June 21st, 2021

Russia Plays A Central Role In The New World Economic Order, Working With The WEF And Western Banks

This is based primarily on a series of tweets by ☭NovaShpakova☭@NovaShpakova. This is what she says about herself:

For 22 yrs I've researched the networks that comprise the policy-making arm that protects the interests of the global capitalist class. And despite the absurd blame-game heard from BOTH sides of the propaganda machine, I know for a FACT all the leaders are fucking in the backroom.

She has collected a series of documents to show just how closely Russia, the supposed great "thread" to the West, works with the WEF in order to transform the world economy into a "multi-polar" world, and they can all be seen below. You can see in the first article that Atlantic Council & Russia are making policy TOGETHER for the WEF. Note the Global Platform for Geo-strategic Partners  contains Atlantic Council, Chatham House/UK, CIIS/China, RAND/US, and Valdai Club/Russia. So there is ongoing geostrategic cooperation between the USA, UK, Russia and China which somehow is never discussed in the media. 

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