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The "Covid-19 Emergency": What Is Really Going On?

The "Covid Emergency" is very complex. Many things are going on at the same time and many are interconnected. I do not even touch on all of them here, and perhaps no one person understands all of it. My point is to show you all the things I have seen so far.

1. The overall Agenda is driven by the super-rich (Rockefeller, Rothschild etc) which own and control the world-wide private banking cartel. One of the important parts of this cartel is the Bank of England & The City in London. They want to impose a totally new way of life for all of us which will make them even richer and make us completely powerless serfs/slaves. The work through the UN, WHO, World Bank, IMF. World Economic Forum etc, etc. They OWN all media & social media and exercise widespread censorship to make people believe their lies.

2. One purpose of the emergency is to provide a cover for the destruction of the world economy which I could call the Great Depression 2.0, worse than the one in 1929. Covid did not cause an economic collapse, governments did this with their medically unnecessary lockdowns. Most people don't blame the governments as they should, they blame "covid" a more or less harmless virus which has a very good propaganda department behind it.

3. In the UK the emergency is used as a cover to completely change the adminstrative structure of the government in a way which will remove any kind of democratic control. For more details see past and present episodes of UKColumn. (They may have plans for the Royals too but I don't know what those are.)

4. They clearly want to kill off older people and the vulnerable as was done in the "care" homes in the UK and other countries. These people are seen as useless mouths (a NAZI term). They don't want to pay for their care or give them pensions. In the end the super-rich want no taxes. How to do this? User pays, even for schools etc. (see 12)

5. They also want to kill off all small businesses. If people have money, they want it to be spent consuming things from the giant monopoly corporations that are behind the emergency. Lockdowns and distancing are used to "justify" actions which will destroy most small businesses - but not the big ones. Note Starbucks and McDonalds do not have the same problems your local coffee shop or pub have. Same for big retailers.

6. Another big player is the pharmafia and the medical establishment. Most doctors are not much more than agents for the pharmacy companies. Have a problem? Take this pill. This is why - besides threats to be deregistered - many doctors are going along with the absurd covid medicine used to scare people into submission. Big pharma do not want to see any cheaper, natural cures for anything, like HCQ. There is also a very promising treatment for cancer which got people killed and others sent to prison. The basic medical myth behind the emergency is that our own (fantastic) immune system (developed by evolution for millions of years) cannot protect us from Covid-19. To protect us we need masks, lockdowns, distancing and in the end A VACCINE to be developed by the pharmafia. We can only be safe if ALL are vaccinated. (Notice that no company will accept any liability for this mandatory vaccine which will be administered every year until we die.)

7. Gates and the super-rich have long pushed for eugenics, a reduction of the world's population because they think there are too many people. Fewer people really means less on the ground opposition to their plans. They don't need so many people to make a profit so they want to get rid of the rest of us.

8. Another big item on the Agenda is 5G everywhere. This is tied to a system of total surveillance and what they call the internet of things. IOT If interested people should look this up. It is NOT covered in the mainstream media but it is a VERY BIG part of their New World Order.

9. ID2020 "An alliance of multinational companies, global consulting firms, including Gavi or Vaccine Alliance, Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, etc. has been formed to provide a “holistic and market-based approach” to help governments of the world provide a “good national ID” to “prove who you are” because it is “a fundamental and universal human right.” They will do this in conjunction with government-funded mandatory vaccinations. What could possibly go wrong? Imagine how backward this thinking really is. Instead of looking for healthcare solutions, they are instead working on the perfection of their control grid as if their financial grip on everyone is not enough."

10. The digital ID is connected to a medical control system using "health passports" connected to ID which proves you have had your early vaccination against Covid-19. If you don't have this passport or proof you are medically "safe" you cannot enter stores, pubs, buses, hospitals or almost anything else. It is quite possible that the required vaccination will in fact genetically alter your immune system to make it ineffective so you need vaccinations to live. This is based on the Covid lie that we need protection from Covid to be "safe". In fact our immune system is perfectly capable of protecting us from Covid, but to admit this is to admit we don't actually need Gates' vaccinations.

11. Another feature of the new system will be the cashless economy. This means that in order to be paid, buy or sell things you need an account at a bank which you access via a card or whatever. This would then give banks + governments complete control over their citizens. The would know every financial transaction, and if they wished - because of your actions - to stop your access to "your" money. Remember that when the bank has "your" money it is legally theirs. There is virtually no legal recourse against such behaviour by banks. If this transaction card is linked to your ID2020 then they have even more control of you.

12. I have seen discussions in which companies plan to replace what we know of as school education. The idea is to get rid of teachers, develop computer learning programs for students to go through on their own. There is also discussion of linking your education record and work record to your ID + health records all on one app or chip. Note here that the skills developed and "knowledge" learned is formulated by business and directely connected to their needs for employment.

13. There is also discussion of this: Billionaire Elon Musk is known for his futuristic ideas and his latest suggestion might just save us from being irrelevant as artificial intelligence (AI) grows more prominent. He said on Monday that humans need to merge with machines to become a sort of cyborg. “Over time I think we will probably see a closer merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence,”

14. Finally there is the whole UN "climate change" agenda given below. Almost every thing which we normally take to be important in human society is removed. These things are seldom mentioned because almost nobody would agree with these changes. The whole program is essentially anti-human.

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