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Hard to Post the Butchery in Syria Supported by Our Government, But We Should Know...

Knowing the truth is a great burden. Anyone of conscience would want to let people know what is going on in their name. It is so hard to see images of unbelievable butchery and pass this vileness out into the world of cyberspace. The only motivation is to try to stop this barbarity. If anyone feels they can face the reality of what the US/NATO backed 'Moderate' head chopping SCUM are doing for the US Empire, Military Industrial Complex, Banks and Corporations, you can look at the rest of this post.

This is the reality of Neoliberalism Globalism, the system we all live under at this present time. Human life is of no account for the people behind the scenes who are enabling these butchers to commit the most heinous crimes upon humanity imaginable. There is PROFIT in DEATH and DESTRUCTION. Our system is a DEATH CULT. Some may find this an extreme statement but if you do some research you will come to the same conclusion. I say this with a heavy heart.

This is what US does to countries that do not possess Nuclear Weapons.

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