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MOST DANGEROUS PHASE for Syrian Crisis: Erdogan is Frightened and Frustrated by Russia

The successes of the Syrian Arab Army and their supporters against the mercenary terrorist forces called Daesh trying to overthrow the Assad government has frustrated the plans of several countries. THIS IS A NEW OUTCOME FOR THE US AND ITS ALLIES. USUALLY THEY "WIN". They will not be happy, but what will they do? There will be serious problems for several of them, starting with the US itself.

Under the present very tricky circumstances, it makes one's blood run cold to read this assessment of the US administration by The Saker. Obama has no understanding of international relations and each different part of government goes about "doing its own thing".

"There is no doubt that Obama is an exceptionally weak, and even clueless, President. The man has proven to have no vision, no understanding of international relations, his culture is minimal while his arrogance appears to be infinite – he is all about form over substance. (...) When such a non-entity is placed at the top of the Executive branch of government, the different part of government do not get a clear message of what the policy is and, as a result, they each begin doing their own thing without worrying too much about what the POTUS has to say. The recent article by Sy Hersh “Military to Military” is a good illustration of that phenomenon. Being weak and lacking vision (or even understanding) Obama’s main concern is conceal his limitations and he therefore falls back on the oldest of political tricks: he tells his audience whatever it wants to hear."(1)

The mainstream media will not tell you, but the US faces its worst foreign policy crisis in years, perhaps the worse since the Cuban Missile Crisis. A major policy goal for the last four years has been Assad-Must-Go. Well, Assad is not going anywhere, and all the people who lined up behind this policy will need to find some way to avoid facing obvious public defeat. Besides, in the US, you are dealing with people who take words and press reports for reality and are notoriously inflexible. As explained by Chris Hedges, the USA is an “Empire of Illusion”. Their way of operating relies on lies, black-ops and false-flag attacks. Who is going to say: "Well I guess that was not such a good idea, was it?"

Crash through or Crash for Erdogan

As we all now know, Turkey was probably the most important country in the region in supporting Daesh in Syria. Why is this? The current Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, seems to have decided to re-create the old Ottoman Empire, dismembered by the British and French after World War I. At the time the Ottoman Empire controlled what we know as Syria and Iraq, as well as Lebanon and Palestine. Also Turkey has engaged in a very repressive policy against its Kurdish population, and there are several rebel Kurdish forces fighting against Turkey from Syria and Iraq for this reason. Erdogan hoped that he could control these territories and thereby remove the Kurdish menace once and for all.

So what do you think Erdogan would think of this report:

"Russian President Vladimir Putin has authorised the Russian military and intelligence community to protect Kurdish people against the threat of Turkey – who have threatened to “cleanse” all Kurds. (...) With Turkey now being named as a “belligerent hostile threat” to the Federation in this conflict, this report further explains, President Putin in issuing his order also cited the Turkish governments material and financial support of Islamic State terrorists."

Russia will not only stand in the way of Turkey gaining control over Syrian territory, it will also defend those pesky Kurds, which are the most powerful internal enemy of the Erdogan government.

To get some measure of the man Erdogan is, consider this report:

"Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is traveling to Saudi Arabia to declare himself before that regime as the 'leader' of the entire Islamic world and has, also, stated his intention of igniting World War III between NATO and Russia so that these 'apostate powers' will destroy themselves thus enabling Muslims, under his 'leadership', to establish a global caliphate."(3)

Do you get the picture? To combat the Russian opposition to his plans, Erdogan wants to drag the US and Russia into a war in which each will destroy the other, leaving only the Muslim nations - ruled by himself - in control of the rest of the world. (Do you think he has forgotten about China??)

Finally, consider this third report posted by The Saker:

"These developments signify that Turkey is planning to expand well into the Balkans, recapturing lands that once belonged to the Ottoman Empire, as part of a new Turkic Empire. The only thing blocking and delaying its ‘narrow window of opportunity’ as it was called in the video, is the Russian involvement in Syria and the Kurdish uprising inside the country."(4)

And why would Turkey want to increase its power in these regions? Why does anyone invade anyplace these days? Oil!

"EU’s and especially Germany’s mad insistence in castrating the Greek Armed Forces by reducing its budget in the last couple of years, via the Troika imposed austerity, by at least 50%, leads to a very dangerous situation (the Greek Armed Forces being out of ammo and spare parts) and a big power void in the Balkans that no ‘European Army’ can replace. Turkey now plans and moves slowly to controlling and annexing parts of the Aegean Sea eastern of the 25th meridian east and any oil fields that lay on the sea bed, from north (Thassos Island) to the south (Leviathan Plot, south of Cyprus). The three very recent illegal Turkish NOTAMs claiming major Greek islands and national waters and airspace as stages for Turkish Navy maneuvers, all year round in 2016, along with the proclamation earlier this year that “there are numerous Aegean islands under Greek occupation” is a sign of a very clear and present danger for Greece."(5)

So by supporting the Syrians and the Kurds, the Russians could completely destroy Erdogan's plans for a much bigger place on the world stage for Turkey. This means that while people in Washington may have a little egg on their face if Assad stays, Erdogan's plans will collapse like a house of cards, and no doubt take his regime as well. So here you have one very frightened man with one hell of a lot to lose. The Russians clearly have the measure of him, but do the leaders of the US?


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