In England, the Percentage Who Died of Covid-19 is the SAME for Vaccinated and Unvaccinated People

This article is based on data from the following document: “SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England, Technical briefing 17 , 25/6/2021 ”. (1) It is an analysis of "Table 4. Attendance to emergency care and deaths by vaccination status among Delta confirmed cases (sequencing and  genotyping) including all confirmed Delta cases in England, 1 February 2021 to 21 June 2021" which is reproduced below. My conclusion is that from the data given about 263,424 people recorded because of attendance to emergency care and deaths in England, the percentage of deaths from Covid-19 are virtually the same for people who have been vaccinated (0.09%) and people who have not (0.08%). The evidence for this conclusion is given below the table. 

Earlier I posted a mistaken analysis of this data which is reproduced at the end of the article. A criticism by Sarah W @Ask__me__why forced me to re-examine the data. I claimed that the percentage of vaccinated people who died from Covid-19 in England was almost 4 times higher than the percentage of unvaccinated people who died from Covid-19. This conclusion was based on a serious oversight.

The top row consists of 7 boxes which I assume to be mutually exclusive categories. It is not clear what 'Total' is a total of. It is not obviously a total of any of the other boxes so I assume it is just as mutually exclusive as the others are. The following shows the number people who fall into the different categories of VACCINATED people: 

Total   92,029 

Date in last 28 days  79,336 

Unlinked  11,015 

Less than 21 days  6,242 

21 days or more  13,715 

Two doses  7,235


So the table gives us data about 209,602 people in England who attended emergency care and/or died. The number who died is given at the bottom of the table under the same categories:

Total   117

Date in last 28 days NA

Unlinked  3

Less than 21 days  1

21 days or more   19 

Two doses  50



The same table also gives us the numbers of UNVACCINATED in the group and the number of them who died from Covid-19:

Unvaccinated  53,822

Unvaccinated deaths   44




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