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Which Side Are You On?

In the old days Greens often made it seem that they were different from the other mainstream parties in taking the higher moral ground. This particular piece of clothing now seems to have large holes in it. There are many examples of this, but the statement by Adam Bandt on Q&A that the Greens would be happy to form a partnership in government with Labor is perhaps the most relevant for this campaign.

After this statement was made a video was leaked of a Greens party meeting where Bandt sits with the NSW candidate Jim Casey. In this video Casey says he would prefer to see Abbott (or the LNP) in power rather than Labor because it would produce a stronger protest movement.(STW)


This certainly proves that the Greens have moved into mainstream politics. Adam Bandt and the Greens have the right to say and do whatever they wish, however ordinary Australians who vote in elections might not have the same priorities.

Adam Bandt might think getting protesters on the street is more important than stopping the LNP from dismantling Medicare, killing off bulk-billing and charging fees for diagnostic tests, but I suspect most Australian voters would think otherwise. This is not a good message:

“Bandt in his support of this view (that an LNP government is preferable to Labor in government) is basically telling the electorate he would rather see Abbott’s sick tax and the dismantling of Medicare than increased funding for hospitals and the protection and expansion of Medicare services.
“A preference for $100,000 uni degrees to GONSKI funding for public schools.
“He’d rather see welfare payments cut off forcing people into crime or poverty than see the funding of training services for the disabled and long-term unemployed.
“Perhaps even more alarming would be his and Casey’s preference to see the changes to section 18C of the Discrimination Act altered to allow the racial vilification of minorities, rather than the protection of our citizens of all races from discrimination.
“All these things they would gladly endure in the hope of picking up a few extra protest votes.”


The question "Which Side Are You On?" is not a party-political question. I have not always voted for Labor. In the last election I voted for the Greens in the Senate to support Sarah Hanson-Young. I also fully support the Greens' opposition to the TPP. But this does not mean I will be voting for the Greens this time.

There are many, many policies in politics. I don't vote for a party just because I agree with some of its policies. Voting for a political party is not like choosing a rug to fit into your colour scheme at home. It is more important to have a roof over your head than having a rug to match your furniture. In the same way, some issues in politics are more important than others. Labor's pledges to keep Medicare, continue bulk-billing, put more cash into schools and not give big business $50 billion in tax cuts are THE ISSUES IN THIS ELECTION. The Liberals have hated Medicare since its inception. They have waited for more than 40 years to kill it off, and now they are ready to do just that.

Labor has a terrible refugee policy and they will not even stand up for minimum wage legislation. They are far from a perfect party. But in the real world there are no perfect political parties and there never will be. When we buy a computer, we don't buy a perfect computer. We buy the best computer we can afford at the time. When we vote, we shouldn't vote for the perfect party, or the perfect candidate, or even for the party that thinks just like we do.

Most Australians need Medicare and bulk-billing, so they should vote for Labor
this time around. Even if you don't need Medicare and bulk-billing, you might think for a moment about the welfare of your fellow Australians who do. How can anyone who earns less than $80,000 per year agree with tax cuts for those earning more money than that AND support cuts to health, education and pensions?

In this election we face a serious choice. The LNP under Abbott got on using lies. Tony the workers' friend said they would not cut all the things they actually planned to cut. This time we know the LNP game. Tax cuts for people who don't need them funded by taking services away from people who do need them. And they have not finished yet. There is more to come!


(STW) The Struggle Within – Leaks highlight major issues within The Greens

Star Greens candidate prefers Abbott to Shorten because it would trigger street protests and civil disruption

The Green betrayal

An extended discussion of the recent changes in Greens' policies can be found here:

Have Greens Turned Right?
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