UNION INSIDER: Union Leaders Like John Setka Are Vital for the New World Order Takeover of Australia

Guest Post by The Echo Chamber

Interview with life-long trade unionist John Wilson(1). In an earlier interview he was described as follows (2):

One of Australia's most experienced unionists has attacked Trade Unions across the country for their silence throughout the pandemic.

John Wilson served as President of Canberra Trades Hall and was also a Senior Industrial Officer for the Federated Clerks Union. In a passionate three-minute interview, Mr Wilson told Rebel News in Brisbane:

"They've said nothing, and they've done nothing. They're part of this sellout.

And there's going to be a reckoning. They will not survive this."

Mr Wilson finished with:

"Goodbye trade union movement in this country. And goodbye Labor Party. And good bloody riddance to the lot of them."

(1) Original video made by The Echo Chamber/ It can be found here:



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