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How Governments have Sold Out Landholders in the Darling Downs

This is a guest post to Australian Voice from Landholders ASCERT.
By landholders for landholders
"Helping one farmer at a time hold their ground."
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Below are two images from Miles to Dalby and Broadwater. Foreign CSG ompany owned properties shaded in red, creeks and rivers are blue lines, yellow triangles are gas wells, bright green is State Forest.

As these images demonstrate, the successive State and Federal Governments have failed by giving foreign gas Companies unfettered access to drill deep into family homes, farms, and State Forests and allowing them to purchased strategic Australian land and taken control of huge sections of our rivers and creeks.

The impacts of this aspect include the impact of having properties that were previously cared for by families and individuals with gentleness and experience are now merely tracts of land on a giant dot-to-dot that represent a means to an end. Specifically foreign gas companies failing to treat the country with the respect learned from generations of experience leading to:

• The fire/ fuel load risk that builds.
• The biosecurity risk presented by the vast tracks of land no longer managed and allowing the spread of noxious weed, seed, and proliferation of pests (particularly with international DIDO and FIFO workers coming directly to these properties from international locations).
• Strategic and unsupervised and direct access to vital river and creeks systems for this already water hungry and water wasting industry whose solution to pollution is dilution.
• Each of the properties purchased along the waterways may have had irrigation rights that have been transferred to the foreign gas companies.
• The lack of oversight and transparency of activities on these gas owned properties are protected from view by wide boundaries.
• The families that could not live with the gas activities and whose homes were purchased had previous contributions to the local economy and social fabric and are no longer there leaving a gap in the community, schools etc particularly (ie Taroom St Mary’s).
• The properties that previously contributed to the agricultural production of the nation no longer exist. Gas mining is the first priority of these properties now. This has a severe impact in reducing the capacity of agriculture as a pillar of the economy.
• The properties that are purchased and intensively mined with CSG then contribute to the diminution, reduction in valuation and disadvantage of the neighbours and others in the community.
• Much of the land in this image is either gas industry owned, state forest, large corporations like feedlots, or individuals who do not live here. The small balance of the community left behind in these areas of takeover are then left to attempt to survive the fall out of the industry noise, chemicals and changed landscape and estranged FIFO/DIDO individuals in it. They are left to hang in an exhausting psycophathic round about of “mediation” to try to get out as a kind of message from the Gas Industry to ‘play the game’.
• Leasing the purchased country back to graziers further tips the scales in the direction of foreign corporations as only big businesses can afford the agistment methodology.
• There must be intricate capital and tax massaging possibilities when linking a capital hungry industry with property portfolios.
• The WDRC establish a differential rating system that places a heavier rate on the purchased properties making the bigger dollars from the foreign companies more attractive to the hungry local government, not to mention a conflict of interest.

Truly Proud Australians must say,
Enough! Now or Never!
Say NO to Gas mining in Australial.
Say No to the Governments who allow it.

Another aspect to this issue is that this is the real revenue spinner for the Government in CSG. The revene comes not from royalties on gas, but TRANSFER DUTY from this property hungry industry.

This is no longer (if it ever was) about individual farmers not wanting to speak out due to pressure from other groups. This is now a national issue. The government is actively allowing the denigration of a major pillar of our national economy by deliberately favouring and allowing the wholesale purchasing of agricultural land and unfettered access (and rights) to water for CSG industry.

The agricultural industry and all those who benefit from it (every Australian) must stand up as one and take control of this issue. Say no, allow no further access to our land and water. If we don’t stand up now, we never will say goodbye to our country and our food and water security via OUR GOVERNMENT.

We need your help to bring pressure to bear on our governments. It is time we added another event to our history where the much Lauded Aussie spirit was demonstrated!

Who knows, it may also be fun and exhilarating standing up for ourselves and our kids!!!
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