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australianvoice's Journal

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The aim of this blog is to foster an understanding of Australia and its place in the wider world for the Australian people. This blog is not connected to any political party. It does not support or oppose different political parties or individual politicians.

The focus is only on POLITICAL POLICIES and the consequences they have for the lives of Australians.

Many of our current problems have a clear origin. Australian politicians, our political elite, the military and intelligence services, the media and most commentators all look at the past, present and future of Australia through colonial eyes. The people who conquered and occupied Australia did so in the name of the rulers of a distant country, England. Now Australia is a colony of the USA, but the mentality is the same: Australia is to be governed for the benefit of overseas owners and investors.

The names of the owners and investors has changed and will continue to change, but the mantra remains the same: We, the leaders of Australia, run Australia so others can invest in and benefit from whatever they find here. There has been opposition to this approach by the Australian people from time to time, but several things are happening together which makes it absolutely necessary to challenge this:

(1) Both parties push a bogus austerity programme aimed at reducing living standards while allowing massive tax evasion by the wealthy and overseas companies.
See: Abbott's Austerity Is A Scam!

(2) Both parties secretly support the Trans-Pacific Partnership with the USA. This so-called trade treaty actually allows multinational companies to override any Australian laws which they believe restrict their ability to make a profit in Australia. This means that the wishes of these companies override the national sovereignty of Australia. Any politician who supports the TPP is a traitor to Australia, and provides a perfect example of what I have called the colonial mentality of our political elite.
See: The TPP Creates A Supra-National Corporate State

(3) Australia has signed other "free trade" agreement like the one with China. A central feature of this agreement is that Chinese investors can "negotiate" work classification, terms and conditions, pay, etc. for their own Chinese workers with the Government.. It is clear the purpose of this agreement is to allow Chinese investors to avoid any of the Australian laws and regulations related to their imported workers for their projects.
Remember this comes at a time when the government is happy to close down major employers like the auto industry even though there are high and growing levels of unemployment. With jobs going even from mining, how can it be good for Australians to facilitate and encourage larger numbers of foreign workers coming to Australia who will certainly be paid less than Australians?
If foreign investors pay no taxes and do not hire Australians at decent wage levels, why do we allow them to come here?
See: Why Australia’s Political Leaders Are Traitors

(4) Governments at State and Federal level are allowing overseas companies to destroy valuable agricultural land, which could be productive for hundreds of years, in order to extract coal seam gas or coal in projects which will only last for a short period of time. This means they promote short term gain for foreign companies while permanently destroying land and the prospects of hundreds of Australian landholders. Who is really important to our political leaders? Not the people who vote for them.
See: How Governments have Sold Out Landholders in the Darling Downs

(5) The corrupt and highly indebted Western banking system will almost certainly crash again - as in 2008 - but with more disastrous consequences. But it is not necessary for Australia to be a part of this system.
See: So You Think Your Assets Are Safe In The West's Financial System?

(6) Russia, China and the other BRICS countries are working for a new world economic system independent of the US dollar and the Western banking system. The economies of the West are dead in the water, while the only real potential for growth lies with the so called "underdeveloped" world and the BRICS.

(7) All leaders of Australia follow the USA in economic, political and military matters. We are a US satellite. However the US is rashly provoking a war with BOTH Russia and China when the US and the West are virtually bankrupt and their conventional military forces are no match for their opponents. This means that one outcome of such an aggressive policy is a nuclear war with Russia/China. Pine Gap will be hit first. Whatever else survives the USA most certainly will not.
See: What Will Happen To Australia After The US Attacks China?

So can Australia keep going in the same old way??
I think not!!

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