Watch Carefully. Russia and the West Are Business Partners. Russia Shows the Way for the West.

Are transformations in Russia hidden from us in the West because they clearly reveal our future in the Global Economic Order? There is in reality no more hostility between the West and Russia than there is between the US and the UK. Big business and banking are global. Individual nation-states are no more important politically than individual cities. The anti-Russian story has been sustained by the Democratic Party in the US and a few individuals connected with the UK secret service. I have created this to present hard evidence of the way that Russia has integrated perfectly into the world economy guided by the World Economic Forum and show how in many ways Russia is ahead of the West in this process of advancing toward the 4th Industrial Revolution.

(This is taken entirely from a series of tweets by @NovaShpakova, a Russian speaker living in the US.)

BP is one of the biggest foreign investors in Russia & partners with Rosneft. 1) BP in Russia is a 19.75% share of Rosneft. Rosneft’s Board of Directors: BP CEO Bernard Looney & former BP CEO Robert Dudley. 2) investing through joint ventures with Rosneft.

There are 4 foreign holding companies that oversee Russian corporations. They manage the economy & Browder was just small fry compared to them. The UK actually leads the pack.

Rosneft is essentially a franchise of a transnational monopoly including BP, Qatar Investment Authority, the Glencore Consortium & Exxon Mobile. Further, Rosneft is under the UK holding company Ernst & Young.


It's just one happy the global monopoly system. BP & Rosneft create joint venture to develop prospective resources in East & West Siberia.

I think the "illusion" or war is just as effective as an actual war to manage people. Besides, BP probably wouldn't like all it's investments in Russia nor its joint ownership of Rosneft to go up in smoke. Herman Gref, CEO of Sberbank & the WEF board is in between Putin & Schwab


Bernard Looney: Member Board of Directors of Rosneft. 2013 - 2016 Chief Operating Officer for Production BP plc. 2016 - now CEO for Upstream of BP plc. 2016 - now Board of Directors, AKER-BP. 2020 - now CEO & Board of Directors member, BP plc

People wise-up...they are NOT enemies! Rosneft & BP Russia Train Petroleum Engineers. Rosneft & BP Russia jointly with the Kazan Federal University & Imperial College London are training qualified personnel for the Petroleum Engineering master’s program

Also include Russia in on eliminating pensions & forcing elders to work - there's much construction being done to develop Smart City infrastructures (search Smart City Moscow). Russia which is very advanced into the 4IR - Herman Gref being a WEF trustee.

Great acting, bravo! Here Putin literally slobbers over Schwab at a 2019 meeting - he actually said, "I hope we are not letting you down & we are working in unison". And what about Putin's buddy Herman Gref a WEF board of trustee? From Kremlin website.

Russia's PM Mishutsin addresses the WEF's Cyber Polygon. Note on the weblink, Klaus Schwab follows with his spiel. Later the worst example is Sberbank CEO & WEF Trustee, Herman Gref in a fawning discourse with TONY BLAIR! Btw, Gref is bff's with Putin

Here's one of the Russian Federation's top dogs, Herman Gref slobbering all over Tony Blair discussing "how 2020 is transforming attitudes toward digitalisation". Note: the 4IR is a total global cooperation effort for which Russia plays an integral part.

4IR is the big craze in Russia Russia 4.0: The Fourth Industrial Revolution as a Driver of Global Competitiveness: Business & Economy - May 29, 2017 The world is on the threshold of another, fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) which will lead to...

4IR Russia: Biometric data collection began in 2018, yet ONLY 164,000 voluntarily shared info with the State. However, by 2023 the Govt will acquire the biometric data of 70M Russians! К 2023 году Правительство соберёт 70 млн биометрических данных россиян

Aug 2018 - Russia's Sberbank becomes co-founder of the World Economic Forum's "Centre for Cybersecurity", Cyberpolygon. Source: Sberbank. The deal was signed by CEO of Sberbank, Herman Gref, & Chair of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab.

Myths that Putin is against "the Globalists" that Kremlinbots, Zerohedge & the RT fans claim, totally contradicts reality. At Davos 2009, Putin's entire rant is in 100% support of the global economy +40 mins. He even demands mutual dependency! Start 20 min

Watch from 3 yrs ago, Putin & Herman Gref, planning Russia's Great Reset. Go fuck yourself Tom Luongo & Zerohedge for deliberately LYING to the people. You are imposters, intel assets, just like RT, Greyzone & those other sacks of shit.

They surely hide this! Clinton Library docs plus archive lawsuit open verbatim Clinton-Putin & Clinton-Yeltsin conversations - transfer of power by ballot box gives way to merely endorsing peaceful transition as Yeltsin resigns & anoints Putin in 1999.

Over the last year, more than 15 building sites across Moscow have had the Personal Smart-Tracker system installed, designed to help supervise the construction work of public facilities. A great SmartCity example!

With support of tech companies, implementation of 5G: unmanned transport, tactile internet, etc. will soon be in Moscow. In 2020, Telecom operators will work on implementation of 5G for municipal infrastructure & urban development.

Sberbank and Cognitive Technologies – the developer of recognition systems for drones, are in the process of founding the Cognitive Pilot company, which will be engaged in the implementation of unmanned transport in industry and agriculture.

We're all just fed a bunch of bullshit to try to keep people loyal to their leaders, while these leaders are all screwing in the backroom!

Translated @RotfrontSu article "Biometric repression comes to Russia" into English:


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