It seems CCP didn't need to buy Bill Gates. In Gates' words: "China, on the other hand, 'did a very good job of suppressing the virus,' thanks, in part, to the 'typical, fairly authoritarian' approach and the 'individual rights that were violated.'"

I am sure that the super-rich Bill Gates has more in common with the current rulers of China than he does with most other citizens of the USA. And remember, his wealth came from a MONOPOLY on computer software. If there is one theme that runs through the NWO, it is MONOPOLY. Free enterprise is a mugs game.


1. CONFIRMED: China Launched a Massive Social Media Campaign in March to Get Countries to Adopt Stringent Coronavirus Lockdowns and Destroy Their Economies https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/08/confirmed-china-launched-massive-social-media-campaign-march-get-countries-adopt-stringent-coronavirus-lockdowns-destroy-economies/

2. MPS@MichaelPSenger

3. The link to the original article is given as: https://nytimes.com/2020/06/11/technology/twitter-chinese-misinformation.html When I put this into my browser I got "Page Not Found. We’re sorry, we seem to have lost this page, but we don’t want to lose you. Report the broken link here."

4. Daniel Andrews has sold out Victoria to the Strong Cities Network (SCN) with PRIVATISED POLICE https://australianvoice.livejournal.com/44497.html

Daniel Andrews has sold out Victoria to the Strong Cities Network (SCN) with PRIVATISED POLICE

Dig a little deeper and it becomes obvious as to what's happening in Victoria.
Daniel Andrews has also sold out Victoria to the Strong Cities Network (SCN).

What is Strong Cities Network?
The privatisation of a Police Force governed by global NGO's. And Victoria is the only state in Australia to sign on.
Why do you think the Police at Melbourne's Freedom Day Rally acted like goons, were dressed in black and didn't have the Australian logo on their uniforms?

SCN is an initiative of London based think tank ISD.
Their mission statement is to "Power Solutions to Extremism and Polarisation"

But it's the link to the Partners and Funders that gives everything away.
Of course George Soros is involved with his Open Society Foundation. And Big Tech is involved with Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft amongst others.
Amongst NGO's and Think Tanks, the dubious Brookings Institute sticks out - and I'm sure a deep dive into some of these would connect Bill & Melinda Gates and the Rockerfeller Foundations everywhere.

What struck me really odd are the connections to Australian Universities such as Curtin and Victoria Universities and various Australian government departments - including our very own asshole, Dicktator Dan.

So as you find out today that the curfews in Victoria are not based on the Chief Health Officer's advice, and rather Dicktator Dan has put this in place, remember that From Sent1nel (https://www.facebook.com/sent1n3l/posts/132412898571458)

Dicktator Dan even hosted the Strong Cities Global summit in 1998

From Sent1nel (https://www.facebook.com/sent1n3l/posts/132412898571458)

Covid-19: Phase 1 of the "Permanent Crisis" by Mike Whitney

(A copy of this article can be found here - perhaps https://www.unz.com/mwhitney/covid-19-phase-1-of-the-permanent-crisis/)
JULY 15, 2020

This is full article about the crisis we are now facing and it explains why and how this is happening.

Let’s assume that the events of the last five months are neither random nor unexpected. Let’s say they’re part of an ingenious plan to transform American democracy into a lockdown police state controlled by criminal elites and their puppet governors. And let’s say the media’s role is to fan the flames of mass hysteria by sensationalizing every gory detail, every ominous prediction and every slightest uptick in the death toll in order to exert greater control over the population. And let’s say the media used their power to craft a message of terror they’d repeat over and over again until finally, there was just one frightening storyline ringing-out from every soapbox and bullhorn, one group of governors from the same political party implementing the same destructive policies, and one small group of infectious disease experts –all incestuously related– issuing edicts in the form of “professional advice.”

Could such a thing happen in America?

What’s most astonishing about the Covid-19 operation is the manner in which the elected government was circumvented by public health experts (connected to a power-mad billionaire activist.) That was a stroke of genius. Most people regard the US as a fairly stable democracy and yet, the first sign of infection triggered the rapid transfer of power from the president to unelected “professionals” whose conflicts of interest are too vast to list. Equally fascinating is the fact that the lockdowns were not the brainchild of Donald Trump but the mainly Democrat governors who shrugged-off any Constitutional limits to their power and arbitrarily ordered people to stay in their homes, wear masks and avoid close physical contact with other humans. All of this was done in the name of “science” and condoned under “emergency powers” despite the fact that mass quarantines of healthy people have no historical precedent or scientific basis. No matter, this was never about science or logic anyway, and it certainly wasn’t about saving lives. It was always about power, pure, unalloyed political power. The power to push the economy into freefall destroying millions of jobs and businesses. The power to bail out Wall Street while diverting attention to a fairly-mild infection that kills roughly 1 in every 500 people. The power to create a permanent underclass willing to work for table scraps or less. And the power to fundamentally restructure human relations so that normal intimacies like handshakes, hugs or social gatherings are entirely banned. This, of course, was the most ambitious part of the project, the basic changes to human interaction that date back thousands of years, and which are now seen as an obstacle to a new order in which the individual must be isolated, desensitized and kept in a constant state of fear to be more easily controlled and manipulated.

On top of that, all of this is taking place in plain sight where anyone with even minimal critical thinking skills should be able to see what is happening, but very few do. Why is that?

Fear. Fear has gripped the population and is preventing typically intelligent, perceptive people from seeing something that’s right beneath their noses. Check out this clip from an article titled “When Will the Madness End?”:

“What’s happening now is a spread of this serious medical condition to the whole population… The public is adopting a personality disorder … paranoid delusions, and irrational fear. … It can happen with anything but here we see a primal fear of disease turning into mass panic….
…. Once fear reaches a certain threshold, normalcy, rationality, morality, and decency fade and are replaced by shocking stupidity and cruelty.…..We find that whole communities suddenly fix their minds upon one object, and go mad in its pursuit; that millions of people become simultaneously impressed with one delusion, and run after it, till their attention is caught by some new folly more captivating than the first.
…This is made far worse by politics, which has only fed the beast of fear. This is the most politicized disease in history, and doing so has done nothing to help manage it and much to make it all vastly worse.”
(“When Will the Madness End?“, AIER)

We’re not saying that Covid doesn’t kill people, and we’re not suggesting that Covid is a bioweapon released on the public for nefarious purposes. (although that’s certainly a possibility.) What we’re saying is that scheming elites and their allies in the media and politics see every crisis as an opportunity to advance their own authoritarian agenda. In fact, the restructuring of basic democratic institutions can only take place within the confines of a major crisis. That’s why the CIA, the giant corporations, the WHO and the Gates Posse gathered for meetings that anticipated an event just like the Covid outbreak. They needed a crisis of that magnitude to achieve their ultimate objective; total control. That’s what they mean when they say there will be “no return to normal”, they mean they’re replacing representative government with a new totalitarian model in which the levers of state power will be controlled by them. So while the virus outbreak might be coincidental, the management of the crisis certainly is not. This is from an article by Gary Barnett:

“We are in the midst of an attempt by the oligarchs to eliminate the human spirit, and if this attempt is successful, the singular majesty of the human experience will have been abolished, and only a technocratic black hole of emptiness and despair will remain. This is the essence of a failed society brought about by the destruction of human intellect by state education, mass propaganda, and the planned control of individuals through physical and psychological manipulation due to fear.”(“Pandemic Madness: The State’s Plan Rests on the Destruction of the Human Spirit“, Gary Barnett, Lew Rockwell)

Is the author exaggerating?

I don’t think so. Our species has withstood myriad epidemics in the past without ever resorting to the extremist measures we have taken during this latest outbreak. Take the state of Oregon, for example, whose Democratic governor Kate Brown just signed another executive order extending a state of emergency through Sept. 4. The move comes months after the peak in deaths was reached in mid-April. As of Tuesday, Oregon’s death toll is a meager 240 nearly 90% of who are over 65 with underlying health conditions. That means that Brown shut down a $226 billion per year economy, put tens of thousands of people out of work, destroyed countless small and medium-sized businesses and plunged the state deep into debt, to save roughly 24 or 25 people under 65 with no underlying health conditions. That’s not the reaction of an intelligent, responsible political leader acting in the best interests of the people. That is the reaction of someone who is either criminally insane or doing someone else’s bidding. So which is it?

Like many of the other mainly Democrat governors, Brown also issued a “mask” mandate, punishable by a fine. The new executive order was neither approved by the House or by any other democratic body. It’s just Brown testing the limits of her new emergency powers. Interestingly, the mask mandate comes a full three months after the state reached its peak in fatalities which means that it has less to do with controlling the infection than it does with using the virus to usurp tyrannical powers. Does that mean Brown or the other Democrat governors are closet tyrants?
Probably not. But it does suggest that the people who fund Brown’s campaigns and pull her strings want to see how far they can push things before the public fights back. Here’s a comment by Carlo Caduff in the Medical Anthropology Quarterly that helps to put these developments into perspective:

“Across the world, the pandemic unleashed authoritarian longings in democratic societies allowing governments to seize the opportunity, create states of exception and push political agendas. Commentators have presented the pandemic as a chance for the West to learn authoritarianism from the East. This pandemic risks teaching people to love power and call for its meticulous application.” (“What Went Wrong: Corona and the World After the Full Stop“ Academia.edu)

Once again, we are not denying that Covid kills people. All we’re saying is that powerful elites are using crisis management to advance their own narrow political agenda.

It should be no surprise that states governed by Democrats are doing considerably worse than those run by Republicans. Watching the eagerness with which the Dems impose their economy-crushing measures, one can only wonder how the states will ever dig out of the current mess and regain solvency. Of course, maybe that’s the goal, to generate so much red ink that essential social services will have to be slashed, the poor will be left to starve, and the big money guys will buy-up public assets for pennies on the dollar. Indeed, that must be the plan, “shock therapy for the proles while the Democrat governors act as a battering ram to open the state to the plunder and looting of their Wall Street crony friends and others in the parasite class. Here’s how Israel Shamir summed it up in a recent article at the Unz Review:

“There are people who think we have it too good. They think we did nothing to deserve our high civilization. They think we shouldn’t be able to afford food, the roof above our heads and other goodies. This is the view of some very wealthy people. They are annoyed at seeing Tom, Dick and Harry going to Acapulco and eating in a restaurant, instead of being at their beck and call. They want to lower our income and raise the cost of living. They are willing to fund anyone who calls for more austerity.
"Now they support lockdowns, claiming that it is the best way to fight disease. Yesterday they were calling on us to shut down industry in order to save the climate. Today these same people are still trying to reduce us to poverty, this time for the sake of Covid”
(“Unmasking Freedom, The Unz review)

Shamir is right of course, the justifications are forever changing while the ultimate goal remains the same, wreak havoc the economy, divide the people into warring camps, and clear the way for the new streamlined system of authoritarian government, the glorious NWO. And the speed at which we are moving towards this new order is truly breathtaking. Take a look at this sampling of articles I’ve compiled which illustrates the catastrophic damage that is being done to the economy but swept under the rug by the media. In short, Covid is the diversion that keeps the American people from realizing that the system that keeps them employed, pays the mortgage and puts food on the table is being decimated by voracious oligarchs who want to start fresh. Check out these articles:

Some 42% Of Jobs Lost In Pandemic Are Gone For Good
US Consumer Credit Crashes As Americans Repay A Record Amount Of Credit Card Debt
A Tidal Wave of Bankruptcies is Coming
“More Than Half Of The US Population Is Not Working”
“52% Of Small Businesses Expect To Be Out Of Business Within Six Months
“53% Of Restaurants Closed Amid Coronavirus Have Shuttered Permanently”
Tsunami” Of Evictions Could Make 28 Million Americans Homeless This Summer Alone

Hurtling towards Depression–Based on information as of May 2020, we show that global consumption losses amount to 3.8$tr, triggering significant job (147 million full-time equivalent) and income (2.1$tr) losses.
Eighty percent feel country is spiraling out of control, according to Wall Street Journal/NBC poll.

Anyway, you get the picture, the situation is dire. But as severe as the economic carnage may be, the psychic damage is that much worse. Many readers probably already know that suicides, divorces, child abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse and domestic violence have all risen sharply in the last 5 months. The impact of the lockdowns on people suffering from chronic depression or other mental health conditions has also increased dramatically. As Doctor Waqar Rashid opines in an article at The Spectator:

“Many people are… still terrified.,… afraid of venturing back into the outside world…. Masks are everywhere, and are compulsory on public transport. The result is a reminder that this ‘new normal’ is utterly unlike what we are used to. Even to those who don’t suffer from mental health problems it’s a depressing and dispiriting sight. And I fear this ongoing state of stress and anxiety is doing profound damage to people’s psychological wellbeing...
It was widely acknowledged before the pandemic struck that mental health problems were not only increasing in number but also being seen more frequently in younger people. As a neurologist, the people I see are especially at risk from suffering from mental health problems. It’s a sad fact that in my line of work, we can cure very little. But we can try to control and mitigate the illnesses we seek to treat. Much of this relies on the patient remaining hopeful and optimistic about their prospects. But now, surrounded as we are by this ‘invisible enemy’, all too often hope has been substituted for fear, even terror.”
(“What’s the true cost of lockdown?”, The Spectator)

It all boils down to this: Ruling class elites are using a public health crisis to wage a full-scale war on the American people and their system of representative government. The Democrat-CIA-Media Axis has been instrumental in prosecuting the conflict, as they were in the Russiagate fiasco. These are the shock troops who execute the battleplan of economic strangulation, covert skulduggery, and relentless disinformation. By the time the American people figure out what’s going on, the political landscape will have changed completely.

Stop Fu**Ing Around and Open the G**Dam Economy

Covid-19 PRC Tests: When Is a Test Not a Test?

All over the world people are being tested for Covid-19 using what is called the PRC test, Polymerase Chain Reaction. This test is very important because many countries have declared a Medical Emergency. In Australia the Biosecurity Act 2015 allows people to be detained or forced to seek treatment.(1) In the UK a person is “potentially infectious” at any time if the person is, or may be, infected with coronavirus, and there is a risk that the person might infect others. Under this law an official of the UK government has: "powers to direct or remove persons to a place suitable for screening and assessment" and "powers exercisable after assessment."(2)

All of these powers depend on the ability of a government to determine who is or may be infected with Covid-19, and the method used most often is the PCR test. Our media and all government representatives assume that this is a simple, straightforward test which can give reliable results. The purpose of this article is to explain how the PCR test is so flawed that both positive or negative results are virtually meaningless. We can begin by comparing the PCR test with a range of other tests used all over the world to test the level of alcohol in your blood. These tests, like the PCR test for Covid-19, are connected with laws which have a range of serious consequences for a positive result.

This discussion may seem to be overkill, but it is necessary to bring into focus the many ways that PCR tests are unlike the standard alcohol tests.

First we all know when and why our blood alcohol will be tested. If we have been driving a motor powered vehicle too fast, erratically, or have been involved in a accident we can expect such a test. We do not expect to be tested while shopping, drinking coffee or sitting at home watching TV.

Second, the tests are carried out with methods or machines which have been deliberately constructed to perform this task:

"Most police use an electronic device about the size of a walkie-talkie. You blow into a mouthpiece, and it gives an immediate reading. The most common manual test includes a balloon and a glass tube filled with yellow crystals. You blow into the balloon and release the air into the tube. The bands of crystals in the tube change color from yellow to green depending on how much alcohol is in your system."(3)

We may assume the electronic devices are calibrated regularly since their results can be challenged in court if the accused person suspects they are defective.

Third, there are other ways to detect your blood alcohol level. If there are doubts about the police test there are other, better ways to check blood alcohol levels. No police breath test is as accurate as a blood or urine test.(4)

The fourth and most obvious point is that there is absolutely no medical or scientific doubt about what alcohol is. Just because you drank beer rather than vodka, the tests have no trouble identifying the different kinds of alcohol.

Now we are ready to begin the comparison between testing for blood-alcohol levels and testing for Covid-19 with PCR tests.

How do we usually get a test from a serious Health Laboratory? We visit a doctor or a hospital, explain our problem, and if they think a test is needed to help them understand what is wrong, They order a test for us. Virtually all Covid-19 PCR tests do not happen in this way. Somebody decides that because of where we live, or where we have been, we need a test. There is usually no other medical examination.

Now countries are doing door to door testing in the way shifty sales people or religious believers have done for decades. They pressure people into having this test and people are afraid to refuse. Have you ever been afraid to reject the offer of any other medical test? What we are seeing here is a serious departure from any kind of medical investigation we have seen for 100 years. There is testing but no diagnosis and no medical assistance. If you test positive you become a new "case" of Covid-19 and you must cut yourself off from any human contact for a specified period, often two weeks. Clearly these tests have nothing to improve our health as individuals. They assume we have become a threat to others because we have or might have Covid-19. The tests are seen as an investigation related to public health.

According to new UK legislation:

'Coronavirus' means severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2); 'coronavirus disease' means COVID-19 (the official designation of the disease which can be caused by coronavirus)."(5)

In the West, it’s difficult to find out what makes a “case,” ie what the definition of a "case of Covid-19" is. So far, experts have seen that while there are severe cases, the Covid-19 infection is usually mild with non-specific symptoms. And there are no trademark clinical features of COVID-19 infection. The usual clinical features for serious cases is that Covid involves an acute lack of oxygen. For reasons that are not clear, people can’t breathe.

If a PCR test is positive, you are seen as a "case" and subject to a range of new laws. However in China, much maligned for its "totalitarian" system, patients are diagnosed "‘Corona’ with CT scans and one or two positive PCR tests." The point of the CT scans is to examine the lungs of the patient. What this means is that the West has all but abandoned classical diagnostic medicine in favor of biotech, or lab result medicine. The “Corona test” is a lab test called: “CDC 2019-nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.”

qTOWER³ Real-Time PCR Thermal Cycler from Analytik Jena shown here.

The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) was invented by Kary B. Mullis in 1984. What he developed was a formula for DNA amplification. The method is based on the concept of “reiterative exponential growth processes.” In basic terms it allows a researcher to start with a very small sample of DNA and by means of a series of cycles in which it is heated and cooled. In this way the amount of DNA increases enough so it can be studied. In effect, one starts with a small amount of DNA and from this it is possible to manufacture much more of the same thing. PCR, simply put, is a thermal cycling method used to make up to billions of copies of a specific DNA sample, making it large enough to study. Dr. Mullis wrote himself, on May 7, 2013:

“PCR detects a very small segment of the nucleic acid which is part of a virus itself. The specific fragment detected is determined by the somewhat arbitrary choice of DNA primers used which become the ends of the amplified fragment."(6)

Here we see a very important difference between testing for blood-alcohol and testing for Covid-19. The PCR amplification technique was originally developed to create more DNA material, not to test for anything. Dr. David Rasnick, bio-chemist, protease developer, and former founder of an EM lab called Viral Forensics explained how a patient with Covid-19 would be dealt with using the standard policy of examination first, not testing without examination.

“You don’t start with testing; you start with listening to the lungs. I’m skeptical that a PRC test is ever true. It’s a great scientific research tool. It’s a horrible tool for clinical medicine. (7)

This shows that there are some scientists in this field who believe the current PCR test for Covid-19 is simply barking up the wrong tree. It is not fit for the purpose it is currently used for. We will see that this is not just a empty, theoretical objection to this method of testing for Covid-19. Rather it explains why the PCR test for Covid-19 infection is completely unreliable and incapable of determining if a person has or does not have such an infection. Here are six different reasons why the PCR test is no more reliable identifying a Covid-19 infection than flipping a coin: heads is positive, tails is negative.

The discussion of the reliability of PCR tests for the diagnosis of infectious diseases is not new. Decades ago this same test was used for AIDS, and its inventor, Kary Mullis, himself came to the front line arguing against PCR as diagnostic tool.(8)

“The first thing to know is that the test is not binary,” he said. “In fact, I don’t think there are any tests for infectious disease that are positive or negative. What they do is they take some kind of a continuum and they arbitrarily say this point is the difference between positive and negative.”(9)

Most people think of the PCR test as showing one of two things: Positive or negative, like a pregnancy test. You have it or you don’t.

“PCR is really a manufacturing technique. You start with one molecule. You start with a small amount of DNA and on each cycle the amount doubles, which doesn’t sound like that much, but if you, if you double 30 times, you get approximately a billion times more material than you started with. So as a manufacturing technique, it’s great. What they do is they attach a fluorescent molecule to the RNA as they produce it. You shine a light at one wavelength, and you get a response, you get light sent back at a different wavelength. So, they measure the amount of light that comes back and that’s their surrogate for how much DNA there is. I’m using the word DNA. There’s a step in RT- PCR test which is where you convert the RNA to DNA. So, the PCR test is actually not using the viral RNA. It’s using DNA, but it’s like the complimentary RNA. So logically it’s the same thing, but it can be confusing. Like why am I suddenly talking about DNA? Basically, there’s a certain number of cycles.”(10)

Diagram of the method of duplication with two cycles.

“In one paper I found 37 cycles. If you didn’t get enough fluorescence by 37 cycles, you are considered negative. In another, paper, the cutoff was 36. Thirty-seven to 40 were considered 'indeterminate.' And if you got in that range, then you did more testing. I’ve only seen two papers that described what the limit was. So, it’s quite possible that different hospitals, different States, Canada versus the US, Italy versus France are all using different cutoff sensitivity standards of the Covid test. So, if you cut off at 20, everybody would be negative. If you cut off a 50, you might have everybody positive.(11)

“I think if a country said, 'You know, we need to end this epidemic,' they could quietly send around a memo saying: 'We shouldn’t be having the cutoff at 37. If we put it at 32, the number of positive tests drops dramatically. If it’s still not enough, well, you know, 30 or 28 or something like that. So, you can control the sensitivity.'"(12)

This shows that labs can manipulate how many “cases" of Covid-19 their country has.

“Another reason we know this is bogus is from a remarkable series of graphs published by some people from Singapore in JAMA. These graphs were published in the supplementary information, which is an indication that nobody’s supposed to read them. And I think the authors probably just threw them in because they were interesting graphs, but they didn’t realize what was in them. So, they were 18 graphs of 18 different people. And at this hospital in Singapore, they did daily coronavirus tests and they grasped the number of PCR cycles necessary to detect fluorescence. Or if they couldn’t detect florescence by…37 cycles, they put a dot on the bottom of the graph, signifying a negative.”(13)

“So, in this group of 18 people, the majority of people went from positive, which is normally read as “infected,” to negative, which is normally read as “uninfected” back to positive—infected again. So how do you interpret this? How do you have a test if a test act is actually, you know, 100% positive for detecting infection, then the negative results must’ve been wrong? And so, one way to solve that is to move the point from 37 to say 36 or 38. You can move this, this cycle of numbers. It’s an arbitrary division up or down. But there’s no guarantee that if you did that, you wouldn’t still have the same thing. It would just, instead of going from, from 36 to undetectable and back to 36 or back to 45, it might go from 33 to undetectable to 30 or something like that. Right? So, you can’t solve the problem by changing this arbitrary binary division. And so basically this says that the test is not detecting infection. Because if it was, like if you’re infected, and then you’re uninfected, and you’re in a hospital with the best anti-infective precautions in the world, how did you get re-infected? And if you cured the infection, why didn’t you have antibodies to stop you getting re-infected? So, there’s no explanation within the mainstream that can explain these results. That’s why I think they’re so important.”(14)

There is a case in the literature of a woman who had been in contact with a suspect case of Corona (in Wuhan) they believed was the index case.

“She was important to the supposed chain of infection because of this. They tested her 18 times, different parts of the body, like nose, throat—different PCR tests. 18 different tests. And she tested negative every time. And then they—because of her epidemiological connection with the other cases, they said: “We consider her infected. So, they had 18 negative tests and they said she was infected.”(15)

“Now why was she important? Well there was only one other person who could have theoretically transmitted the virus if the original patient, outside the family was who they thought it was. But secondly, she had the same exact symptoms as everybody else. Right? So, four people in his family came down with fever and cough and headaches, fatigue and all these kinds of big symptoms. So, if she could get those symptoms without the virus, then you, you’ve got to say, well, why couldn’t everybody else’s symptoms be explained by whatever she had? I mean, maybe they, they ate some bad seafood or something and so they all got sick, but it had nothing to do with the coronavirus. But because three out of the four, tested positive, then they were, they were all considered infected and out of the same paper."(16)


"Another interesting thing is that they did a lot of tests. The first person in the list of people tested, he was positive on three out of 11 tests. So again, they took nose and throat samples and you know, different methods and all this kind of stuff. And they got 11 separate tests and only three were positive. And of course, all you need to be considered infected is one positive test. They could test you 20 times and if you test positive once, then you’re infected. So, a positive test is meaningful. A negative test. It’s like, eh. Not so much.”(17)

Here we see a situation like this: Heads I win, tails you lose. When the government is testing you, a positive test means their laws w/r to medical emergencies applies to you. But a negative test does not get you off the hook. This is seen as a "false negative".

We have lab tests for pregnancy, but in the end there is or is not a real fetus. There is no way to say that any PCR test is 50% accurate, or 80% or 99%. You can only do this if you can identify the virus independently of the test. So how are the current PCR tests evaluated? In Australia, and probably most of the rest of the world, the labs are given a synthesized DNA to use instead:

"Complementary DNA (cDNA) synthesized from the VIDRL SARS-CoV-2 has been made available to all Public Health Laboratory Network (PHLN) member laboratories as a test positive control. Synthetic positive control material in the form of nucleic acid templates is available from WHO/European Viral Archive."(18)

In a Reply to one of my tweets lysandergrant@lysandergrant explained:

"You must extract the original RNA from purified virions that were PROVEN to be the cause of disease, along with proper controls. These steps were skipped. It's honestly just lazy 'science'."(19)

The same point has been made by Torsten Engelbrecht and Konstantin Demeter in their article "COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless":

"Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the PCR tests used to identify so-called COVID-19 patients presumably infected by what is called SARS-CoV-2 do not have a valid gold standard to compare them with.

"This is a fundamental point. Tests need to be evaluated to determine their preciseness — strictly speaking their “sensitivity” and “specificity” — by comparison with a “gold standard,” meaning the most accurate method available.

"As an example, for a pregnancy test the gold standard would be the pregnancy itself. But as Australian infectious diseases specialist Sanjaya Senanayake, for example, stated in an ABC TV interview in an answer to the question 'How accurate is the [COVID-19] testing?':

"If we had a new test for picking up [the bacterium] golden staph in blood, we’ve already got blood cultures, that’s our gold standard we’ve been using for decades, and we could match this new test against that. But for COVID-19 we don’t have a gold standard test.”

So the reliability of PCR tests can be evaluated, but not against a real virus which has been proved to cause Covid-19. In fact all we have is an unproved hypothesis that there is a real virus which causes what we call Covid-19 and we have created synthetic DNA which we believe is more or less like the real - but unproven - viral cause of Covid-19.

In some circumstances this might be called a conspiracy theory because politicians and the WHO are saying that there is a dreadful virus out there killing hundreds of thousands of people BUT THEY CAN'T ACTUALLY SHOW IT TO US OR PROVE IT CAUSES ILLNESS OR DEATH. It is really an hypothesis but if you insist on telling people this you will be locked up as insane or dangerous because you are putting so many lives at risk. Of course there is no conspiracy.

Now it is time to go back to our comparison between blood alcohol tests and the PCR test for Covid-19.

Blood alcohol tests are called for in a range of cases in which our performance in managing heavy equipment like cars or cranes must be monitored for safety and legal reasons. PCR tests are sometimes used in specific situations but are becoming regularly used almost randomly door-to-door or as people drive their cars past random check points.

Unlike the equipment used for testing blood alcohol levels, the PCR equpment was not designed primarily for testing anything. It is used for testing as blood from a wound can be used to write a message.

It is claimed there are other methods to detect the Covid-19 virus HOWEVER there is NO PROOF that what they detect is the SAME VIRUS because the alleged virus has never been isolated and properly identified. The polio virus is about 30 nm (nanometers) and can only be seen with an electron microscope. Particles of a Covid-19 virus would be even smaller.

Finally, virologists do not agree that there is any one test that can be used for identifying Covid-19 infections in the way scientists do agree that there are several quite reliable tests for blood alcohol.

Blind Freddy can see that there is very powerful political pressure behind the PCR test for Covid-19. All of the points made here about its complete unreliability are simply swept under the carpet, like the claim in the Australian that up to 150,000 people could die from this infection. This ABSURD claim has simply been forgotten while the real death toll is little more than 100.

What is the answer to our question: When is a test not a test? A test is not a test when it is really an instrument of political control, tied to the wide powers outlined in the Biosecurity Act 2015.


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This is based largely on the article "Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?" by Celia Farber. (https://uncoverdc.com/2020/04/07/was-the-covid-19-test-meant-to-detect-a-virus/) Her article covers much more material than I do, but my focus here is to explain in simple terms how the PCR test works. Once you understand this you can see why they are neither medical nor diagnostic. Instead they are a tyrants dream come true, providing an unchangeable reason to lock people up on the grounds of being a medical danger to human society. The Covid-19 "emergency" has opened the door to what is called Medical Martial Law, where anything can be done to anyone if they have "tested positive" to Covid-19.

"The globalists write code. They encode 'viruses' and give them a weaponized, video-game identity. In this video game, you lose all your freedoms, and must display gratitude and servitude. Viral code trumps all other forms of politics. Nothing can counter it. Especially not 'science.' The virus is also a sweeping metaphor for the spread of 'misinformation,' which means anything outside their religious doctrines, not recognizable by classical virology."
Celia Farber

'BlackLivesMatter' is a Racist Political Slogan

If you have a deep commitment to the BlackLivesMatter movement please do not read this article. It will only make you angry.
On the other had if you have some doubts about the political merit of the slogan, you might find it interesting. This work has two parts.
The first part is an analysis of an article posted in Everyday Feminism and widely reproduced with the title “Four Reasons Why Being Pro-Black Isn't the Same as Being Anti-White” by Wazi Maret Davis. (Ms Davis, born in 1944, was known for along time as Angela Davis.) I believe this very important article is the theoretical framework for the BlackLivesMatter slogan millions are now acting on.
The second part looks what generates the anger of the protesters: bi-partisan policies introduced since 1970 as manufacturers moved offshore looking for lower wages. They have resulted in police becoming well-armed security guards and a vast increase in US citizens in jail. These are used to subjugate the people for whom there is no longer paid employment.


In her article “Four Reasons Why Being Pro-Black Isn't the Same as Being Anti-White” Wazi Maret Davis comes very close to saying that any (white) person who objects to the slogan 'BlackLivesMatter' in “the present movement for Black lives” is a racist:

“In the present movement for Black lives, I've encountered many white people who have expressed negative, resentful, and antagonistic feelings about the unapologetic ways Black folks resist and lift themselves up.
“It seems, at times, as if the most 'well-intentioned,' or what you might call 'liberal,' of white people poignantly proclaim that AllLivesMatter before even attempting to mutter the words BlackLivesMatter - much less consider the very intentional relevance of that statement.
“These feelings are nothing new - in fact, white people centering whiteness have historically existed throughout Black resistance movements.
“Blackness, in this society, is seen as threatening and movements that uplift Black people are certainly not exempt from that perceived threat.”

She finds there are “well-intentioned” white people who do not like the slogan 'BlackLivesMatter', but is not surprised. There have always been “white people centering whiteness” who have been threatened by “movements that uplift Black people”.

Obviously she believes that the BLM movement is about “uplifting” black people, but it is just this question we need to examine. Unlike the Occupy Wall Street protests, where all violence was on the side of the police against the protesters, many BLM protests have been sparked serious violence by police and protesters. Further, the BLM movement is being funded by one of the wealthiest men in the world. It is beyond belief that the person who puts so much money into the movement, George Soros, has nothing to say about its political direction. We need to look Ms Davis' defence of the BLM movement before we can decide whether it can actually uplift black people.

Ms Davis begins by explaining that the media and political system have made whites in the US think that black liberation is directed against them. They have created “a false sense of threat in white America, when it was in fact white America that was the most violent and threatening towards the oppressed.” However she also says

“...the real threat to white America is not any Black revolutionary. The real threat is that they would lose a tremendous amount of their own privilege if they afforded Blacks with equal treatment and access to wealth, resources and livelihood.”

Can we ask how there is a “false threat” to whites from black liberation when Ms Davis says herself that equality between black and whites means whites “would lose a tremendous amount of their own privilege?” Is it not natural for anyone to be threatened by a serious loss of privilege? Have the media created a “false threat”? Ms Davis wants to dismiss the fears of whites as something created by the media, while at the same time insisting they are real. This is not a good beginning.

After this introduction she organizes her comments under four headings:

“1. I Don't Have to Hate White People in Order to Love My Blackness
(…) How we love ourselves and other Black people, when authentic, has nothing to do with hating white people.

“2. The War on Black People Is Deeply Intersectional
(…) Whites benefit from systems that are entirely too complex for generalizations and universalities. These systems, while they do prioritize white people under the value of white supremacy, they do not only benefit white people and they do not only benefit white people in one way.

“3. White Supremacy Manifests in Insidious and Interpersonal Ways
(…) The reasons we say "BlackLivesMatter" are not to say that only Black Lives Matter, but to say that we acknowledge the disproportionate violence Black folks experience that all lives do not have to. (...)

“4. It's Okay to Be Pro-Black in a World That's Anti-Black
(…) We have to convince ourselves every single day that we are worth something and that we are valuable, because we are surrounded by systems and a society that constantly devalues and dehumanizes us.
It is so radically important then, for us to be able to show both self and collective love.
“We know that we do not have to rely on these current systems because these systems were never meant to benefit us.
But once we are able to practice a radical self-love and collective love, we can create alternative systems that will allow us to thrive beyond basic survival.”

There are two different themes run together in her discussion. One is about the importance for blacks in having a healthy self-image, their personal identity. The other is about identity politics, which links your personal identity (your "colour") to a political action or group.

We all have a sense of our personal identity and self-worth, good or bad. There are many different components to our personal identity. We have a gender identity and we usually identify with a particular nation. Our skin colour is part of our identity, as well as our hair colour, religious beliefs or lack of them, our ancestors, traditions or customs. These are all part of who we are and there is nothing wrong with taking pride in these things about ourselves. In fact serious psychological and personal problems can develop if we don't like who we are.

This is an important part of our mental health, and much of what Ms Davis says about being black emphasizes just this point. Her first point (1) says clearly that when a black person loves their blackness this does not mean they hate people with a different colour skin or tradition. The importance of maintaining a positive self-image is repeated in point (4):

“We have to convince ourselves every single day that we are worth something and that we are valuable, because we are surrounded by systems and a society that constantly devalues and dehumanizes us. It is so radically important then, for us to be able to show both self and collective love.”

Anyone who objects to black people, or anyone else, having a healthy, positive self-image does not have their best interest in mind.

The other theme in her article is not just about personal self-identity.

“Loving Blackness, lifting up Blackness, and asserting Black Power can be frightening for a lot of white folks who just don't understand, who refuse to understand.”

Here we see the two themes run together. “Loving Blackness” and “lifting up Blackness” are concerned with promoting a healthy self-image for people having a black skin as part of their personal identity. The phrase “asserting Black Power” is concerned with political power. (Another somewhat different phrase “People Power” is also concerned with political power, but Ms Davis never uses this phrase.) She wants to direct people with a black skin as part of their personal identity into a movement seeking political power (only?) for people with a black skin, namely the BLM movement.

The first commandment, and the laws of virtually all countries, forbid killing any person, not just the killing of people of a certain kind. Any law or moral principle framed differently would obviously show bias. What would the rule: “Thou shalt not kill men.” tell women? What would the rule: “Thou shalt not kill Christians.” tell Jews? What would the rule: “Thou shalt not kill British people.” tell the inhabitants of other countries? So, what would the rule: “Thou shalt not kill blacks.” tell people who are not black?

Ms Davis seems to overlook the way a rule which is not a universal rule for all people makes those excluded from that rule somewhat nervous. What is the difference between "BlackLivesMatter” and “Thou Shalt Not Kill Blacks”? They protest or oppose the same thing, the killing of black people. Is it only racism that makes white people feel somewhat uncomfortable about this slogan?

Why is Ms Davis so antagonistic about people using or suggesting the slogan “AllLivesMatter”? Here is her answer:

“It seems, at times, as if the most 'well-intentioned,' or what you might call 'liberal,' of white people poignantly proclaim that AllLivesMatter before even attempting to mutter the words BlackLivesMatter - much less consider the very intentional relevance of that statement.”

She explains that people who use this slogan do not “consider the very intentional relevance” of the slogan “BlackLivesMatter”. So “AllLivesMatter” is not relevant but “BlackLivesMatter” is. Why is this? Is “AllLiveMatter” is not “relevant” because it does not draw attention only to the deaths of black people? Why are the deaths of other people not “relevant” to Ms Davis and the BLM movement?

Ms Davis answers this question as follows:

“The reasons we say BlackLivesMatter are not to say that only Black Lives Matter, but to say that we acknowledge the disproportionate violence Black folks experience that all lives do not have to.”

BlackLivesMatter does not mean only Black Lives Matter, but it emphasizes the “disproportionate violence Black folks experience”. In other words, blacks have experienced more or greater violence than other people have. One of the goals of the BML movement is to emphasize this.

This part of Ms Davis' defence is also a political message, not a message about the importance of blacks' self-esteem. Genuine and healthy self-esteem does not rest on our being “better” than others. Is Ms Davis suggesting that the only way blacks can have a good self-image is to emphasizing they are special by having suffered more than non-blacks?

The claim that blacks have suffered more than non-blacks seems to create a clear difference between blacks and the rest of the non-black population. While it is unlike some claims of difference, such as superior intelligence or cultural superiority, it is still a claim to another kind of difference, greater suffering. This approach is not unique to the BLM movement.

After WWII some Jewish leaders set up the Holocaust Museum to remember the many people killed by the NAZI regime. However from the outset they only recorded the deaths of Jewish victims. In fact the NAZIs killed communists, trade union leaders, homosexuals, the intellectually impaired, gypsies as well as millions of people in the Slavic countries like Poland, the Ukraine, and Russia. This is not to say there was no Holocaust of Jews. The point is that many more non-Jews were killed by the NAZIs than Jews. A memorial which only recognizes Jewish deaths singles them out as “special” or different in their suffering. Being different by having suffered more than others is still a way to say “We are Different from You”.

In the context of American history, there are others who might dispute the claim that blacks have suffered more than non-blacks. The indigenous people of what is now the United States died in large numbers after the arrival of the invaders from England, described as Pilgrims. Some of their suffering came from warfare and massacres, while new diseases may have killed even more.

The chief attraction of the New World for the Europeans was land. Landless peasants from Europe rushed to the New World for access to land. All of that land was taken from the indigenous people. Even the freed slaves in the South worked and lived on land their former masters had taken from the original inhabitants and were never given back. After the slaves were freed in the US the numbers of these former slaves increased steadily. However during that same time the number of indigenous people fell drastically. Can anyone doubt this happened because the original inhabitants were driven from the best land and forced to live in places the immigrants didn't want for themselves? So have blacks in the US actually suffered more than the indigenous people? In my view, the answer to this question is not obviously yes. Furthermore, how can we really answer such a question? Should we just add up the dead bodies on both sides? If we just count dead bodies, then the Jewish claim to greater suffering in WWII must be abandoned. More than 10 million slavs died at the hands of the NAZIS. So the apparently obvious claim than blacks have suffered more than non-blacks is really a highly contentious and probably impossible to justify as well.

Ms Davis particularly addresses those who would prefer 'AllLivesMatter' to 'BlackLivesMatter'. She says people advocating a slogan like 'AllLivesMatter' assume the pro-black slogan 'BlackLivesMatter' is directed against whites.

“When you take offense to a BlackLivesMatter protest because you believe they should be saying AllLivesMatter (or even WhiteLivesMatter) or when you take a direct offense to someone being "Pro-Black," it is presumptuous and telling of many things.
“First, it reveals the reinforcement of the white-black binary assumption - that is, if we are saying we are Pro-Black, that must mean we are anti-white.”

She insists people who prefer another slogan like 'AllLivesMatter' believe falsely that pro-black = anti-white, as if the only reason one could have for rejecting this slogan is by having this false belief. As explained above, to be against a healthy black self-identity would indeed be anti-black. There is nothing wrong with a healthy black self-identity. But there are serious doubts about identity politics, where having this or that personal identity means that you should support a given political movement. The heart of Ms Davis's claim is that if you are black or support blacks, you must accept only the 'BlackLivesMatter' political slogan. Any other slogan does not – she thinks – really support blacks, and so is evidence of white racism.

The reality is that 'BlackLivesMatter' is a political slogan which claims to advance the interests of black people in a political movement centered around people with a certain skin colour. The reason people - black and white - oppose the slogan because it is a political slogan based on the very same concepts as the segregationist policies of the past, and as we will see below does not really advance the interests of black people.

Few people have noticed that asserting there is a significant difference between people with darker skins and others revives the segregationist categories used to justify the need for special toilets and schools for blacks. You can only promote a different treatment for blacks if you think there is a real difference between blacks and everybody else.

Ms Davis uses this analogy to emphasize her point about how being pro-black is not anti-white:

“If I started a campaign for breast cancer awareness, would you then show up protesting the events because I did not talk about pancreatic or liver cancer? The answer is likely no.”

Of course the answer would be no. But this analogy is actually more revealing than she realizes. What if you used the slogan 'BlackBreastCancersMatter' in your campaign against breast cancer? This is not “anti-liver cancer” either, but it has the same problem as the 'BlackLivesMatter' slogan. Why should there be an emphasis on breast cancer in blacks? Why not 'BreastCancersMatter'?

Ms Davis seems to have forgotten one of the clever ways that the older policy of segregation was attacked. The story goes that a man who owned a segregated movie theatre was shown a line of people so arranged that at one end there was a perfect example of a “white” person and at the other end a perfect example of a “black” person. He was then challenged to show where he would draw the line between those he would admit into his theatre and those he would not. The fact that any such line would be arbitrary shows the use of the terms 'black' and 'white' as a way of distinguishing between people is itself arbitrary, relative and superficial. We all know black cars and white cars are basically the same. Does Ms Davis really think that people with different coloured skin are basically different? Who else thinks like that? The Klu Klux Klan.

There is absolutely no reason why we can't use a range of slogans to protest police violence. Do the police only kill blacks in the US? Are no whites, Chicanos, First Inhabitants, Chinese killed by police in the same way? They are all targets of police violence. So why not use slogans like 'StopPoliceViolence', 'StopPoliceKillings', 'StopPoliceMurder', 'JailPoliceKillers', etc? Why not? Because someone is trying to frame all anger, resentment and protest in KKK's segregationist language, the language of skin colour. It revives black vs white thinking long after the old segregationist institutions have died and been buried. And for good measure you are labelled a racist if you object to this plan to institute a divide and rule strategy devised by the rulers of the US.

The best and oldest method for conquerors to rule over a conquered people is to use the tactic of divide and rule. A study of the British Empire provides example after example. Tribe against tribe. Religion against religion. One ethnic group against another. Ms Davis realizes that white supremacy manifests in insidious ways. Unfortunately she has not managed to escape the insidious manifestation of white supremacy herself. Where do the concepts of “black” and “white” come from?

They originated hundreds of years ago when the British and other Europeans began enslaving the people of Africa and using them to work the land in the New World. Masters always need a way to distinguish themselves from the slaves. In the slave societies of Ancient Greece the Greek slaves were not thought of as humans, but as talking animals, which distinguished them from "dumb" animals like cattle or sheep. They were considered not to be intelligent because they could not speak Greek. They made “bar, bar” sounds and were call barbarians. The same kind of discrimination can be found today in the English class system. If you have the "wrong" accent there are some very well paid jobs you need not apply for. Skin colour in the Ancient World did not have the meaning it does today. This only became important with the rise of the African slave trade.


“Identity politics divide and fragment the debt-serf class into ethnic and religious silos that are propagandized into viewing each other as enemies rather than colleagues."(1)

Through constant exposure to messages from a media cartel owned by a small number of like-minded corporations, people hear themselves described as “whites”, “blacks”, “Mexican-Americans”, “Chicanos”, while the First Nations people, the American Indians, are completely ignored. The BML movement is successful precisely because it draws on these ready-made patterns of thinking which are seen by many as the “natural” way to understand themselves and others in their society.

While 'BlackLivesMatter' seems a “radical” slogan in the face of blatant criminal behaviour by police, in fact it accepts the traditional Them-and-Us discrimination which lies at the heart of the abuse most of us wish to condemn. Such abuse should be countered with 'AllLivesMatter' or similar slogans to avoid reinforcing the artificial differences that are used to distract us from our similarities.

“To think the lives of one group are of more importance than those not in that group divides those who are special, who deserve special attention, from those who are not.”(2)
“The truth is we have more in common with people of different ethnicity and religions than we can possibly know in a totalitarian system drenched in the divisive propaganda of identity politics.”(3)

Identity politics uses features of our identity to give us a political direction. For example, “in the U.S. both political parties deploy identity politics, but the Democrats in particular depend on the 'if you don't vote the Democratic ticket, you're a traitor to your race' line of propaganda.”(4) Real politics concentrates on economic issues, issues around social class. Our social class looks like just another thing about ourselves. People can be seen as, and think of themselves as black and working class, or white and working class. But there is a profound difference between your skin colour and your class. Your class position is determined by your place in the economic system, traditionally stated as your relations to the means of production. Your class is determined by your relations to others within that system. You are not born with it – like your genetic makeup – and if the system is changed then you no longer have that position.

When the slaves in the US were released about 150 years ago, their class position changed overnight while their skin colour did not. It is likely that their being slaves influenced many things about them, so there is a connection between their class position and other things about them, but these too can change and are not inherited like skin or eye colour.

Further, your class position is not like your religion. Your religion is often picked up from your parents or your community, but you on your own can change your religion, and over their lives some people do. Your class position cannot be chosen in the same way. You can't become a capitalist by simple “conversion”. You need money. You can't become a member of the working class by “conversion” either. There must be a capitalist around to offer you a job.

Some people can live their whole lives and have no real interest in their class position. If they have enough money and security perhaps it does not matter to them. Also people tend to think about enhancing their own position and not worry about the way the wider class system around them works. However in times of social crisis, when the structure of the class system harms more and more people, the only way this can be fought is to attack the class system itself. For this to happen those attacking the system must unite with as many of the people who also suffer from the structure of the system to force it to change.

It is here that a concern for personal identity needs to be expanded. “White” and “black” people need to realize that while they have different skin colours and different personal or family histories, nothing is going to change in their material circumstances unless they open up to the idea that they both are the same in their class position. In spite of their perceived differences, they must realize that they have a fundamentally common interest to protect and defend. In hard times, thinking your enemies are “white” or “black” will only perpetuate the class system which is destroying the lives of all working-class people, as well as many others who do not have the highest incomes. The US and all other countries in the “free world” are ruled by the super-rich through giant banks, corporations, hedge funds, etc. Until this changes, things will only get worse.


Some have argued that police killing of blacks has its beginnings in the US slave system. Of course there is some connection here, but this does not explain why it is getting much worse now, over 150 years later. What are the factors which explain why this is so much more common now that in 1960’s during the Civil Rights era?

It is easy to see why blacks and some whites see the increase in lawless police violence as “racist". However Chris Hedges has a different and more frightening view. With the decline in manufacturing which began in the 1970's, black and white workers have found it harder and harder to find jobs. This has led to an increasing number of “unnecessary” people who were not integrated into the regular workforce. As a result

“…the corporate state needed harsher mechanisms to subjugate a population it condemned as human refuse. Those on probation and parole or in jails or prisons grew from 780,000 in 1965 to 7 million in 2010. The kinds of federal crimes punishable by death leaped from one in 1974 to 66 in 1994, thanks to the Clinton administration. The lengths of prison sentences tripled and quadrupled. Laws were passed to turn inner-city communities into miniature police states. This had nothing to do with crime.”(5)

In other words, after 1970 when numbers of unemployed started to rise, the police and prison system ceased to be about “fighting crime” and became a system of social control. Hedges notes that in a book entitled “The First Civil Right: How Liberals Built Prison America”, Naomi Murkawa

“…documents how the series of 'reforms' enacted to professionalize police departments resulted in placing more money and resources into the hands of the police, giving them greater power to act with impunity and expanding legally sanctioned violence. All penal reform, from President Harry Truman’s 1947 Committee on Civil Rights report to the Safe Streets Act of 1968 to the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984 to contemporary calls for more professionalization, have, she notes, only made things worse.”(6)

More blacks are the victims of police violence because they experience more poverty, but whites should take no comfort from this. The legalized injustice they face will be used against whites as well when the social and economic conditions created by the ruling class deteriorate further:

State-administered violence is all that lies between the corporate state and widespread unrest. The power elites know it. They also know that as this unrest begins to define the white underclass, the legal and physical shackles perfected for poor people of color can easily be expanded. Rights in America have become privileges. And the corporate state has created legal mechanisms, including the loss of our right to privacy, to remove these privileges the instant it feels threatened.”(7)

There are four messages here, two for “blacks” and two for “whites”. The first message for blacks is that the current violence against them is not just motivated by racism, hatred of blacks. It is part of the institutionalized violence necessary for the 0.00001% to rule over all of us. It is not “personal”, not about them. The totally corrupt and greedy rulers of the US and the “West” need such violence to maintain their control in the US and overseas. Just protesting about “racist police violence” will never achieve its goal. As Hedges says The corporate state, until it is destroyed, will do what it is designed to do—kill with impunity. The state itself must be attacked, including the super-rich rulers of the state. The second message is that to destroy the corporate state, blacks must work together with whites and everyone else who will benefit from ending the rule of the super-rich.

The first message for whites is that they will be next. The illusion of thinking the violence is just directed against blacks could blind them to the reality that when the time comes, they will get the same treatment. And the second message for whites is the same as the second message for blacks. They can only improve their lives and the legal and political system of their country by working together with all who will benefit from the destruction of this state and building another.

This is the ultimate failing of the BLM movement. It is deliberately aimed at blacks, but on their own black protests against the police will not change anything. And since it is politically controlled by Soros and his agents, it can only be a tool of the super-rich in their war with the people of the US. What better way to deal with your “opposition” than to secretly determine their policies and actions? This will insure that they play right into your hands.

Two graphs can help us understand the social background behind the increasing police violence in the US. First we can look at the massive increase in the prison population since 1971 with the beginning of the “War on Drugs”.(8)

The second graph shows the distribution of income growth since 1993 in the US.(9) Over the three periods covered, the top 1% in the US has increased their income by about 10%. The rest of the population – including the “blacks” following the BLM movement – has seen their incomes stagnate to almost no increase from 2009-2012.

Furthermore according to Berkeley economics professor Emmanuel Saez 95% of income gains since 2009 have accrued to the top 1%. After 1995 the spending of those in the top 5% of income levels began to rise faster than the other 95% of the population. Then, about 2008 the spending of most in the US remained the same while the spending of the top 5% has continued to increase at about the same level.(10)

So why does George Soros and the monopoly media owners in the US want to promote “black” against “white” thinking?(11) Because it helps them direct ordinary people's dissatisfaction with their worsening financial position to other people in the same position as themselves. This will stop them directing their attention to the super-rich .00001% who are increasing their wealth at the expense of the 99%. As explained by Charles Hugh Smith:

“Identity politics eliminate the potential for class consciousness that crosses ethnic and religious boundaries. As noted yesterday in 'Our Impoverished, Pathological Society', 'race is not a significant determinant of social polarization in today's America. It is class that really matters'.”(12)

PS: This article was inspired by an event which took place in Adelaide on the 30th of July 2016. During a rally demanding an end to abuse of indigenous children in detention a few people started chanting 'BlackLivesMatter'. However an indigenous participant asked them to chant 'AllLivesMatter' instead, which they did.

PPS: A discussion of George Soros can be found at the end of my article:

Not 'Black Lives Matter' but 'ALL LIVES MATTER' http://australianvoice.livejournal.com/20603.html


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