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Part 2 - What You Don't Know About the EU Migrant Crisis – It Was Planned

It is natural to assume migrants and refugees are coming to the EU because of the NATO wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria etc. This is certainly correct, but there are interesting reports that will show there is much more to this current mass migration.

To summarize the earlier article, Part 1 - Things You Don't Know About EU Migrant Crisis – It's Not About Refugees.(1) Most of the migrants are not refugees, many migrants and refugees are given an allowance after they are registered in the EU, and there are millions of them. The money offered seems modest to us, however as one author explained: “Compared to the places and situations where the refugees are escaping from, this temptation of free money is practically impossible to ignore.”(2)

The level of payments reported for Italy in Part 1 seem high compared other countries. Refugees in Germany receive up to 345 euro per month from the government, while in Sweden the maximum monthly allowance is 224 euro.(3) Nevertheless the cost of this massive wave of migrants is high. In 2016 the German media suggested the total amount the government will have to pay to support migrants is about US$46 billion per year.(4) In January 2017 a paper in the UK estimated the German migrant policy could cost them US$51 billion by the end of 2017.(5) This amounts to about A$65 billion, so is hardly small change.

It is well known that the EU governments are demanding Neo-Liberal austerity cuts to public services that are much the same as what we have suffered in Australia. Why would otherwise penny-pinching governments give so much money to people who are not expected to do anything in return for their payments? If anyone does not smell a rat here, they do not understand the mindset of today's Neo-Liberal politicians.

One of the thousands of tweets with "#Refugees" hashtag sent in August & September 2015.

Refugees in Turkey and many other countries are not allowed to work, so they rely on relief donations just to have food to eat. Consider this:

“An article published in the Suddeutsche Zeitung on October 14th 2014, states that Syrian refugees in Turkey are going hungry due to lack of funds for their upkeep. It states that 280 million euros more are required to feed the refugees.”(6)

This is about US$321 million. When you consider the actual cost of migrants to Germany today – which surely could have been estimated by German bureaucrats in 2014 - you must ask the question: If the Germans or the EU bureaucracy did not want millions of migrants flooding into the EU, why didn't they just pay the very modest cost of feeding them in Turkey? The cost of US$321 million for food is about 0.5% of the current cost of housing migrants in Germany this year. How could the bean-counters overlook this way of saving themselves billions of euros?

Before 2014 the EU did not encourage migrants coming through Greece or Italy. They wanted to block the overland route for undocumented people seeking entry to the EU from through Greece from Turkey. As a result the EU agency for border security helped the Greek government put up a 6.5-mile steel fence at the Evros River. They also provided Greek border police with search dogs, night-vision goggles, and helicopters. These actions produced the desired effect. 6,000 migrants were detained by Greek authorities in July 2012 but only 45 six months later.(7)

In response to the closing of the land route, migrants began making the voyage from Turkey to Greece by sea. This forced the Hellenic Coast Guard to use “pushback” tactics, repulsing boats away from the Greek coast into Turkish waters. However this practice violates international law and Amnesty International with other NGOs raised the issue in the media.

At this point we need to highlight the work of George Soros. He is a politically active billionaire. One of his causes is “open borders” and mass migration. He funded many of the NGOs active in criticizing Greece for its “pushback” tactics. However he also had a political friend in Greek politics, Alexis Tsipras, leader of the political party Syriza. In the next round of elections, Syriza won big, first in European parliament elections in May 2014, and then in Greek parliamentary elections called in January 2015. In this election Syriza was three votes short of a parliamentary majority. This allowed Tsipras, allied with a small center-right party, Independent Greeks (ANEL), to govern. (Ibid) The central issue in these elections was not migrants but the EU “bailout”. Syriza opposed this legalized robbery. (In the end they agreed to the “bailout” in spite of the fact they won the election by opposing it.) As soon as he was in office, Tsipras' government moved to completely change the Greek migrant policy.

In its first month, Syriza’s deputy immigration minister announced the government would turn refugee detention facilities into welcome centers. They also discontinud Operation Xenios Zeus, an aggressive policy of identifying and deporting illegal migrants. On April 14, the government declared all Syrian refugees would receive documents for onward travel to Europe.(8) Greece not only welcomed migrants, they gave them valid travel documents for the rest of the EU. Between April and August 2015 arrivals increased 721%, from 13,133 to 107,843. More refugees arrived in July than in all of 2014.

Austrian intelligence officials have reportedly revealed that US government agencies are paying for the transport of migrants to Europe. On August 5th, 2015 Austrian magazine Infodirekt reported:

“It has come to our knowledge that US organisations are paying for the boats taking thousands of refugees to Europe. US organisations have created a co-financing scheme which provides for a considerable portion of the transportation costs. Not every refugee from North Africa has 11,000 Euro cash. Nobody is asking, where is the money coming from?”(9)

We have seen that Soros and his political friends like Tsipras worked to encourage increase migration to the EU. We have also seen that Germany wants to encourage migrants to “replace its aging workforce” and/or drive down wages. Here we see that the US is also quietly involved as well. Why would they spend money assisting migrants to enter the EU?

Thousands of smartphones were provided to US-funded ‘activists’ during the ‘Arab Spring’. It is unsurprising, therefore, to see that smartphones are being supplied to thousands of migrants by NGOs once they arrive in Europe. Investigations in Germany showed that migrants were being supplied with smartphones by Austria’s A-1 mobile phone company. The A-1 mobile company is controlled by Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim. (10)

Former U.S. State Department official J. Michael Springmann has just published a book entitled Goodbye Europe? Hello, Chaos?: Merkel’s Migrant Bomb. He believes that the refugees and migrants were deliberately created by the US to be used as political weapons to advance their interests. The resulting chaos is cold-blooded strategy. Springmann offers evidence that the US has assisted the process by explaining that the have sett up a Wi-Fi network for smartphones in the EU:

“CISCO’s Tactical Operations (TacOps) team supported by the volunteer Disaster Response Team (DRT) from the U.K. and Ireland, Google, and NetHope have installed Meraki-based Wi-Fi networks and device charging stations at more than 17 sites along the migration route in Southern and Central Europe."(11)

Cisco is American multinational IT company which specializes in networking. Cisco says of its Meraki access points that they “are built from the highest grade components and carefully optimized for a seamless user experience. The outcome: faster connections, greater user capacity, more coverage, and fewer support calls.” In other words, this is a state of the art system which provides “deep network insight enabling smarter network management.”(12) NetHope, a shadowy organization headquartered in CIA-friendly Fairfax County, Virginia, is tied to the US government. Springmann believes one reason the US has to support mass migration is to destabilize Europe as an economic challenger to the US.

Content-analysis of a great number of tweets that triggered the ongoing wave of migration from Turkey to Germany since August 2015 suggests that these human streams were inspired and channelled from outside of continental Europe. The following analysis is taken from the article “Who Is Twitter-Luring Refugees To Germany?”(13)

According to Vladimir Shalak from the Russian Academy of Science who developed the Internet  Content-Analysis System for Twitter (Scai4Twi), his study of over 19000 refugees-related original tweets (retweets discounted) demonstrates that the vast majority of them mention Germany and Austria as the most refugee-welcoming countries in Europe:

Counties mentioned in tweets containing "#Refugees hashtag", by percent

Importantly, 93% of all tweets dedicated to Germany contained positive references to German hospitality and its refugee policy:

• Germany Yes! Leftists spray a graffiti on a train sayin “Welcome, refugees” in Arabic
• Lovely people – video of Germans welcoming Syrian refugees to their community
• Respect! Football fans saying “Welcome Refugees” across stadiums in Germany.
• This Arabic Graffiti train is running in Dresden welcoming refugees: (ahlan wa sahlan – a warm welcome).
• ‘We love Germany!,’ cry relieved refugees at Munich railway station
• Thousands welcome refugees to Germany – Sky News Australia
• Wherever this German town is that welcomed a coach of Syrian refugees with welcome signs and flowers -thank you.

Analysis of 5704 original tweets containing "#RefugeesWelcome” hashtag and a country name lead to even larger gap between Germany and the rest of Europe:

The next step is to study the source twitter accounts where the hashtag #RefugeesWelcome + Germany originate. Next diagram shows the countries of origin of the relevant twitter accounts (where they could be idenfitied):

As you see, only 6,4% of all tweets with “#RefugeesWelcome”+Germany came from Germany itself. Almost half of them were originated from UK, USA and Australia! Looks like your remote planetmates are blushlessly inviting guests to visit your home without inquiring your opinion beforehand!

Perhaps nothing explains Soros' views on mass migration better than his own comment on the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s policy to not take migrants in Hungary: “His (Orbán's) plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle. Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.”(14)

The refugee crisis has been blamed on the NATO proxy war in Syria. But who asks how people in the Middle East suddenly knew Europe would open its gates and let them in? The refugee crisis is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. It has been promoted by Soros funded NGOs such as the Open Society Foundation (OSF), the US-based Migration Policy Institute and the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants. All advocate the resettlement of Muslims into Europe. This is just one operation among many:

“An example of what these NGOs do was discovered in 2015 by a Sky News reporter who found “Migrant Handbooks” on the Greek island of Lesbos. The handbooks, written in Arabic, had been given to refugees before crossing the Mediterranean by a group called “Welcome to the EU” which is funded the Open Society Foundations.(14)

Soros has not only backed groups that advocate the resettlement of migrants into Europe. The “Merkel Plan” was created by the European Stability Initiative, and the chairman Gerald Knaus is a senior fellow at the Open Society Foundations.(15)

Soros has created an international network of individuals and organizations quietly working together to give the appearance of a “spontaneous” result of the NATO wars in the Middle East. But would this flood of migrants have happened if money was provided to feed and house them in Turkey and other countries? If countries in the EU did not offer allowances to the migrants who are not refugees? If Greece has not suddenly offered migrants valid travel documents? If migrants were not provided with free smartphones and state-of-the-art networking hardware? If NGOs had not handed out guide books in Arabic? If people in the US, UK and Australia had not sent tweets inviting migrants to the EU? The next question is this: What is the purpose of mass migration to the EU and who is behind it?

Many people agree with Soros' advocacy of suppoAre they afraid to speak out against the genocidal wars launched by the US and NATO? rting migrants and refugees. Those who oppose his plans are called “racists”. Consider this: Pro-migrant activists made much of the Greek “pushback” as being against international law, which it is. How many of these pro-migrant activists, including Soros himself, protested against the recent wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya? These also contravene international law, specifically Article 2 of the United Nations Charter signed in June 1945.

It is strange to some of us that the pro-migrant activists are only interested in the welfare of the people they call migrants and refugees after they leave their war-torn countries. Why don't they care about them when they were being bombed as citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya? What is the “moral” difference between a citizen of Syria and a migrant from Syria? Why ignore a person's fate in their home country and then be outraged by their treatment when they leave? Isn't this hypocricy? If international law had been upheld and these countries not illegally attacked, would there be millions of “refugees” trying to get to the EU?









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