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GetUp! and Soros – Soros Behind Facebook Censorship and Election Manipulation

Many people on both sides of politics in Australia see GetUp! as an organization which which is very close to the Australian Labor Party and the Greens on many issues. Few realize that GetUp! is funded by billionaire George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. While people have a clear idea of what GetUp! does in Australia, they do not understand the full story behind George Soros and his Foundations. This is the second of a series of articles on what Georce Soros has been doing since the Open Society Institute (now Foundation) was created in the United States in 1993. A central theme will be that while GetUp! is well-known for environmental and human rights campaigns in Australia, the activities of Soros and his many organizations in other countries don't look quite so harmless.

After reading this article you should ask yourself: Is George Soros really a supporter of democracy as most people understand it? Why would the outspoken advocate of an “open society” spend his money trying the make sure elections in the EU and elsewhere advance his personal agendas like unrestricted immigration? He seems to be afraid that without his money otherwise apparently democratic elections will not result in the “correct” outcomes. Does he support “democratic” elections only if he likes the winners?

Much has been made of the alleged influence of Russia on last year's US election. However little notice has been given to the admitted influence of Facebook on the recent French election. Early in February this year Facebook in France said they would rely on users to flag fake news on its network. The articles would then be "fact-checked" by its partner organizations. Any news report deemed to be fake by two of its partners would then be tagged with an icon to show that the content is "contested". The “fact-checkers” include French news organizations such as Agence France-Presse (AFP), news channel BFM TV, and newspapers L'Express and Le Monde. Their aim is to minimize the risk that “false news” appeared on its platform.(1) Facebook will only allow posts that are not “contested”. These are the posts that do not challenge or disagree with what mainstream French media presents.

However this was only the beginning. Just 10 days before the first round of the hotly contested presidential election in April, Facebook announced that it had suspended 30,000 accounts in France. They said their goal was to stop the spread of fake news, misinformation and spam. Its priority was to remove suspect accounts with high volumes of posting activity and the biggest audiences.(2) The official story was that they were fighting against a Russian campaign in Europe “to promote right-wing, nationalist parties and undermine the European Union.”

Marine Le Pene, target of Facebook censorship before recent French election

Other observers in France might tell you that the Russians had nothing to do with the support for Le Pen and her criticism of the tsunami of so-called “refugees”. Uncontrolled immigration is very unpopular across the EU. Both governments and media are working overtime to put a lid on the protests. Whatever the Russians were doing in France, it is clear that by their own admission Facebook itself influenced the French election by censoring sites which expressed opposition to the unpopular EU immigration policy. Such actions are not confined to France. Earlier this year Facebook disabled the ZeroHedge Facebook account, after they posted a widely circulated and harmless photo of Chuck Schumer with Vlad Putin.(3)

The actions Facebook took in France this year were planned and announced on 16 December 2016.

“Facebook has just announced they’re going to implement what may be the most oppressive censorship regime out of every major social media site.
Failed liberal bloggers with a disastrous track record from Snopes, along with other partisan 'fact-checkers' like Politifact, are going to be deciding what is and is not 'fake news.'
“Not only will they punish such sites by lowering their reach, but they’ll insert their own 'fact-checking' articles to provide a counter narrative. Giant pop-up warnings will also be inserted to scare people from sharing articles they’ve deemed 'fake.'”(4)

After their original proposal met serious public concern, Facebook said they would instead use third-party fact-checkers from the “trusted” Poynter Institute. So who funds the Poynter Institute? It is funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, Google, the Craig Newmark Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Pierre Omidyar Network among others. The political orientation of these people is also no mystery.

“A group of selfless and unbiased philanthropists have stepped forward to offer millions of dollars to assist these ‘fact-checkers’ in their efforts to ferret out and disappear anything they determine to be ‘fake news.’ It seems rather curious, however, that these donors are all in fact in one way or other completely beholden to Hillary Clinton and the left-interventionists of the Democratic Party.”(5)

By using the Poynter Institute, funded by Soros, Gates, and others, Zuckerberg is committing to liberal bias in Facebook newsfeeds and foregoing the last shreds of open idea-sharing the platform originally claimed to embrace.

Last year hackers gained access to Soros' Open Society Foundation and have released many documents from the OSF since then. One document is entitled: “Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE); List of European Election Projects 2014”.(6) One of the “projects” listed in this document is the EUobserver ASBL fund. Its description reads as follows:

“This project uses professional news reporting to foster debate on how open society values are under stress in the run up to the European elections. Topics include the rise of hate speech by Europe’s far right, the increased use of intolerant rhetoric and policies by mainstream politicians, as well as the rise in hate crime on the streets of Europe. EUobserver recruited experienced, local journalists to visit campaign events, conduct interviews and solicit high-level op-eds in 16 countries. By 'going local', EUobserver was able to point out worrying cross-border trends, rather than merely report on isolated incidents. They published a total of 128 articles in the period from February to May 2014.”(7)

According to the document the project ran from 01/01/14 to 05/31/14 and cost US$130,992. The journalist Phil Butler explained in simple terms what this program did:

“Soros funded the EUobserver plan with $130,922 dollars and bought 128 influential articles Europeans read across the EU. That’s roughly $1000 dollars per article for op-ed pieces, which is enough to sway the opinions of 90% of the European journalist I know of. The document outlining that plan goes so far as to label the areas of focus these articles were intended for, and included; Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, and the UK. The EUobserver buyout of media was even extended by a further 32 articles at about $1000 dollars each to more acutely focus just before the elections.”(8)
GetUp! and Soros – Soros Behind Facebook Censorship and Election Manipulation
This project has the same purpose as the Facebook censorship carried out before the French elections in 2017: to combat the growing resentment and anger against uncontrolled immigration, one of Soros' important projects for the EU. This will be examined in a later article.

Copy of the original entry for the EUobserver ASBL fund.

We have added up the money spent by Soros during the 2014 EU election listed in the document discussed above. The total is around $5,165,800. For him this is an "investment" in a political outcome from which he hopes to profit. This is what philanthropy has come to in our world!






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7. Ibid.

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