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"Yet many fear that this time the change may be so fast and so vast, and its impact so uneven and disruptive, that it may threaten not only individual livelihoods but the stability of society itself."

— Rafael Reif, President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Member of the Board of Trustees, World Economic Forum*

Across the globe, hospitals sit empty as tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands is likely more accurate) healthcare workers/nurses are being furloughed as digitalization, the transition to Telehealth, mHealth, etc. advances in the background of a declared pandemic. In the Global South & South Asia, those that comprise the informal economy (market sellers, farmers, artisans, etc.), those with no financial security, face starvation. Across America and in Europe, the circumstances behind the horrific deaths of the elderly (that make up the majority of Covid deaths) in isolated/locked down "care" homes begin to be disclosed.

While this is happening, while all eyes are fixated on "the new war" on a virus, a new world is being rolled out. One that advances our dependence on technology, one that further disconnects us from the natural world - and each other. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is the blurring of boundaries between the physical, digital, & biological. Blockchain, digital currency. A fusion in AI, robotics, IoT, genetic engineering.

This very push, at this very moment, is to roll out "smart cities". At this precise juncture, the ruling class, WEF/UN, global finance, et al. - are resetting the entire globe. A reset into a dystopian 4IR. A main component of "smart cities" is surveillance and accompanying technologies that promise a fully compliant citizenry. COVID19 is the conduit.

April 30 2020, United Nations ITU: "COVID-19, but also of the unique opportunity we are presented with to speed up the development of digital society. Having a new strategy for information and communication technology at the national and global level has now become more necessary than ever." This built on the commitment to leverage digital technologies made at the G20 Leaders' Extraordinary Summit on March 26, 2020). This is the acceleration of 5G – to implement "smart cities".

The 4IR cannot come into fruition without the 5G infrastructure that will run the Internet of Things. "Smart” cities" must be understood within the context of GLOBAL POLICING & the military industrial complex. Cybersecurity will be the battle space of the 21st century.

May 30 2019: "Scientists from 42 countries are now warning their governments about the emerging health problems associated... [with] 5G infrastructure..."

May 29 2019: "The Int. Society of Doctors for the Environment, its subsidiaries in 27 countries & more than 200 doctors & scientists are all calling for a STOP to be put to the roll out of 5G, 'due to concern that 5G radio frequency radiation will have adverse health effects."

So, surprise, they actually don't care about your health. The infrastructure for digitalized, IoT "learning" for children, global in scale, is already in place. "Listen to the science" - but only if the science advances the desires sought by the ruling class.

On March 26 2020 the Global Education Coalition was announced. Launched March 26 2020 "UNESCO & partners launched the Global Educational Coalition to develop solutions to make digital learning more inclusive... The Coalition consists of 90 public & private partners". Partners of the coalition include the World Bank, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, BBC, etc.The coalition is built on the premise that virtual "learning" will be long-term. Digital learning, already underway in cities such as New York, has resulted in those not participating to be reported to Children's services.

This follows the Microsoft "Partnership with UNICEF for refugee children education & protection" "developing a 'learning passport', a digital personalized, globally-accredited platform" which will reach 75 million children.

Microsoft joins Global Education Coalition by Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft, April 30, 2020: "It is undeniable that the current global economy has entered the fourth stage of the industrial revolution or Industry 4.0..."

Data is the new oil. Biodiversity is nothing more than capital to be placed on the blockchain. There is a renewed push on climate change action. Building on the "nature is recovering" narrative, that we now have an opportunity to embrace and build upon, under the pretext of solving climate change. All media-fed, NGO-led, influencer & celebrity endorsed climate "action" - is the mobilization/obtaining of social license for smart cities to roll out across globe. C40 Cities (Bloomberg, Clinton) has announced the newly launched Global Mayors Covid-19 Recovery Task Force. If you search this, you will find this announcement promoted by Smart City websites. Media stories promote excellent ideas such as roads being converted into bike lanes – in order to mobilize/build momentum and social licence – intentionally omitting any/all references to the global pursuit of 5G ("smart cities") being advanced at breakneck speed. The irony is that the excellent ideas highlighted – none of them require 5G/"smart cities" to be implemented.

There is a silver lining in this. Although collectively we are very late to the game, 5G must be implemented at the municipal levels of government. This is why the focus will now shift to cities now partnered / attached to global aspirations of ruling class/ corporate power, with C40 Cities & the Global Covenant of Mayors. Yet citizens have far better access to and oversight over the municipal level of government. Organized, face to face, radical resistance in communities belonging to cities, villages and towns, could defeat 5G from going ahead. But there is no time to waste. We must organize now – and quickly if we are to stop it.

Jan 10, 2020, World Economic Forum: "5G networks were rolled out in 2019 and will expand rapidly in 2020... The global deployment of 5G networks got a running start in 2019 and is set to rapidly expand beyond anything we expected a year ago."

And it does not stop there despite the dangers outlined by doctors & scientists, approx ten years after 5G in fully implemented, a more powerful version is to makes its debut.

Oct 17 2019, Scientific American: "As a society, should we invest hundreds of billions of dollars deploying 5G, a cellular technology that requires the installation of 800,000 or more new cell antenna sites in the U.S. close to where we live, work and play?

Instead, we should support the recommendations of the 250 scientists and medical doctors who signed the 5G Appeal that calls for an immediate moratorium on the deployment of 5G and demand that our government fund the research needed to adopt biologically based exposure limits that protect our health and safety."


Jan 10, 2020: 5G is about to change the world in ways we can't even imagine yet

April 30, 2020: Broadband/Network | ICT4SDG | Infrastructure | Policy/ Regulatory Reform | Regulation

"The Global Education Coalition launched by UNESCO seeks to facilitate inclusive learning opportunities for children and youth during this period of sudden and unprecedented educational disruption."

11 Mayors Unite to Lead Global Mayors COVID-19 Recovery Task Force

*I have received a copy of a statement by Rafael Reif, President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I assume it is authentic and readers should feel free to prove it is not authentic if they can. I take it as a important warning for us apparently from someone who should know what is in the pipeline for the whole world. Even it is not from Rafael Reif, it is a good summary of concerns shared by many about the mad rush into 5G technology.
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