GOLD STANDARD SCIENCE: Doctors 4 Covid Ethics — Session 1: Proof Covid-19 Policies Killed People

Apologies to everyone. This and other related posts by Australian Voice consists of parts of the Gold Standard Science sessions organized by Doctors for Covid Ethics and hosted by UKColumn. I have created these posts to allow people to view and study the very high quality individual segments of this excellent collection. This is a video of the talk by Dr Denis Rancourt: The False Pandemic 

The full video for all of Session 1 can be found here at UKColumn:

A PDF of the full program and details on each participant can be found here:


Dr Rancourt looks at statistics for all cause mortality. A real pandemic is not confined within specific political units, so death rates are more or less the same everywhere. However in this false pandemic we find vast differences in death rates between different jurisdictions. A real pandemic causes between 5 and 50 times more deaths than normal. No country except the USA shows a difference between morality statistics during 2020 and other years. All causes mortality follows regular patterns, low in summer but more in northern winter. There is a big increase in deaths in come countries just after WHO announced the pandemic. The WHO encouraged hospitals to remove patients and limit care for people in care homes to "prepare" for the expected surge of  Covid-19 cases. In other jurisdictions this big increase is not seen. (In Australia we can contrast deaths in Victoria with deaths in all other states.) Only the USA had a big rise in deaths during the northern summer, even though deaths are always fewer at this time. In the US these deaths occurred to poorer people in the southern states. Rancourt  calls this an attack against people. Overall there is a 20% increase in US mortality in 2020, back to levels around 1945. In the media there is always a clear bias in attributing cause of death. Published statistics of Covid-19 deaths are all rubbish. Only reliable evidence is all cause mortality. 30,000 people killed in France by changes in health care. What was done in some places was the opposite of good medical practice w/r to dealing with epidemics in care homes. Where excess deaths occurred they were due solely to the policies adopted in different jurisdictions.


Opening Statement by Sucharit Bhakdi

The SARS-CoV-2 Genome: Evidence of its Artificial Origin — Michael Palmer

The PCR Laboratory Pandemic — Ulrike Kämmerer

The False Pandemic — Denis Rancourt

The Power of Masks — Conversation with Harald Walach & Martin Haditsch


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