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"Refugee Crisis" in EU is NATO Propaganda Scam to Prepare for Attack on Syria

The kind and sympathetic inclinations of many people in the West have again been mobilized to morph into support for further military action against Syria. This is Responsibility to Protect (R2P) again for Syria rather than Libya.

Some in the West have started to worry that there are sinister motives behind this campaign. One example is the article "It didn’t take them long to prove us right…" in the OffGuardian which points out that almost as soon as the news came out UK ministers are arguing for “military action in Syria”.(1) The reality is that the movement of refugees and migrants looking for a better life from countries destroyed by NATO has been going on for years but has never got any coverage in the media. Now it is everywhere!

Thierry Meyssan, a well known French expert on the Middle East, has just published an article entitled "The phoney « refugee crisis »".(2) He considers a number of points that in the rush to generate sympathy have been overlooked:

1. The famous child photo is probably staged. He notes that in the unedited photo one can see people bathing, and that the sea washes up bodies parallel to the waves, not perpendicular. He notes there is also an official Turkish photographer present.

2. In less than two days, it was instantly reproduced on the front pages of almost all the newspapers in the NATO zone, and these were followed by countless stories on the TV.

3. There were 626,000 migrants to the EU in 2014, but there were 672,000 refugees in 1992, so what is new?

4. Contrary to the information presently being published by the media, less than a third of these are refugees from war zones : 20 % are Syrians, 7 % are Afghans, and 3 % are Iraqis. The other two thirds do not come from countries at war – they are for the most part economic migrants.

5. These economic migrants are poor people who leave their countries to try their luck in the rich countries, by virtue of the post-colonial order and globalisation. This phenomenon, after having slowed from 1992 to 2006, has started again, and is progressively growing. This does not make such people refugees in the classical sense, namely people who would be killed, tortured or imprisoned by their own governments.

6. This flow of refugees is a worry for the European populations, but is warmly encouraged by German business leaders like Ulrich Grillo. The European populations are relatively well-educated and qualified, while the great majority of migrants are not, and can easily assume certain types of work. Progressively, the arrival of a non-qualified work-force who would accept conditions inferior to those of Europeans was causing tension on the job market. Perhaps this is why the German government is so happy to "welcome" the migrants. This is a push by German industry for cheap labour, similar to what we see in the Abbott government now with the China Free Trade Agreement and the 457 visa program.

7. Contrary to a widely-held belief, the economic migrants do not cause an identity problem in Europe, but are missed in their home country. On the other hand, they are causing social problems in Germany, where the working class is already the victim of ferocious exploitation, because of the policies introduced notably by Ulrich Grillo. So this begins to look like a way that the German government can force the population to accept a large influx of cheap labour.

8. Thierry Meyssan writes that "six months ago, I was astonished by the blindness of the EU leaders, who failed to understand that the intention of the United States was to weaken their countries, including by means of the « refugee crisis » . Last month, the magazine Info Direkt confirmed that, according to the Austrian Intelligence services, the passage of Syrian refugees to Europe was organized by the United States."

HIS CONCLUSION: "Since we know that only NATO is capable of publishing false information on the front page of all the newspapers of its member states, it is very probable that it has organized the present campaign. Besides which, the fact that all migrants are represented as refugees fleeing the war zones, and the insistence about the supposed Syrian origin of these migrants, allows us to suppose that NATO is preparing a public action linked to the war which it is secretly waging against Syria."



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