GOLD STANDARD SCIENCE: Doctors 4 Covid Ethics — Session 1: Opening Statement by Dr Sucharit Bhakdi

Apologies to everyone. This and other related posts by Australian Voice consists of parts of the Gold Standard Science sessions organized by Doctors for Covid Ethics and hosted by UKColumn. I have created these posts to allow people to view and study the very high quality individual segments of this excellent collection. This is a video of the Opening Statement by Dr Sucharit Bhakdi.

The full video for all of Session 1 can be found here at UKColumn:

A PDF of the full program and details on each participant can be found here:

There is a war leading us to out doom.
This war attacks human empathy with money to pay mercenaries, spread deceit and fear to silence those who cannot be bought or deceived.
The basic human desire of self preservation is being used to generate fear of being infected with a deadly virus by our friends, family and strangers driving us apart from each other.
The people behind this war on humanity are driven by greed for endless wealth and power
They have justified their actions with a staggering array of blatant untruths.
Our duty is to inform ourselves and save humanity from complete destruction.


Session I with Prof. Martin Haditsch: The False Pandemic

Opening Statement by Sucharit Bhakdi

The SARS-CoV-2 Genome: Evidence of its Artificial Origin — Michael Palmer

The PCR Laboratory Pandemic — Ulrike Kämmerer

The False Pandemic — Denis Rancourt

The Power of Masks — Conversation with Harald Walach & Martin Haditsch


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