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Not 'Black Lives Matter' but 'ALL LIVES MATTER'

This article was inspired by an event which took place in Adelaide on the 30th of July during a rally demanding an end to abuse of indigenous children in detention. A few people started chanting “Black Lives Matter” but a indigenous participant asked them to chant “All Lives Matter” instead. I do not wish to deny the good intentions of those using the slogan “Black Lives Matter”, but there is more lurking behind this slogan than meets the eye. It encourages social divisions, not solidarity, and it is being used to destabilize countries by the vulture capitalist George Soros.

There are many people who have welcomed the arrival of the Black Lives Matter movement to Australia. In particular the movement has been discussed in a positive way by the ABC, SBS, New Matilda, the Huffington Post the Guardian and Daily Life.(1) There has even been an article discussing a dispute on Twitter between NBA player Andrew Bogut and Liz Cambage of the Opals. Many will think it is a good sign that such a movement has been so widely discussed in the media. However if the following assessment of the movement in the US is correct, it is not as wonderful as it appears. The Black Lives Matter movement is bad politics and is funded by billionaire George Soros only to increase his wealth.

How can such a movement be bad politics? Isn't it good to raise awareness of the many pointless deaths in the US of black Americans and the mistreatment and deaths of Indigenous people in Australia?

First, the alleged similarity between the US and Indigenous Australians is superficial and based on nothing but alleged skin colour. The indigenous people of the US are not the “blacks” but the Native Americans formerly called Indians. They were killed in their hundreds of thousands over 150 years. Those who managed to survive were put in reservations where many remain to this day. Generally speaking the indigenous people in Australia and the US have been keep out of mainstream society, while the blacks in the US have been largely integrated into the mainstream. There are black Senators, Congressmen, Governors and Mayors. There is even a “black” President whose father was an African student from Kenya. Can you really imagine a Native American being President of the US? How many Native Americans take part in US political life? The same is true for Indigenous Australians.

Second, and most importantly, the slogan is divisive. If “Black Lives Matter” is good politics, what is wrong with “White Lives Matter”, “Jewish Lives Matter”, “Chinese Lives Matter”, or “Muslim Lives Matter”? The not so subtle implication of such slogans is that Some Lives Matter and Some Lives Don't Matter. If this is not the intention, why not use the slogan “All Lives Matter” instead?

While it might seem a “radical” slogan, in fact it accepts the traditional Them-and-Us discrimination which lies at the heart of the abuse we wish to condemn. Because the US police and the prison guards in Australia think they are different from the people they assault, they feel they are justified. They are allowed to behave this way because the people they assault are "others", different from them.

To think the lives of one group are of more importance than those not in that group divides those who are special, who deserve special attention, from those who are not. Do we really need to emphasize differences in our society? Isn't this the same as the people who single out Muslims as different in a negative way?

All lives matter! That is why it is wrong for police in the US to kill blacks the way they do. That is why it is wrong to detain people in horrible prison camps who have committed no crime. That is why it is wrong to incarcerate children and abuse them for minor or non-existent “offenses”. It is just as wrong for blacks, whites, indigenous people, or anyone else.

How many of the people who support Black Lives Matter have heard of George Soros? He is a well-known billionaire presented in the mass media as a “philanthropist” who gives away some of his billions in good social causes. However his appearance of doing good is just as misleading as the supposed good political consequences of supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Soros puts his money into the Open Society Foundations he created in 1993. He used money from these foundations to support political opposition parties, publishing houses, and independent media in countries like the Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Croatia, and Yugoslavia as the old Soviet Union fell apart. So why give money to these organizations in Eastern Europe?

“If you wonder why Soros meddled in these nations’ affairs, part of the answer may lie in the fact that during and after the chaos, he invested heavily in assets in each of the respective countries. He then used Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs to advise the fledgling governments to privatize all public assets immediately, thus allowing Soros to sell the assets he had acquired during the turmoil into newly formed open markets.”(2)

So here we see Soros investing in certain political movements during times of significant social change or chaos, such as the end of the control by the USSR in Eastern Europe. At the same time he buys assets that nobody else would buy because of the chaos. Then he makes sure that the new political leaders allow him to sell the assets for much more than he paid. Soros uses apparently “progressive” political movements to profit from the chaos in the country at the time.

Soros was also involved in events in the Ukraine. Soros

“was responsible for establishing a foundation in the Ukraine that ultimately led to the overthrow of the country’s elected leader and the installation of a junta handpicked by the US State Department, at the time headed by none other than Hillary Clinton.”(3)

What did Soros get out of the Ukraine? He got the US Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew to advise the puppet government of Ukraine to privatize the state-owned energy monopoly Naftogaz, which he subsequently bought. Here his pattern was to shape and encourage regime change and then buy important assets at rock bottom prices.


In 2004 Soros decided to turn his attention to the US. He became a close ally and supporter of the Clintons. Some of the groups he has supported are:

The American Institute for Social Justice
The New America Foundation
The Migration Policy Institute
The progressive media outlet, Media Matters
The Tides Foundation
Center for American Progress and
The Democracy Alliance.

His ultimate goal is to gain political power, particularly in the Democratic party. Democratic politicians who go against Soros' agenda will see their funding cut and be attacked in media outlets such as Media Matters. He has also made huge contributions to the Democratic Party and its leaders like Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and the Clintons. Soros began supporting Hillary Clinton in 2013, taking a important position in the “Ready for Hillary” group. Since then, Soros has donated over $15 million to pro-Clinton groups.

What is Soros going to do with that political power? Why should we think it is any different from what he did in Eastern Europe? He will push policies which will allow him to make even more money.

Soros has done more than give cash to the most important Democratic politicians. The high levels of homelessness, poverty and unemployment are fertile ground for stirring up social conflict. To help things along he has funded the “grassroots” political group called Black Lives Matter.

“More recently, Soros has given more than $33 million to the Black Lives Matter group, which has been involved in outbreaks of social unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, Maryland, in 2015. Both of these incidents contributed to a worsening of race relations across America.
“The same group heavily criticized Democratic contender Bernie Sanders for his alleged track record of supporting racial inequality, helping to undercut him as a competitive threat with one of Hillary Clinton’s most ardent constituencies.”

Those who have followed the recent Democratic Party convention in the US will appreciate the significance of this Soros funded attack on Bernie Sanders. There is mounting evidence that Hillary Clinton's supporters in the Democratic Party moved heaven and earth to make sure than Bernie Sanders was not nominated for President. There were many irregularities including claims that a number of delegates were simply bought to get Hillary over the line. Sanders is widely recognized in the US as the “progressive” Democratic contender for the White House. Is it then a surprise to find that the apparently “progressive” Black Lives Matter movement has been attacking Sanders to discourage black voters from supporting him?

It is almost certain that Soros' plans for the US involve increasing social unrest and chaos. What is the evidence for this claim? First, remember how he worked in Eastern Europe. Second, he has been involved in another plan to create social chaos elsewhere. Consider this discussion of the Refugee Crisis in Europe. It shows how Soros has been a major figure behind the apparently “spontaneous” movement of hundreds of thousands of refugees into the EU.

“The refugee crisis has been blamed on the civil war currently raging in Syria. But did you ever wonder how all these people suddenly knew Europe would open its gates and let them in?
“The refugee crisis is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. It coincided with OSF (Open Society Foundations) donating money to the US-based Migration Policy Institute and the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants, both Soros-sponsored organizations. Both groups advocate the resettlement of third-world Muslims into Europe.
“In 2015, a Sky News reporter found “Migrant Handbooks” on the Greek island of Lesbos. It was later revealed that the handbooks, which are written in Arabic, had been given to refugees before crossing the Mediterranean by a group called “Welcome to the EU.”
“Welcome to the EU is funded by—you guessed it—the Open Society Foundations.
“Soros has not only backed groups that advocate the resettlement of third-world migrants into Europe, he in fact is the architect of the Merkel Plan.
“The Merkel Plan was created by the European Stability Initiative whose chairman Gerald Knaus is a senior fellow at none other than the Open Society Foundations.”


How is the unrest in the EU related to the US? The authors of the extended analysis of Soros life and activities used here give this answer:

“We can’t be sure, but it has recently come to light that Soros has taken a large series of 'bearish derivative positions' against US stocks. Apparently, he thinks that causing chaos in Europe will spread the contagion to the United States, thus sending US markets spiraling downward.”(6)

What are described here as “bearish derivative positions against US stocks” are in effect bets with other parties that US stocks will fall in value within a certain period of time. Soros has a history of winning such bets. In 1992 he became notorious for "breaking the Bank of England". In a speculative gamble on currency markets, he sold short more than $10 billion worth of pounds sterling. In so doing he helped push down the value of the pound and is said to have made £1 billion profit.

We know that he carried out political manipulations in Eastern Europe which allowed him to buy assets at very low prices and sell them at a profit. Now he has made bets in the market that US stocks will fall in the near future. Since we know he has taken steps to destabilize the EU and the US using the Refugee Crisis and perhaps also Black Lives Matter, this is a clear indication Soros wants to create social unrest and falling stock prices in the US from which he can benefit financially. Can anyone really think Soros gives money to help other people in need?

We need only remember the old saying: The man or woman who pays the piper calls the tune. It is hard to believe that Soros would put money into these organizations and not make sure that they follow his lead on the key questions related to his financial plans. And we must realize that Soros could want to play a similar game in Australia. He could take a bet our stocks will fall and help make sure that events will happen which will guarantee he wins his bet. Our politicians are powerless to protect us from the actions of such well-funded speculators.

Of course I support protesting against the the cruel and unjust treatment of any children or adults in prison. However protesting in a way which isolates or separates Indigenous Australians from the rest of us only plays into the hands of the people who want to discriminate against them because they are Indigenous Australians. We all deserve justice, fair treatment, and legal protection. If you are really against discrimination, WE ARE ALL THE SAME AND EACH OF OUR LIVES MATTER!

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