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USA Has Been Pushed Out of the Middle East - Can There Be a Just Settlement for Palestine Now?

Several recent events mean there could be a just end to the 70 year occupation of Palestinian land by Israel in the future. How is this possible? After a short introduction it is suggested that the Chinese New Silk Road initiative could entice Israel to work economically with its neighbors rather than fight militarily against them. It is a very important and interesting new suggestion, and the chess masters in Russia might just be able to pull it off.


As a result of the failed US coup in Turkey and the military success of the Syrian government, the US has been suddenly pushed off the Middle East stage. "The foolhardy foreign American policies in the Middle East have turned America into a force that cannot be trusted even by its own allies."(1)

Second, after much diplomatic work, "Russia is highly respected and is on fairly good terms with all major players. After mending relationships with Turkey, Russia is now on very good terms not only with Turkey, but also with Syria, Israel and Iran."(2) Everyone in the Middle East - though not in the West - knows that the US always supports Israel while Russia is seen as an honest broker. While Israel is a close ally of the US, and the US is hostile to Russia, Israel and Russia have a good relationship, due in part to the many Russian Jews who have moved to Israel. Since US military pressure has been minimized, diplomacy might be able to shape events. The US does not do diplomacy. They rely on military force, as in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, or "coups" like the ones that failed in Turkey and Egypt.

The Chinese New Silk Road - or "One Belt, One Road" - is another way to understand the Chinese/Russian Eurasian development project. Ever since the first merchant ships from Europe arrived in Asia over 500 years ago trade between Europe and Asia has been carried by sea. The massive Eurasian development plan which has already begun is based on a network of oil and gas pipelines, railroad links and roads which would in effect replace trade by sea with trade over land. Vast ares of central Asia will have their first ever modern economic development, including countries on the original Silk Road through Central Asia, West Asia, the Middle East to Europe.

If it can be completed, this Eurasian project will be the future for Asia, South Asia, Russia, Europe and Australia. This plan is based on real economic change and progress, not bogus GDP increases and the over-indebted West. Most of the "investment" by the West is concentrated on gaining control of raw materials, buying already existing businesses or "privatizing" government services to derive a profit from them. When was the last time that the US, the UK or Australia built a rail line? They are not interested in this kind of development.

The US and NATO want to control the rest of the world while the Eurasian project is one where each country can contribute and grow together. The US has become a Death Cult which can only destroy countries, not foster economic development. Russia with China and silk road economics might be able to force change in Israel w/r Palestine.


"Israel is yet a long way from accepting that it would have to become like Syria, a secular state ruling over a religiously diverse population, or to successfully negotiate a peace with Syria in order to succeed in joint regional projects like exploitation of Mediterranean gas and oil fields on the Golan Heights. Over five years into the NATO-jihadist war to smash apart Syria according to Israel's Yinon Plan and Syria still stands, now with the backing of Russia as well as Iran.

"Even when NATO and the Gulf states finally give up on regime change in Syria, and even when Israel finally gives up attempting to balkanize the surrounding Arab states, direct Israeli-Syrian negotiations would never happen without Israel first coming to an arrangement with Palestine along the lines of the Arab Peace Initiative that would also have the endorsement of Iran, because Iran and Syria, like Russia, put values before interests.

"China and Iran intend to extend the Yiwu-Tehran rail component of the overland "One Belt One Road" initiative. Iran, for its part, is intent on becoming a regional rail hub, seeing Chinese trains continue on to Europe via its territory. Tehran also has the potential to link up with the trans-Caspian transit route being touted by Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine as another way to Europe. With these new developments Israel may well have to reassess whether its present ideology is in its own interests.

"In the disproportionate conflict where Israel remains an occupying force that controls Palestinian lives against their will, Israel has never felt sufficient pressure to negotiate a solution of mutual benefit with Palestinians. There has been a greater lure to keep the the illegally annexed ancient city of Jerusalem under exclusive “Jewish” sovereignty (actually “Zionist” sovereignty, but Israel does not distinguish the political ideology from the religion), and maintain a brutal unsustainable occupation on the rest of the occupied territories.

"But pragmatic self-interest might end up trumping present Anglo-Zionist ideology and change the whole Middle East from being a US-Europe resource quarry, and part of the NATO military bulwark isolating Russia and China from Europe, into a link to the rising economy of China.

"According to the Bank of Russia, new Chinese loans to the non-financial sector and households in Russia in 2014 totaled almost four times as much as Russia's next biggest lender. China and Russia have been sharing political interests ever since the NATO intervention in Libya in 2011, as noted by professor Goldstein, citing Chinese geostrategists. And then the Arab Spring as well as the Ukrainian crisis have accelerated the rapprochement process. The combination of economic rebalance towards China due to Western sanctions, together with the West’s intensifying military threat on Russia's borders and in Korea and the South China Sea, may yet prove sufficient to solidify a geopolitically significant Eurasian counterpoise.

"India and Pakistan signed a Memorandum of Obligations on June 24, formally joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The SCO is a political, economic and military alliance composed of six member states, including Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The decision to commence the process of inclusion of India and Pakistan as member states in the organization was made during the July 2016 SCO summit in the Russian city of Ufa. Eurasia is getting integrated as the EU is falling apart!

"The SCO is not an alliance or a union, as its members feel that the time for ‘unions’ has passed (what is happening with the EU or NATO is very obvious today). The SCO an attempt to build a new, modern model of relations between countries, which are united by geography, but divided by a number of distinct features which these countries wish to maintain, rather than be leveled by some strict rules and standards.

"An enterprising extension of the Yiwu-Tehran rail link into a hub will catapult the SCO right into the Middle East. It's a model that can contain and relate historical adversaries like China and Russia, India and Pakistan; and why not Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Turkey, if they all gain mutual benefit in the One Belt One Road?"

At this point such a change in the Middle East and Israel is a long way off. While there is reason for hope here, we cannot forget that the Israel/Palestinian conflict has been created and sustained by the US. The only way the US has left to stop the Eurasian plan from moving into the Middle East is to start an all-out war with Russia/China as they see their sun setting. So there is great hope but also a nervous fear that the US would seek to destroy its enemies (and itself) rather than face economic/political defeat. In the 50's it was said in the US: "Better Dead than Red," meaning that it was better to be dead than be defeated by the communists in the old USSR. This is the thinking of a very dangerous kind of person.


2. Ibid.
3. This article appeared originally as part of a blog:
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