Covid-19 "Vaccines": Spike Protein is Toxic But Nano Particles Damage Reproductive Organs, Brain etc

The US company Center for Disease Control (CDC) gives us the Official Science for mRNA "vaccines" which is reproduced in part here:

"COVID-19 mRNA vaccines give instructions for our cells to make a HARMLESS piece of what is called the 'spike protein'. The spike protein is found on the surface of the virus that causes COVID-19.

"COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are given in the upper arm muscle. Once the instructions (mRNA locked inside lipid nanoparticles) are inside the immune cells, the cells use them to make the protein piece (aka spike protein). After the protein piece is made, the cell breaks down the instructions and gets rid of them."(1)

In the first sentence the word 'harmless' is in capitals to draw attention to it. This is the first scientific error in the Official Story. The spike protein is not harmless. There were several studies written before the approval for the mRNA "vaccines" which demonstrated that, and several since then. Dr Michael Yeadon has explained that it is biologically active in that it can cause bleeding, blood clots and cell fusion. Notice that the statement does not refer to nanoparticles at all. The phrase 'mRNA locked inside lipid nanoparticles' has been added as clarification. I have written a longer article here explaining much more about how these "vaccines" work. 

Like other vaccines, Covid-19 "vaccines" are given in the upper arm muscle, but unlike all other vaccines, the injected material — consisting of lipid nanoparticles — does not stay in the arm muscle itself. The nanoparticles travel throughout the body and actually enters all organs in the body. In addition to the effects of the spike protein, the nanoparticles which deliver the mRNA instructions are themselves also toxic and cause a different kind of damage.

The following passage is taken from the abstract of an article entitled "Potential adverse effects of nanoparticles on the reproductive system" published in 2018. 

"Previous studies have shown that numerous types of NPs are able to pass certain biological barriers and exert toxic effects on crucial organs, such as the brain, liver, and kidney. Only recently, attention has been directed toward the reproductive toxicity of nanomaterials. NPs can pass through the blood–testis barrier, placental barrier, and epithelial barrier, which protect reproductive tissues, and then accumulate in reproductive organs. NP accumulation damages organs (testis, epididymis, ovary, and uterus) by destroying Sertoli cells, Leydig cells, and germ cells, causing reproductive organ dysfunction that adversely affects sperm quality, quantity, morphology, and motility or reduces the number of mature oocytes and disrupts primary and secondary follicular development. In addition, NPs can disrupt the levels of secreted hormones, causing changes in sexual behavior."(2)

In summary the authors make three separate points:

Nanoparticles can pass through the body's normal protective barriers to enter the brain, liver, kidneys, the testis, the placenta and epithelial barrier around the ovaries.

Nanoparticles accumulate in and damage the testis, ovaries and uterus.

Nanooparticles can disrupt secreted hormones causing changes in sexual behaviour.

The authors provide the following image to illustrate the range of damage to the male and female reproductive systems:

The potential to damage the reproductive systems of men and women gives the best of all possible reasons to STOP THE "VACCINATION" OF YOUNG PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT YET HAD CHILDREN. Since many of the dangers of Covid-19 vaccines were known BEFORE they were approved and the damage they have caused AFTER is ignored, it is impossible to accept that their introduction is benign or a mistake.




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