REPORT FROM CANADA: "This isn’t my country anymore, it’s just the location I’m trapped in."

This is a Guest Post by Jim Shepard of Vancouver, British Columbia (

Every Tuesday morning for many years I have gathered with friends at our favourite restaurant for brunch and conversation. This is Tuesday morning so I should have been anticipating this pleasant social outing. But yesterday the order came down from our Public Health Officer that all restaurants are required to demand proof of Covid-19 vaccination from every patron. I intend to keep my own council as to what medical interventions I shall permit, which is my right to do under the Nuremberg Code, and I intend not to disclose my medical information to anyone, which is my right under the laws of Canada. I called my best friend of many years, my usual ride to our restaurant, to ask what his plans would be since he has told me he is “vaccinated” and so are my other friends and he told me he intends to show his Vaccination Pass if asked. He offered to ride my to our restaurant and take the chance of being refused admittance. That sounded dismal to me. So I told him I would not come and, “So I guess I’ll see you when I see you.” I really don’t have much faith that I will ever see my friends again. I’m such a cynic, I thought, to think that.

Painting  by John Whitehead, Artist in California (
Painting by John Whitehead, Artist in California (

Then, in view of the time I now had on my hands this morning I settled in to read a document I had downloaded a few days ago. It is a claim of civil action brought to the Supreme Court of British Columbia, sealed on August 17, 2021, on behalf of several private individuals against our provincial and federal “Health Authorities”, Premier and Prime Minister and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police among other defendants for damages as a result of Covid-19 measures and their enforcement. It’s over 300 pages long because it includes medical and legal evidence. I have now read almost the first 60 pages which detail the abuses alleged by these plaintiffs. 

I have been sharply critical of the governments of my province and my country. As I read about the abuses suffered by these innocent people who only stood up for their human rights and their legal rights I first learned to be ashamed of my country and then as I read further I learned to be afraid of my country, afraid of the police, afraid of my neighbours and of strangers I will have to encounter in the grocery store – if they are going to continue to let me shop for food, I assumed they always would but now…

I learned that even before the Covid measures came down elder care homes were likely enough to be abusive and corrupt. Since the Covid Regime this abuse is far worse. I’m afraid to live long enough to be incarcerated in one of these places, subject to be denied medical care, denied visits from my family, slowly tortured to decline and death by the withdrawal of every care. I have learned to never try to travel on BC Ferries to Vancouver Island because I could be denied boarding for any or no reason by newly encouraged officious managers. They could call the police and the police will come, handcuff me and arrest me for charges they will make up if no reason occurs immediately. 

The police, I learned, have no knowledge of the law and no interest in learning about it. The police have generally no sense of honour and don’t care at all that they have sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The police, provincial and federal, will enforce by force any order they are given. My age will be no barrier to my being roughed up, cuffed, denied communication with a lawyer and/or my family. All this will happen to me if I object to covering my nose and am consequently yelled at by a store manager who calls the cops. 

I have learned that strangers in stores or on the street will turn on me for objecting to any Covid Rules. God help me if I ever become disabled or in chronic bad health because the abuse I suffer will be worse. If I have any altercations, however polite and civil, with any institutions – care homes, hospitals, chain retailers, Bonny Henry’s winery – which have the favour of the local authorities the police will harass and intimidate me at all hours of the day or night, harass my landlords, get me ejected from my apartment building, anything and everything I can imagine or worse. 

Ever since these illegal (they are) Covid “measures” have tightened their grip on our people and our governments the dictatorial absolutism of these “rules” and “orders” has percolated down to the common person and called forth the worst of human nature. Managers and ticket takers are enjoying bully powers. Enjoying is the word. I have learned that the effect of the acknowledged “Authorities” doing away with the law and substituting arbitrary rules instead is to almost instantly transform our society into something like what one reads about in the history of Nazi Germany. People become little Hitlers. People snitch on their neighbours. People abuse and harangue old people, mothers and little kids for not obeying rules, standing where ordered, masking when ordered, rules they make up themselves. 

And I keep saying “we” and “our” and “my” phrases as if this were still my government and my country and my people. 

I’d better stop doing that, it’s unrealistic. This isn’t my country anymore, it’s just the location I’m trapped in. It’s not ”we” anymore. It’s me and them. I’m afraid to live long enough to become helpless. Maybe I’ll get cancer and that will finish me off fairly quickly. Maybe I’ll have a nice quick brain bleed. These sound like attractive options. Basically, I say, I pray, swing low sweet chariot and get me the hell out of this place.


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