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Lockdown is the Latest Dodgy Export from China, and its Free

"China released the coronavirus sometime in late 2019. By early March China was pushing countries around the globe to put in place economic shutdowns similar to what the CCP did in Wuhan. They clearly wanted the world to suffer economically from the virus. One individual on Twitter put together a lengthy Twitter thread outlining the efforts China took to ensure the rest of the world would participate in shutdowns like China put in place in Hubei Province."(1)

The person who put this twitter thread together was Michael P Senger.(2) This article consists of all of his comments from that thread together with some of the images he provides. The location of the original thread is given in the Footnotes. I will add a few of my own comment in italics to distinguish them from his statements. All emphasis added is mine.

1/5 This New York Times article by @paulmozur is a smoking gun on the genesis of the coronavirus lockdowns.(3) According to the article, the CCP launched a massive social media campaign in ITALY to advertise its coronavirus lockdown measures in early March.

Behind China’s Twitter Campaign, a Murky Supporting Chorus
Swarms of accounts are amplifying Beijing’s brash new messaging as the country tries to shape the global narrative about the coronavirus and much else. (

This series of tweets proves that China has a central role in the New World Order. Almost as soon as Covid19 was detected in Wuhan what must have been a well-planned system we know as "lockdown" was put in place by the Chinese leadership. Not long afterwards they initiated a MASSIVE campaign on Twitter to most countries insisting that all other countries must follow their policy to defeat the supposedly deadly virus. They are clearly an integral part of the world-wide grab for power we see today. Virually all nation-states have followed the illegal, dangerous and totalitarian policies intended to bring in a one world government controlled by the super-rich through their banking monopoly, hedge funds, and their public institutions such as the central banks, the IMF, the World Bank, the UN and a multitute of NGOs, foundations, and think tanks. This take-over has been planned for at least 30 years. Its goal is to destroy the power of individual nation-states. Because of its ability to mobilize people, recources and finance independently of loans from banks, the modern nation-state is the only institution capable of defeating the power of monopoly finance capital.

2/5 The fact that CCP’s disinformation campaign focused on Italy is crucial. Italy was the first country outside China to lock down. The rest of the world followed Italy’s lead.

3/5 But CCP's campaign wasn't limited to Italy. The article states that this Tweet advertising China's lockdown policy to the world is fake. It has 142,000 likes. Tweets like this prove CCP was actively selling the world on Wuhan-style lockdowns in early March.

4/5 Next, if you search for the URL of that fake Tweet (, you'll find it retweeted by many accounts around the world. Each account is suspicious—they Tweet incessantly about COVID until Floyd's death, then solely BLM.

This connection between the NWO lockdown policy and the Black Lives Matter movement needs to be discussed. What is the basis of the connection? We can see the connection in the next tweet.

5/5 The sheer scale of this operation and the number of accounts involved, and its influence around the world, is really remarkable. Thousands of accounts tweeting incessantly about COVID hysteria, then pivoting to incessant BLM and anti-police propaganda, in every country.

The ultimate goal of the BLM movement, other than totally disrupting the US just before the 2020 election, is to remove local and state control of police. The connection between this policy and the NWO has been clearly revealed in the Australian state of Victoria. As explained in another Australian Voice article, the police in Victoria have been "augmented" by what are in effect private security guards WHO TAKE ORDERS FROM LONDON, not the Victorian government.(4) Here we see the "world police force" of private security guards needed to protect the NWO. In the NWO EVERYTHING IS PRIVATE, owned and controlled by the institutions created by the super-rich for this purpose.

6/5 The day after @paulmozur's NYT article was published, @Twitter suspended over 170,000 fake Chinese accounts. But none of the fake accounts involved in the ring described above were suspended. This problem is much larger than Twitter acknowledges.

The globalist press in the US and UK constantly proclaim that Russia is improperly influencing the politics of these two countries. This seems to be a complete distraction. It is China that is influencing policies in the US, UK and around the world. These tweets prove its existence while the proof of Russian interference has no tangible existence outside of the media itself.

7/5 More than 50 NIH scientists fired due to China ties. Hundreds more under investigation. By co-opting scientists and academics while aggressively promoting lockdowns through social media propaganda, China made lockdown pseudoscience seem sound.

8/5 Though CCP's influence operations in media, politics, and academia were surreptitious, its stance in support of global adoption of COVID lockdowns was explicit. Here is China's foreign spokesperson promoting strict social distancing among children:

9/5 In speech this morning at @HudsonInstitute, @FBI director Chris Wray says CCP specifically approached local politicians to endorse its COVID lockdowns.

10/5 "in fact, we have heard from federal, state, and even local officials that Chinese diplomats are aggressively urging support for China’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis. Yes, this is happening at both the federal and state levels."

Here we see the direct influence by Chinese diplomats on all levels of US political life. No sign of the Russians, of course. So why is there no screaming from the media about Chinese influence? Could it be that they, like the Chinese government, are in on the NWO conspiracy as well?

11/5 This collage is a tiny sample of the fake accounts CCP used to popularize COVID lockdowns. In these Tweets, CCP sends its regards to the world by denigrating every other government in the world, using many dialects, and contrasting them with its authoritarian "success."

12/5 These Tweets were easily identified using leads in @paulmozur's NYT article. Here, hundreds of fake accounts whine about "washing their hands" while China locks down. Nearly identical Tweets are made in many languages. Fake Spanish Tweets—

13/5 Twitter responded the following day by saying they'd removed the 170,000 accounts in this campaign. But Twitter lied. These fake CCP accounts, and presumably hundreds of thousands of others, are still doing CCP's bidding.

14/5 In cooperation with FBI, National Science Foundation reports between 14-18 cases of undisclosed China financial ties. This is in addition to the 175 cases of undisclosed China financial ties earlier reported by the NIH, a much larger organization.

15/5 “Sweden—partly due to its own COVID-19 response—has been a prime target of a Chinese campaign portraying Western democracies as weak against the threat. Sweden is one of few countries that ordered no lockdown and put its faith in herd immunity.”

16/5 The fall that shut down the world. This video of a Wuhan man “falling dead” from COVID went viral in January. Farcical, in hindsight. (

I don't wish to brag, but some of us could see this was fake at the time. Looking carefully I think you can see the man putting out his hands to break his fall. I assume we can say the same about the many other home-made videos that came out of China at the time. They were not showing up the government, but spreading the fake message of the danger of Covid19 to the world. I doubt that there has ever been such a sustained and wide-ranging campaign on Twitter!

17/ In CCP interview, Editor-in-Chief of Lancet praises CCP’s lockdowns: "not only the right thing to do, but it also showed other countries how they should respond in the face of such an acute threat. So, I think we have a great deal to thank China for"

Clearly the Lancet has sold out the people of the UK. This shows how extensive the planning and organization of this coup must have been in key counries like the UK. All the right people would have gone along with the plan or been replaced by people who would.

18/ @WHO was instrumental in pushing world leaders to adopt China's lockdowns and insisting lockdowns not be lifted until strict tracing criteria were met. Bruce Aylward is the same WHO leader who disconnected a live interview when asked about Taiwan.

The WHO and the IPCC have been some of the most active parts of the UN in pushing forward the NWO agenda. It is quite possible that when it was set up after WWII it was intended to be a vehicle for the West's imperial control of the world. Now countries like China and India are also present at the table, so it is the power of money rather than the power or this or that nation-state that we see in action. There still may be tensions, however. There is always the question: whose money? Don't let the massive coordination across the globe blind you to the fact that the people at the top are only unified by their greed. In "normal" nation-states, conflicts between different corporations over profits are often setteled by politics, although behing closed doors. There does not seem to be any recognized way that such conflicts can be resolved within the NWO. If politics does not work, then the only other solution is war.

19/ South Dakota Governor @govkristinoem famously refused to issue a state lockdown. Her decision didn't sit well with Beijing. CCP's army of fake accounts began filling her Twitter feed with abuse to punish her disobedience and pressure her to shut down her state.

20/ By contrast, the accounts heap praise on governors who tighten lockdowns, like Dan Andrews, gov of Victoria, Australia. Andrews' long-time staffer attended a high-level CCP academy. An MP leading Andrews' Belt & Road negotiations with Beijing lauded China's handling of COVID.

21/ @BorisJohnson initially opted for herd immunity. But on Mar 13, four days after Italy's lockdown, CCP began storming his feed, likening his plan to genocide. These words almost never appear in his feed before Mar 12. Tragically, the abuse worked, and UK locked down Mar 23.

22/ The bold-faced lie of lockdowns is "China controlled the virus." It's an obvious lie—China's data is manifestly forged. But CCP normalizes this Orwellian lie by demanding every elite publication and journal repeat it, transforming the snake oil of lockdowns into "science."

I am sure that China's twitter campaign was not the only pressure applied to Boris, but such a massive social media campaign can be seen as preparing the public for a complete change in policy. The same applies to the other twitter campaigns discussed below in South Africa and India.

23/ Physicist Yaneer Bar-Yam has spent months uncritically cheerleading China's lockdowns—including CCP's genocidal lockdown in Xinjiang—and promoting China's obviously-fraudulent data. In February, Bar-Yam launched a website recommending strict lockdowns in 18 languages.

24/ Hard to think of any place more ill-suited to a total lockdown than Africa, but that's exactly what CCP's fake accounts demanded of South African President @CyrilRamaphosa on March 22. The next day, they got what they wanted, and Ramaphosa announced a total lockdown.

25/ India is a key rival of China, so CCP disinformation there is especially nasty. On March 23, CCP's army of fake accounts implored PM @PMOIndia to lock down India and order the army to "shoot on sight" to enforce it. The next day, Modi announced a destructive lockdown.

26/ On Dec 30, Li Wenliang warned friends of a new SARS-like illness in a message that went viral, causing widespread anger at CCP in China. On Jan 7, Xi informed his innermost circle that the situation in Wuhan would require their personal supervision.

27/ Two weeks later, the CCP locked down Wuhan based on Xi's philosophy of 'fangkong,' the same hybrid of health and security policy that inspired the mass 'quarantine' of over one million Uyghurs 'infected with extremism' in reeducation camps.

28/ International COVID hysteria began two days later with a viral tweet by Eric Ding calling the coronavirus R0 'thermonuclear,' the first of many dubious tweets by the previously-unknown Ding, prompting a prominent colleague to call him a 'charlatan.'

Interesting how overseas Chinese can be used at the right moment to speak out for the policies of the Chinese government. For better or worse, my experience is that some overseas Chinese almost automatically take on the views of the government even though they are not citizens of China themselves.

29/ The Politburo co-opted Li Wenliang’s fame for their own ends, declaring him a national martyr and ensuring the haunting image of Li on a ventilator—which are now known to be counterproductive—was carried by every major news outlet and seared into the world's memory.

30/ It seems CCP didn't need to buy Bill Gates. In Gates' words: "China, on the other hand, 'did a very good job of suppressing the virus,' thanks, in part, to the 'typical, fairly authoritarian' approach and the 'individual rights that were violated.'"

I am sure that the super-rich Bill Gates has more in common with the current rulers of China than he does with most other citizens of the USA. And remember, his wealth came from a MONOPOLY on computer software. If there is one theme that runs through the NWO, it is MONOPOLY. Free enterprise is a mugs game.


1. CONFIRMED: China Launched a Massive Social Media Campaign in March to Get Countries to Adopt Stringent Coronavirus Lockdowns and Destroy Their Economies

2. MPS@MichaelPSenger

3. The link to the original article is given as: When I put this into my browser I got "Page Not Found. We’re sorry, we seem to have lost this page, but we don’t want to lose you. Report the broken link here."

4. Daniel Andrews has sold out Victoria to the Strong Cities Network (SCN) with PRIVATISED POLICE
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