Examination of the Differences Between Deaths Caused by AstraZencia and Pfizer Injections

My intention is to look at the differences between the deaths caused by AstraZenica injections and the deaths caused by the Pfizer injections based on the data given in the UK Yellow Card system.(1) This system has not been properly set up as a random sample, however since there is no public database deliberately constructed as a random sample, this may well be as good as we can get for the UK. Furthermore, this analysis assumes a conclusion I argued for in a previous article:  “Almost Half of UK Yellow Card Deaths Directly Caused by the mRNA Induced Spike Proteins”.(2) My investigation deals only with deaths reported in the Yellow Card system by 12/05/2021 attributed to AstraZenica and Pfizer. I divide these deaths into three groups: deaths described in a way that shows they were caused by blood clots and haemorrhage, deaths described in a way that does not obviously (to me) show they were caused in this way, and deaths which are recorded but not described further. The spreadsheet which provides all numbers and calculations is given at the end of the article.


I began by looking at the percentage of reports of deaths in the total of all reports for each medication:

0.449% of AstraZencia's reports indicated death

0.64% of Pfizer reports indicated death

0.05% of AstraZenica's and Pfizer's reports together indicated death.

AstraZenica has more than twice as many recorded deaths as Pfizer, but the percentages above show that Pfizer's jab is somewhat more lethal based on the data collected by the UK. Also AstraZenica has just over three times more reports than Pfizer in the Yellow Card system. It is important to realise that around 30,000,000 doses of AstraZenica have been dispensed, while no more than 20,000,000 doses of Pfizer have been dispensed in the UK. In the chart below we can see that from the 14th of March this year Pfizer has not been used as a first jab.(3)  It is still used as a second jab, but this has still not reached the 10,000,000 mark.


My second concern was to examine the ratio between the number of blood clot deaths and all the described deaths. The undescribed deaths were not included because we cannot know how many would fall into either of the two other categories. In fact, we could use the percentages arrived at to estimate how many of them were also blood clot deaths.  

59.3% of all described deaths for AstraZenica and Pfizer were blood clot deaths.

64.3% of the described deaths for AstraZenica were blood clot deaths.

43.3% of the described deaths for Pfizer were blood clot deaths.

This is a significant difference when we remember that while the first conclusion showed that the Pfizer jab is more deadly than AstraZenica's, AstraZenica is much more likely to kill people by producing blood clots.


The last concern was the ratio of reactions to each medication compared to the number of reports received.

There is an average of 3.717 reactions in each report about an AstraZenica injection.

There is an average of 2.858 reactions in each report about a Pfizer injection.

This is also a significant difference between AstraZenica and Pfizer. We might conclude that there is wider damage caused by the AstraZenica medication, suggesting that the adverse effects might be occurring in more places.


I am well aware that this investigation is no substitute for a properly designed and funded study of these two injections. However in the absence of such studies, this seems to be the most we can know about them. Of course I hope nobody uses this information to conclude that one of these poisons is better than another. 

I should also add a personal opinion, based on the way mRNA injections act on the human body. Spike proteins are biologically active, not harmless as the pharmaceutical industry would have it.  Millions of nanoparticles are injected in our bodies.  They enter the blood stream and travel to every part of the body. The Yellow Card reports show the injections can have a very dramatic effect on any organ in the body.  So how is it that millions of people have been injected with these mRNA medications with relatively few side effects? Some people don't even have a reaction as the nanoparticles are injected into their arm muscle. Scientists like Dr Bhakdi have nightmares about the current policies heading toward mandatory “vaccination”. How do we know everyone is being injected with the same ingredients? The entire Covid Emergency has been based on one lie after another. Is it rational to believe that since the little bottles look the same, they all have identical contents?


1. I used the search engine for the UK Yellow Card system created by UKColumn as a source for most of the information.[object%20Object]

2.“Almost Half of UK Yellow Card Deaths Directly Caused by the mRNA Induced Spike Proteins”.



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