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PLANDEMIC: Interview With Whistleblower Who Worked in US Bioweapons Labs

This video has been taken down by YouTube but it is so important now that I have used it here without permission of the people who made it. (I don't think they will complain.)

The first nine minutes of the interview discuss the background of the speaker, Dr Judy Mikovitz, a molecular biologist who has worked for decades in this field, including spending time at Fort Detrick dealing with Ebola. She was arrested and hounded out of her field after publishing an article which showed that anaimal and human foetal tissues in vaccines caused many chronic diseases. She is not against all vaccines. Her job has been to develop vaccines. Her view is that theFauchi/Gates vaccines are very dangerous and ineffective.

The next 15 minutes looks at the Covid-19 situation now and its history going back to the 1980s. She claims (among other things):

There is no vaccines for any RNA virus that works.
Covid-19 was studied and manipulated in a lab.
Dr Fauchi was connected to this Covid-19 research.
Using a ventilator for Covid-19 patients kills them. It is the wrong treatment.
The game is to prevent the use of effective therapies until everyone is infected and then push the vaccines KNOWING THAT FLU VACCINES INCREASE THE ODDS BY 36% OF GETTING COVID-19.
Our immune system is improved by touching. Government recommendations W/R to Covid-19 are medically the wrong things to do.

Dr Judy Mikovitz - molecular biologist published an article in Science which showed that animal and human fetal tissues in vaccines caused many chronic diseases. Her reputation was destroyed, she was held in jail with no charges, driven into bankruptcy and put on a gag order. Gag order has been lifted so she has written a book Plague of Corruption and now appears on this 26 minute video. Fauchi directed the coverup and paid people off.

She explains how Fauchi and others intervened in AIDS investigations (sealing the work of a French research team) and giving an unpublished paper to Robert Gallo so he could claim credit for the discovery. There was a delay which allowed them to work on patents so the right people got the money from the discovery. They also pushed therapy in the wrong direction by using their own drug.

She also draws attention to an law in the US which in effect privatizes the work of people working for a university or the government. So the proceeds of the discovery goes to the researcher/company instead of the University or government who paid for the person doing the work. This led to the end of "independent" science as individuals and companies could work together to develop profitable drugs.

There is no vaccines for any RNA virus that works. She is not against vaccines. Her job is to develop vaccines. The problem is that Fauchi/Gates vaccines are very dangerous and ineffective. Virus was studied and manipulated in a lab. It is not a virus that has occurred naturally. Occurred between North Carolina labs, Fort Detrick and Wuhan Virology Institute and Fauchi was connected to this Covid-19 research.
In 1999 she worked at Fort Detrick on to "teach" Ebola how how to infect humans without killing them.

Discusses the irresponsible and indiscriminate use of a Covid-19 diagnosis. Difference between dying WITH an infection and dying OF an infection. Doctors/hospitals are being given money ($13,000) for covid diagnosis and $39,000 if they are put on a ventilator. THE VENTILATOR KILLS THEM. WRONG TREATMENT.

Italians got an new, untested vaccine at the beginning of 2019.
Hydroxychloroquine is the best medication for Covid-19 but it has been attacked by Fauchi and others. (AMA said doctors could loose their license if they used it.) Older effective anti-autism drug has been withdrawn.

The game is to prevent effective therapy until everyone is infected and push the vaccines knowing that flu vaccines increase the odds buy 36% of getting Covid-19.

Immune response COMES FROM TOUCHING as interaction with others. When lockdown - which lowers your immune response - ends this means the incidence of the infection WILL GO UP = THE SECOND WAVE.

The recommendations by most govts ARE ALL WRONG. (eg. Close beaches.)

No dissenting voices since 2011. Since the 80s people like Fauchi and the pharma industry have controlled the funding for research and opportunity for publication in the journals. Medical professionals have been misled by this system.
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