September 20th, 2021

Who Could Know More About the Covid-19 Pandemic in the UK Than an Undertaker?

John O'Looney is owns Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services. He has worked for larger companies in providing funeral services for many years and now owns his own business. What he explains here could be see described as The History of the UK Covid-19 Pandemic in 36 minutes. However you will not find his account on the BBC or any other major "news" organization. 

In a true pandemic, we would expect to find funeral directors working overtime to deal with the large number of deaths. He does describe some times when he was very busy, but the people who he buried or cremated did not die from Covid-19. His account is particularly important because he relies only on what he and other funeral directors have seen doing their job or heard from relatives of the people who died. Some of the topic he covers are:

Two periods of massive deaths: the first came after people were shifted  to care homes and given overdoses of Midazolam: the second went on for 12 weeks after vaccine injections were started in January 2021.

Now there are increasing numbers of deaths from vaccine adverse effects in all ages: the four major causes of these deaths are heart attack, blood clots, stroke, multiple organ failure.

What is called a death from the Delta variant is actually due to vaccine adverse effects.

He predicts the deaths of vaccinated children will be blamed on a new variant.

He describes the construction of giant prisons in the UK (30,000); next to them we find crematoria & mortuaries. These are "Quarantine Centres" for the unvaccinated.

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