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The moral compass of the West is not revealed by the platitudes embraced by our "Christian" leaders. To understand their real moral (or immoral) compass we must look at the moral (or immoral) principles which guide their actions. Although these principles are never stated openly, many will find them familiar. The direction of the moral compass of the West is determined by the sacred institution of private property and the sacred goal of increasing private profit.

1) Thou shalt maximize private profit above all else. Private profit is the only path to a better world. There Is No Alternative. All institutions and services must approach as best they can the ideal of private ownership.

2) Thou shalt kill, torture and imprison all opponents of the rich and powerful owners of private property in the West. This is the Holy War we must fight against anyone who does not cooperate with the giant banks and multinationals of the West. Those who do not willingly cooperate with these sacred intuitions must be crushed.

3) Thou shalt manipulate ordinary people with lies, half-truths and propaganda. Ordinary people must be protected from the truth. They should be told just enough to allow them to function in their daily lives. The leaders of the West will determine what is to be believed and what is not to be believed. Confusion results from ordinary people gaining access to differing opinions. This can only be avoided when ordinary people rely completely on the authority of government statements and the carefully guided mass media.

4) Thou shalt exhibit selective indifference to suffering. Support for the suffering caused by nature or by our enemies should be encouraged. The suffering of animals should also be encouraged. Support for the suffering to people caused by our policies, our police, our military or our prisons cannot be tolerated. This suffering is unavoidable collateral damage necessary for protecting and increasing private profit.

5) Thou shalt entertain ordinary people with tales of murder, crime, vengeance and envy. The media should encourage people to develop their cooking skills. Nothing is more important than what you have for dinner.

6) Leaders shall rejoice each time their hands are stained with blood. This proves they are fit to rule. Sympathy and concern for others is a sign of weakness.

7) Leaders shall glorify our merciless death cult, which will allow us to increase profits forever. The work of our military, mercenaries, intelligence agencies, spies, informers and agents throughout the world must be praised. Together they protect and advance the interests of the 1%, the wealthy investors who hold the future of the world in their hands.
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