With one sentence, Kristalina Georgieva, Head of the International Monetary Fund, finally comes clean on why vaccination is so important, and who wants us vaccinated.

"This year, next year, vaccine policy is economic policy".

 The banking cartel and hedge funds are only concerned with financial health, not the physical health of the human population. It may be useful to hear it from her yourself:

We could think the economy will be turned around by the massive expenditure on vaccines and associated medical equipment. So far we have only seen the World Health Organization, Bill Gates and Big Pharma publicly working with our governments to roll out a plan to vaccinate everybody, spending trillions on unnecessary "medication". However, now we see the financial elite are pushing vaccine policy. Bill Gates may be one of the richest people on the planet, however his influence cannot compare with the power of the banking cartel and hedge funds like BlackRock.  

But how can vaccination “turn the fate of the world economy around”? To solve this puzzle we need to see how the different pieces we know about fit together. Still there is no point reading the works of Klaus Schwab. He only tells us what he hopes the future will look like. We are trying to understand how the banking cartel intends to arrive at this future. 


When she talks about turning the economy around, Ms Georgieva does not just mean the vaccines will help the economy recover from the serious depression caused by the Covid-19 lockdown policies. The problem they want to solve is much bigger than that. We can see this from a document written by the hedge fund BlackRock entitled “Dealing with the next downturn: From unconventional monetary policy to unprecedented policy coordination”, which was presented to a meeting of central bankers in October, 2019.(1) In this document fund managers and central bankers insist the current financial system cannot survive the next big economic downturn using the current monetary and fiscal policies. They claim it can only be revived if the financial elite introduce a cashless economy in which central banks can control all financial transactions using the power given them by a central bank digital currency (CDBC). This is the “unconventional monetary policy” they want to introduce. Their perceived problem is that they cannot increase growth any more by using the two economic tools they have used for decades, monetary policy and fiscal policy. Monetary policies are policies on interest rates or money supply set by central banks. Fiscal policy consists of changing government revenue collection (tax increases or tax cuts) or changing expenditure (spending more or spending less).

The financial elite know the way they have run the world's economic system will no longer create the economic growth they need to generate the profits they want. This is what they want, in their own words:

"An unprecedented response is needed when monetary policy is exhausted and fiscal policy alone is not enough. That response will likely involve “going direct”: Going direct means the central bank finding ways to get central bank money directly in the hands of public and private sector spenders. Going direct, which can be organised in a variety of different ways, works by: 1) bypassing the interest rate channel when this traditional central bank toolkit is exhausted, and; 2) enforcing policy coordination so that the fiscal expansion does not lead to an offsetting increase in interest rates."(2)

This document shows central bankers do not trust political leaders to make the right decisions on what to spend money on and how much to spend. They know that to revive the economy money needs to be spent, but they want to insure that they will control where all that money goes. So they want to take the unprecedented step of putting central bank money into the real economy. The US Federal Reserve has never done this in all of its 99 year history. But they also want to “enforce policy coordination”. How could they do that? The brief comments from the Head of the Bank for International Settlements, Augustin Carstins, in the following video tells us how central banks can enforce economic policy coordination. As he is not a native speaker, his English is not easy to follow word for word. (This short clip in introduced by the financial analyst John Titus.)

Here is roughly what he says: “There is a huge difference between central bank digital currency (CBDC) and cash. With cash we – central bankers – don't know who spends a $100 note and what they buy with it. The essential difference with CBDC is the central bank will have absolute control on all transactions so we can control the use (of this money). And we will have the technology to enforce our rules on transactions.”  

The central bankers want to spend central bank money in the economy and introduce CBDC to control all transactions. Needless to say, they will use this unprecedented power to increase their own profits. But where do vaccines fit into these plans for total control of the world economy?


The IMF and other financial heavyweights are pushing all governments to vaccinate everyone. But governments have also introduced the idea of a vaccine passport. These are quite different policies. A vaccination is supposed to protect you from a Covid-19 infection. If you really are protected, protecting your health does not require everyone else to be vaccinated. Still governments ignore this fact because vaccination is not about health. Vaccine policy is economic policy. That is why they trample on the decades old legal policy under which each individual must consent to any medical procedure. Instead they introduce a draconian, illogical and unnecessary policy that everyone must be vaccinated to protect everyone else.  

The vaccine passport has nothing to do with people's physical health. This policy is clearly  fits in perfectly with the idea of a universal ID system, which today will be a digital ID. The vaccine passport will rapidly turn into a digital ID which you must use to prove you have been vaccinated. It could also become your driver's license and your health care card. The idea of a digital ID has been quietly worked on for some time, and it will soon appear in the public domain, like vaccine passports. On 3 June, 2021, Finextra posted an article entitled “EU announces European Digital Identity and Wallet framework”.(3) It explains that the EU has proposed a framework for a European Digital Identity to be available to all EU citizens as early as September 2022. We also find the following statement:

“Importantly, the announcement of a digital identity and wallet may be linked to a potential decision on a digital euro. CBDC has been openly and frequently discussed by EU leaders over the past 12 months, with leaders often highlighting the need for a digital identity in order for a digital euro to be successfully developed.”

As far as I know, there has been no official announcement that a vaccine passport will eventually be connected to a digital ID, but these pieces fit neatly together as we put our puzzle together. Vaccine passport becomes your digital ID, and your digital ID becomes the only way you can access your money in a cashless economy. This is where the control demanded by central bankers would be exercised on individuals and any business. Banks have blocked access to accounts already, but it can be done much more easily if you must access your money with a universal digital ID rather than your plastic card. 


Most people who understand the power of the CDBC only see it in relation to themselves as individuals. However this is not the only reason the central bankers want such control. If they can block any transaction, they can put any business out of business. Small business owners have seen that policies like lockdowns and social distancing have almost no effect on big businesses, but they can easily drive a small business into bankruptcy. It is not just wild speculation that leads one to the conclusion that the financial elite and close friends like the other monopolies plan to improve their economic growth by wiping out all small business competitors.  

This applies to small retailers as well as small firms that bake bread, make clothes, make furniture, offer coffee and light meals, and perhaps even tradies, who could be forced to become workers rather than independent contractors. Complete control of the world economy means the end of economic freedom and even competition. Monopolies do not compete with each other. Most large corporations are in part owned by hedge funds who coordinate their activities as a cartel. Banks, oil companies, agribusiness are all prominent examples. Governments are supposed to “regulate” these industries, but in fact they are under the control of whatever they are supposed to regulate, as we can see in the “regulation” of the pharmaceutical industry.

To improve their profits, which they describe as "economiuc growth", the banking cartel and hedge funds want to destroy many existing industries, both large and small, and replace them with others. You may have noticed that the Zero Carbon policies being considered by governments and supported by the financial elite involve the destruction of certain industries, like automobile production, coal fired power stations and ending a reliance on animal protein, etc. They want to invest in new projects to replace what we already have. The banks will make trillions by investing in these giant projects. The Green New Deal and the 4th Industrial Revolution are basically plans to completely transform how we live in ways that will give big investors many new projects to develop. All these changes must be made to improve the bottom line of banks and large corporations. They have no more concern for us than they do for cows as they are turned into steaks. If we don't stop them we will be their cattle, complete with chips and under total control.


It is clear the central banks and hedge fund have gained control over our politicians. Their plans are all about improving their own financial position. These plans have nothing but terrible consequences for us, starting with the deaths and injuries from the soon to be mandatory “ vaccines”. Many people have now realized the only way to stop these plans is to stop vaccine passports.  

There is no need to argue over whether the vaccines are necessary or even harmful. The only real issue worth defending to your last breath is vaccine passports. These are dangerous both for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. The future for both groups is the same, namely technocratic totalitarian control by the super-rich by means of their central banks. The super-rich investors who control the central banks and hedge funds are the people who send millions to their death in wars, and allow millions to die around the world from preventable illnesses and starvation. If we don't take control of our governments, human society and perhaps ever human beings themselves will be destroyed.


Covid Emergency is Cover for BlackRock's Plan to Introduce Central Bank Digital Currency Everywhere

According to the Financial Elite, Access to Vaccines Promotes Economic Growth. How Does That Work?



2) Ibid.



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