THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COVID-19 STORY: What the Australian Government Does Not Want You to Know

This is a long and detailed document addressed in the first instance to The Hon. Brad Hazzard, MP in New South Wales, where the author, Tony Nikolic practices law. It is also addressed to 14 members of the Australian Federal Parliament. It is reproduced here with the author's permission as a Guest Post on Australian Voice. Many important issues are examined in this document and he has invited the Premier’s office and Minister for Health to provide evidence justifying the lockdowns and the need to vaccinate healthy people. I have provided a crude Table of Contents for those seeking specific information or references.

Tony Nikolic was also interviewed by Asia Pacific Today on 16 July, 2021. 

Below is a screenshot of Tony Nikloic's interview with Asia Pacific Today.

Note: Some people have problems with this video on Bitchute. Asia Pacific Today has suggested this as an alternative: 

Note: This document could only be reproduced as image files, so you cannot cut and paste from it. Screenshots will work, however.

This document has the following sections:

Informed Consent-Vaccine Rollouts-State Orders

Public Health Orders

The Sustained Assault

Invitation for Public Scrutiny and Debate by leading Scientists

COVID-19-summary of evidential facts

Invitation for Response

Totality of Autonomy (w/r to medical treatment)

Conflicting interests (Autonomy vs state)

Present issues

Purpose of this letter: We only see one side of the story

Injecting Children

COVID infection and Mortality Research

Nature of Vaccines promoted by State and Federal Government

Failures of Therapeutic Goods Administration

Reports of Known Adverse Reports

Socially Constructed Emergency

Scientific Literature

COVID and blood clots

mRNA vaccines and the Delta Strain

Triple Therapy COVID Preventive Treatment

Other Issues Putting Australian Lives in Danger

The PCR Fallacy

Life Expectancy in Australia (Covid Era)

Mask Mandates


Implementation of a Bill of Rights


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